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Integrate social media with customer service, presented by Stacey DePolo


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In her Brands-Only Summit presentation, GoDaddy's Stacey DePolo teaches a class on integrating social media with your customer service program.

She explains how to manage a scalable and reliable process that extends customer service to social channels.

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Integrate social media with customer service, presented by Stacey DePolo

  1. 1. SOCIALMEDIA.ORG/SUMMIT2016ORLANDOJANUARY 25–27, 2016 Integrate social media with customer service STACEY DEPOLO GODADDY
  2. 2. SOCIAL MEDIA + CUSTOMER SERVICE = TRIBE2 Stacey DePolo @sdepolo GoDaddy Social Media Manager Advocacy Specialist January 26th, 2016
  3. 3. Stacey DePolo, @sdepolo PLANNING: KNOW YOUR TRIBE • What do you stand for? • Determine goal (tied to brand promise). • What’s the vibe of your tribe?
  4. 4. Stacey DePolo, @sdepolo ALIGN ON APPROACH • Social CS as NPS closed loop • Advocacy = end of sales funnel • Empower front line social agents • Align KPI’s with revenue and known detractor issues • Work across silos Awareness Research & familiarity Opinion Consideration Purchase Repurchase
  5. 5. Stacey DePolo, @sdepolo SOCIAL SUPPORT PLAYBOOK • Consistent with brand voice – style of response as important as words • Consistent response in all channels • Respond in same channel as contacted • Plan regular review & updates
  6. 6. Stacey DePolo, @sdepolo BUILD, TRAIN, & TEST A TEAM • Select from your best support agents with the greatest experience • Select people who use social media for personal or other business
  7. 7. Stacey DePolo, @sdepolo LISTENING & MONITORING • Social CS is a spectator sport! • Prioritize: • Influence • Customer segments • Close the loop: make customers feel heard • Turn insights into action & communicate change • Measure sentiment/volume/velocity to determine escalations
  8. 8. Stacey DePolo, @sdepolo SELECT SCALABLE TOOLS • Market leaders vs. smaller hungry companies • Internationalization/translation • Reporting (trends and anecdotes) • Integration with your CRM • Match social accounts to customer accounts
  9. 9. Stacey DePolo, @sdepolo THE RIGHT METRICS ALLOW RAPID RESPONSE #PuppyGate Positie Negative
  10. 10. Stacey DePolo, @sdepolo PRIORITIZE ADVOCATES & DETRACTORS • Nurture advocates systematically > enroll in mission of the tribe • Suppress detractors from seeing social ads • Track conversions of detractors to passives/advocates Recommend us?
  11. 11. Stacey DePolo, @sdepolo RESPOND TO LEGIT CRITICISM. EARN RESPECT • ID influencers not to ignore • Messaging for one customer segment will be seen/critiqued by all
  12. 12. THANKS. Stacey DePolo @sdepolo
  13. 13. Learn more about past and upcoming events SOCIALMEDIA.ORG/EVENTS SOCIALMEDIA.ORG/SUMMIT2016ORLANDOJANUARY 25–27, 2016