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Manage a global social media program, presented by Anita Veszeli


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In her Brands-Only Summit presentation, Ericsson's Anita Veszeli teaches a class on how to manage a global social media program.

She talks about approaching social media on a global scale, including organizational structure, governance, content strategy, and more.

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Manage a global social media program, presented by Anita Veszeli

  1. 1. SOCIALMEDIA.ORG/SUMMIT2016ORLANDOJANUARY 25–27, 2016 Manage a global social media program ANITA VESZELI ERICSSON
  2. 2. Manage a global social media program Anita Veszeli, Ericsson January 25, 2016
  3. 3. MANAGE A GLOBAL SOCIAL MEDIA PROGRAM | 2016-01-25 | Page 2 Establish a framework that › supports business & communication objectives › has clear ownership › flexible › meets the needs of each business unit, region & country Organizational Language Platforms Culture & Politics Time zones Content & Messaging The challenges
  4. 4. MANAGE A GLOBAL SOCIAL MEDIA PROGRAM | 2016-01-25 | Page 3 BENCHMARK Examine existing channels, followers. Familiarize with current and upcoming content. Understand the organizational set up and resources. Analyze competitors channels and content ENVIRONMENT Understand industry, company, target audience and geographical culture Meet the team, learn about dynamics, priorities, ways of working, strengths and weaknesses Evaluate existing policies, guidelines, processes SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY Study the existing one, learn about focus areas and development areas for this year 1 2 3 listen & learn
  5. 5. MANAGE A GLOBAL SOCIAL MEDIA PROGRAM | 2016-01-25 | Page 4 Global-local presence Channel strategy Social Sharing SOCIAL MEDIA HUB Targeted Communities Push Pull SEM Syndication SEO Forums/ Groups Opt-in Marketing Social Networks › Where are your target audiences? › What are they looking for? › How and where are your competitors active? › What are your organization’s strengths and weaknesses? › How to build a cohesive strategy across all channels? › How to secure brand reputation, tone of voice, etc. across all channels? › How do you/will you know if you are successful? Local Communities Special Interest Communities
  6. 6. MANAGE A GLOBAL SOCIAL MEDIA PROGRAM | 2016-01-25 | Page 5 Content that align with channel strategy and meets the stakeholder’s needs › Hub: relevant to global audience – thought-leadership pieces, – high-level educational guides, – corporate news, – globally-available products/services › Communities: focus on special and local interests – Educational ‘how to’ guides, – case studies, – guest posts or video interviews featuring users Global-local presence Content & Organization Multiple Hub and spoke (Dandelion)
  7. 7. MANAGE A GLOBAL SOCIAL MEDIA PROGRAM | 2016-01-25 | Page 6 Global-local presence Governance Social Strategy Social governance framework Data privacy and control Social Media policy Social resilience and crisis management Regulatory/Compliance Policy Awareness and training
  8. 8. MANAGE A GLOBAL SOCIAL MEDIA PROGRAM | 2016-01-25 | Page 7 Asses & plan TACTICAL & ACTION PLAN Create a short and mid term plan focusing priorities that have immediate results, make ways of working more efficient and supports team work. IMPROVEMENT AREAS Identify gaps in channel, content strategy, organization set up, policies, processes. Unfold team and ways of working issues. List all matters and prioritize what needs immediate attention. COMMUNICATION Plan and book weekly/monthly/quarterly and project based meetings with the content, social media, digital teams. Set up info sharing and collaboration sites. Create email and internal chat communities. 4 5 6
  9. 9. MANAGE A GLOBAL SOCIAL MEDIA PROGRAM | 2016-01-25 | Page 8 Manage SHARE, INVOLVE, RECOGNIZE Share your plan, paint the full picture. Involve the team, gather their comments, feedbacks. Encourage new ideas and suggestions. Engage with them regularly. Managing a global, virtual community is about leadership and collaboration. DEVELOP Equip with the right tools for listening, managing and measuring. Enable with constant education, training, sharing best practices and learnings from mistakes Create and update policies, guidelines, tip sheets, check lists, templates 7 8
  10. 10. MANAGE A GLOBAL SOCIAL MEDIA PROGRAM | 2016-01-25 | Page 9 Assess Measure and analyze GIVE DATA A MEANING Crunch the numbers regularly to keep track of progress. Make adjustments when, where necessary, take small steps. GIVE IT MEANING Continuously share success within the organization. 9 10
  11. 11. MANAGE A GLOBAL SOCIAL MEDIA PROGRAM | 2016-01-25 | Page 10 ANITA VESZELI Integrated Communication Manager Editorial Board, Social Media, Employee Advocacy BU Global Services Twitter: @anitaveszeli LinkedIn: Instagram: Enjoy the ride!
  12. 12. Learn more about past and upcoming events SOCIALMEDIA.ORG/EVENTS SOCIALMEDIA.ORG/SUMMIT2016ORLANDOJANUARY 25–27, 2016