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Deliberate Design Thinking


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When you look at the greatest design thinkers in history, you will see that they all worked in a deliberate fashion. They would research, practice, and network in a deliberate and calculated fashion. These slides show how Pablo Picasso, Agatha Christie, Thomas Edison, Hedy Lamarr, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Sherry Turkle perform deliberate research, deliberate practice, and deliberate networking.

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Deliberate Design Thinking

  1. Deliberate Design Thinking Lessons from the Masters of Design
  2. “The proper study of mankind is the science of design.”
  3. Thomas Edison’s first invention was a voting machine.
  4. The machine worked perfectly. It was fast and accurate.
  5. Legislators negotiate, see lobbyists, persuade others, change votes, and filibuster.
  6. “I don’t want to create something that people will not buy.”
  7. “The proper study of mankind is the science of design.”
  8. What is Deliberate Design Thinking?
  9. Brian Sullivan. Hi, my name is @BrianKSullivan @bigdesign #mastersUX
  10. Research and Testing Expert Manager of UX Operations at Sabre, where I run three User Research labs.
  11. UX Dallas Founder & President
  12. Writer of Books and Articles
  13. International Speaker
  14. Keynote Author on SlideShare
  15. Founder of Big Design Conferences
  16. Let’s focus on , nothow who
  17. “The proper study of design thinking is the history of design thinkers.”
  18. Deliberate Research Deliberate Practice Deliberate Networking Deliberateness of Design Thinkers
  19. Deliberate Research Deliberate Practice Deliberate Networking
  20. Deliberate Research
  21. Sherry Turkle • MIT Professor • TED Speaker • Author • Guest appearances: – Nightline – NBC’s Dateline – Colbert Report – Today Show – Frontline
  22. “We even text at funerals.”
  23. “I share, therefore, I am.”
  24. “You are who you pretend to be.”
  25. 1980s: Studied Kids with Toys
  26. 1980s: Studied Early Hackers
  27. Studied for the Next 30+ Years 1980 1990 2000 2010
  28. Thomas Edison • Incandescent bulb • Phonograph • Motion pictures • Quadruplex telegraph • Carbon microphone • Power distribution • Iron Ore Separator • Cement Mixers
  29. Assembles a Cross-functional Team
  30. Menlo Park—First R&D Lab
  31. Working Lunches at Night
  32. Edison Keeps Scientific Journals
  33. Published Frequently
  34. Deliberate Research Deliberate Practice Deliberate Networking
  35. Deliberate Practice
  36. Agatha Christie • Short stories • Novels • Plays • Screenwriter • Famous Characters: – Hercule Poirot – Miss Marple – Tommy & Tuppance
  37. One for Novels, One for Short Stories
  38. Bestselling Mystery of All-Time
  39. Longest Running Play of All-Time
  40. Best Crime Novel Ever Written
  41. Bible, Shakespeare, & Christie
  42. 1923: Second Poirot Novel
  43. 1924: First Colonel Race Novel
  44. Comeuppance & Twist Endings
  45. 1944-55: Writes Eight Plays
  46. Short Stories Novels Stage Plays
  47. Leonardo Da Vinci • Mathematician • Scientist • Artist • Civil Engineer • Inventor • Sculptor • Botanist • Sketcher
  48. Last Supper
  49. Mona Lisa
  50. Only 30 Completed Works of Art
  51. Sketching: His Greatest Legacy
  52. 13,000 Pages of Sketches1313,000 Pages of Sketches
  53. 13,000 Pages of Sketches13Focus on Human Anatomy
  54. 13,000 Pages of Sketches13Focus on Military Inventions
  55. Military Human Anatomy Architecture
  56. Deliberate Research Deliberate Practice Deliberate Networking
  57. Deliberate Networking
  58. Hedy Lamarr • Actress (18 films) • Model • Fundraiser in WWII • USO Tours • Photographer • Writer • Inventor
  59. Marries an Austrian Arms Dealer
  60. Marries an Austrian Arms Dealer
  61. Meets Louis B. Meyer in London
  62. She Becomes a Famous Actress
  63. Preferred Inventing Over Nightlife
  64. U-Boats Jammed Allied Torpedoes
  65. Frequency Hopping
  66. Spread Spectrum
  67. Not Technically Feasible
  68. Bluetooth Wi-Fi GPS
  69. Pablo Picasso • Painter • Sculptor • Print designer • Poet • Playwright • Set designer • Ceramicist
  70. Known for His Artistic Periods • Traditional (in school) • Blue Period • Rose Period • African-Influenced • Cubism • Neo-Classicalism • Surrealism
  71. 10 of Top 50 Paintings Sold at Auction
  72. Most Prolific Artist in History 147,800
  73. Louvre Shows 35,000 Pieces of Art Picasso once said, “Give me a museum and I will fill it up.” He could fill up The Louvre more than 4 times.
  74. Picasso’s Network
  75. Family Support Was Critical
  76. Sketch of The Four Cats • Tertulia is an informal gathering of artists and musicians. • The Four Cats was his first network. • They talk about art, music, current events, literature and more. Networks with Other Artists
  77. Part of the French Avant-Garde
  78. Source: O’Brien, Patrick. (1994) Picasso: A Biography • Taught him brush technique. • Stretched Picasso’s canvases. “Every time I draw a man, I instantly think of my father.” Early Mentor is His Father
  79. Later Mentor: Max Jacobs
  80. Best Mentor: Guillaume Apollinaire
  81. “No one has ever looked at Matisse’s paintings more carefully than I; and no one has looked at mine more carefully than Matisse.” Epic Rivalry With Matisse
  82. Their Friends Loved Their Rivalry • Gertrude loved Picasso, Leo loved Matisse.
  83. Their Friends Were Childish • Matisse gave Picasso a portrait of his daughter. • Picasso’s friend threw felt darts at the painting.
  84. Matisse’s The Joy of Life
  85. Picasso Responds to Matisse
  86. Picasso Respected Matisse At a group luncheon, Matisse excuses himself. Picasso says, “He must be resting on the crown of his laurels.”
  87. Simple, geometric shapes are arranged on a canvas to represent an object or a person. On the right, a guitar is broken into geometric shapes and rearranged. Analytic Cubism (1909-12)
  88. Picasso introduces a collage method, where objects are placed on the canvas to interact with painted elements. Wallpaper, newspaper, and sheet music are on this canvas of a guitar. Synthetic Cubism (1912-14)
  89. No Journals, No Signatures
  90. They Met Daily for 7 Years
  91. World War I Ends Their Collaboration
  92. Picasso Marries, Braque Injured
  93. Deliberate Research Deliberate Practice Deliberate Networking Final Thoughts
  94. Let’s focus on , nothow who
  95. Deliberate Research Deliberate Practice Deliberate Networking
  96. “The proper study of design thinking is the history of design thinkers.”
  97. Deliberate Design Thinking: Lessons from the Masters of Design