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Redesign/UXD 2015 Winning the Goat Rodeo: Lessons learned from jam sessions

Lessons learned about fostering creativity and collaboration in groups from participating and leading musical jam sessions

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Redesign/UXD 2015 Winning the Goat Rodeo: Lessons learned from jam sessions

  2. 2. GOAT RODEO: A chaotic situation, typically in a corporate setting…
  3. 3. “Where so many things ...go wrong that you need to go right for everything to turn out not utterly disastrous.” --Chris Thile
  4. 4. Sloop John B Chart Key= G G / / / So hoist up the John B's sail G / / / See how the main sail sets G / / / Call for the Captain ashore D / / / Let Me Go Home G / / / Let Me Go Home C / / / I want to go home,yeah yeah G / D / Well I feel so broke up G / / / Please let me go home
  5. 5. Don’t bring a tuba to a bluegrass jam.
  6. 6. HOW TO RUN A LOUSY JAM SESSION • Don’t ExplainThe Structure. • Insist On Playing Something Nobody Knows • Show off.After all, it’s all about you. • Don’t Bring Charts. • Stop A Song To Critique Someone And TellThem “You’re Doing It Wrong” • Treat It Like An Audition
  7. 7. LESSONS I’VE LEARNED FROM JAM SESSIONS 1. UnderstandThe Culture 2. Set ExpectationsAsYou Go 3. Listen &Watch 4. Stay In Tune 5. Set A Rhythm 6. Set a Structure 7. Pay Attention and Listen 8. RightSize 9. Don’t Over Contribute 10. Let Others Shine 11. TakeTurns 12. ShowThe Ropes 13. FindThe Right Times 14. SharpenYour Skills 15. Improve Over Time 16. Let Flow Happen
  8. 8. HOW DOYOU WIN A GOAT RODEO? Everybody has fun. Nobody gets hurt. Everyone learns something…