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Making Slides that Rock and Resonate


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Many people do not know how to make their slides rock and resonate. It is

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Making Slides that Rock and Resonate

  1. BY BRIAN SULLIVAN Making Slides that Rock!!! How to Tell Great Stories
  2. Some Slides are Monstrous
  3. BORING No More Presentations
  4. Slides Should Resonate
  6. Get Your Popcorn Ready
  7. 1 2 3
  8. My STORY 1
  9. Brian Sullivan. @BrianKSullivan @bigdesign Hi, my name is #rockslides
  10. 20 Years as a User Researcher
  11. Writer of The Design Studio Method
  12. Speaker at Industry Events
  13. • Top SxSW Slides 2013 • Top SxSW Slides 2014 • SlideShare of the Day • SlideShare of the Week • SlideShare of the Month • Hot on Facebook • Hot on Twitter • Hot on LinkedIn • Top Slides in Design • Top 1% of Slides
  14. Keynote Author on SlideShare
  15. • Top SxSW Slides 2015 • SlideShare Best in Show • Workshop with 90 People • Huffington Post Covered
  16. Featured Yesterday
  17. Founder of The Big Design Conference
  18. 2 Your STORY
  19. Preparation Determines Success
  20. Phase or Stage Multiplier (by time) 50 Minute Talk (ex) Researching Multiply by 10 500 minutes Building Slides Multiply by 10 500 minutes Practicing Multiply by 5 250 minutes Updating Slides Multiply by 2 100 minutes Promoting Multiply by 2 100 minutes Back Channel Multiply by 2 100 minutes Planning Formula
  21. About 1 Day to Plan Your 1 Hour Talk
  22. 10 Days to Plan Produce Like Picasso * Between 250-300 Hours * Duration: 8 Months
  23. Preparing Your Story
  24. Nancy Duarte’s Advice
  25. Ex: Produce Like Picasso
  26. Start the Journey (The Beginning)
  27. 1. Tell a story. 2. Make a point. 3. Your expertise. 4. Your research. 5. Create a gap. 6. Show imbalance. 7. Create a vision. 8. Call to journey.
  28. Take the Journey (The Middle)
  29. Manage the Gap (Middle)
  30. Increase Common Ground
  31. End the Journey (Call to Action)
  32. 1. Explain the takeaways. 2. End talks on a high note. 3. Close any final gaps. 4. Audience has new mindset. 5. End with a call to action!!!
  33. Full Circle (First & Last Slides)
  34. Build a STORY 3
  35. Tip #1: Use a Visually Appealing First Slide
  36. Tip #2: Build Your Credibility in the Slides
  37. Show Your Sources
  38. Quote Experts
  39. Show Relationships
  40. Show Timeframes
  41. Show Numbers
  42. Tip #3: Use the Audience Lag
  43. Followed During Presentations
  44. Followed After Presentations
  45. Followed on SlideShare
  46. FOLLOW Audiences You (It’s the lag time.)
  47. Tip #4: Create “Share” Moments
  48. Sharing After Your Talk
  49. Build for Photos
  50. Build for Tweets
  51. Go With the Flow, Too
  52. Perfectionism Kills Productivity Retweeted over 5,000 times.
  53. Tip #5: Use Numbers for Perspective
  54. Show a Big Number
  55. Give It Perspective
  56. Do the Math
  57. Give a Number Context
  58. Tip #6: No Death By Bullet Points
  59. Five Bullets on One Page
  60. Same Bullets on Four Pages
  61. Tip #7: Stick to the Script
  62. Stick the Script
  63. Use Presentation Mode
  64. Adlibs Confuse the Audience
  65. Adlibs Throw You Off, Too
  66. No Adlibs on SlideShare
  67. Tip #8: Use Adlibs for Q&A Time
  68. Q&A Can Be Boring
  69. Use Stories, Not in Your Slides
  70. Adlibs Show Your Personality
  71. Tip #9: Change Topics Every 8 to 10 Minutes
  72. Attention Wains After 10 Minutes
  73. Nancy Duarte’s Plan
  74. 9 Sections in 45 Minute Talk
  75. Tip #10: Call to Action at the End
  76. Design Like Da Vinci • Recap of the entire talk • You can design like Da Vinci
  77. BRIAN SULLIVAN @brianksullivan
  78. Some Slides are Monstrous
  79. Personal Plan a Deliver a Story Story Story 1 2 3
  80. BY BRIAN SULLIVAN Making SlideShare Presentations That Rock and Resonate