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BrightonSEO - David Naylor 10th April 2015


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Dave's look at the Future of Search at BrightonSEO 2015

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BrightonSEO - David Naylor 10th April 2015

  1. 1. The Future of Search David Naylor All information contained within this presentation is owned by Bronco and cannot be reproduced without permission.
  2. 2. Overview Mobile Update – April 21st What does it mean for the Future?
  3. 3. Implications?
  4. 4. Implications?
  5. 5. Implications? Responsive vs M. Tracking Desktop & Mobile rankings
  6. 6. Desktop vs Mobile Rankings Findings: 275 keywords 215 (78%) match position 37 (13.4%) better Mobile 23 (8.6%) better Desktop
  7. 7. Information vs Ecommerce This is what I think Google is looking at
  8. 8. What is App Indexing? App Indexing allows you to connect pages from your website with specific content within your smartphone app. This enables smartphone users who have your app installed to open it directly from relevant mobile search results on Google. For example, imagine you run a recipe website and have an app that can also show your recipe. Thanks to the app indexing feature, when a Google searcher on a mobile device is shown one of your recipes as a search result, they will now be able to open that result directly in your app if they have it installed.
  9. 9. How Well Does Your Site Convert?
  10. 10. How Well Does Your Site Convert?
  11. 11. How Well Does Your Site Convert?
  12. 12. Mobile Conversion On average 5.8% conversion on mobile Why?
  13. 13. Mobile Conversion Websites that had user details stored or a Mobile payment provider excelled
  14. 14. How Do You Use Your Mobile? In the last 2 weeks have you used your mobile phone to:
  15. 15. 1. Check Social Media 3. Searched for Information 2. Check or Send Email 4. Check Maps 5. Make a Purchase, No App 6. Make a Purchase, With App 7. Request Information / Enquire 8. Played a Game 9. Make an Outgoing Call 10. Send a Text
  16. 16. Our Survey Results Survey data gathered via Survey Monkey & Google Surveys, 1161 participants
  17. 17. The Future for Mobile Search Not just about Responsive Other Triggers – Checkout methods? Login Areas? Contact methods?
  18. 18. Future of Search Agencies need to continue to evolve
  19. 19. Future of Search Google said build a site for Users not Search Engines
  20. 20. Future of Search Recap
  21. 21. Any Questions @davenaylor