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Site search strategy for publishers - Amazon Partners 29/06/17


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An introduction to internal site search: why it's important for customers, important for SEO and important for affiliates. Originally presented at SISTRIX and Amazon Partners event at Amazon in Holborn.

Published in: Marketing
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Site search strategy for publishers - Amazon Partners 29/06/17

  1. 1. Site search strategy Stephen Kenwright @stekenwright
  2. 2. Until we get better at informing customers than Google… Here …or here?
  3. 3. …it will continue to screw us
  4. 4. 30% of visitors will perform an onsite search
  5. 5. Searchers generate more revenue than non-searchers
  6. 6. 2.41% 5.45% 0.00% 1.00% 2.00% 3.00% 4.00% 5.00% 6.00% Non-site search users Site search users Average conversion rate Non site search users vs. site search users
  7. 7. 84% of companies don’t optimise or even measure site search
  8. 8. Turn on site search analytics Click
  9. 9. Turn on site search analytics Click
  10. 10. Turn on site search analytics Make sure this is checked
  11. 11. Find your report
  12. 12. Visitors whose search returns 0 results are 2.5x more likely to leave
  13. 13. Create variables in Tag Manager
  14. 14. What text is displayed for 0 result searches?
  15. 15. Variable #1 looks for CSS Selector called “#search-results”
  16. 16. Variable #2 codifies all pages with results as “Results”
  17. 17. Variable #3 scrapes the searched keyword
  18. 18. Create a tag to fire the event on Search Results pages
  19. 19. …and get this back
  20. 20. A successful April Fool’s for ThinkGeek…
  21. 21. …led to a successful product
  22. 22. Questions to ask Technology  Which product/platform/tool powers it?  Was it implemented in house or externally?  Whose job is it?  Is there a functional spec/search user journey document available?  Is there another site with a search experience you think is good?
  23. 23. Questions to ask Response  Are there known use cases where search results are poor?  Are the results returned (particularly first page) highly relevant to your query?  What happens when you add more complexity to a query?  How fast are results returned?  Is relevance/speed consistent?
  24. 24. Questions to ask Functions  Is there an autosuggest/autocomplete feature?  Can it cope with typos?  Can you sort the results?  Are queries for dates/numbers/special characters supported?  Is the number of results shown correct/useful?
  25. 25. Garbage in, garbage out – Poor/duplicate meta data ruins internal search (and costs organic traffic)
  26. 26. Optimising your site search = optimising for voice search
  27. 27. Thanks @stekenwright