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Mobilegeddon: What It Is and How to Survive It


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On April 21, 2015, sites which do not meet Google’s mobile-friendly criteria will be demoted in mobile search results. Google has warned it will have a “significant impact” on mobile searches worldwide.

What’s equally important to keep in mind, however, is that while ‘mobilegeddon’ is the most significant update to Google’s mobile algorithm thus far, it will by no means be the last.

Will you be prepared? View our webinar:

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Mobilegeddon: What It Is and How to Survive It

  1. Mobilegeddon What It is and How to Survive it
  2. Bryson Meunier SEO Director, Vivid Seats and Columnist, Search Engine Land John Duncan Founder, 64Labs MEET THE EXPERTS
  3. How did we get here?
  4. sessions from mobile/tablet revenue from mobile/tablet 61% 35% Where is here? Black Friday: Consumers have gone mobile
  5. The Tipping Point
  6. What does a tipping point look like?
  7. What is Mobilegeddon ??
  8. “The April 21st update will have more of an impact on Google’s search results than the Google Panda update and the Google Penguin update did. -Zineb Ait Bahajji, Webmaster Trends Analyst for Google ”
  9. Mopocalypse is a slow moving train
  10. What should you focus on?
  11. 1 What’s the number one thing you need to do? How should you estimate potential traffic loss? 2 3 4 What should you do the week of? How can you prepare for future updates?
  12. Number one thing: Get Mobile-Friendly!! 1
  13. 2 Estimate traffic loss: By Industry Who will lose the most? Sites in industries where mobile traffic exceeds the average (30%) Sites in industries where dominant players are mobile-friendly
  14. 2 Estimate traffic loss: By Keyword Analysis Combine keyword volume with mobile position and CTR to estimate traffic drop for your own site
  15. 2 Estimate traffic loss: Compare Mobile to Total Mobile Traffic Lost Total Traffic Lost
  16. 3 Week of: Fix Top Pages Identify corresponding template Prioritize based on revenue impact Redesign priority templates
  17. 3 Week of: Fix Top Pages 1. Identify Mobile Usability Issues in Google Webmaster Tools
  18. 3 Week of: Fix Top Pages 2. Categorize errors by page type
  19. 3 Week of: Fix Top Pages 3. Use analytics to associate important business metrics
  20. 3 Week of: Fix Top Pages 4. Reduce errors by redesigning top pages
  21. 3 Week of: Fix Top Pages Use Mobile-Friendly Test to Test Individual Pages Use MoovScore to See Your Mobile Health Score&
  22. 4 After: Test the Impact
  23. 4 After: Improve Mobile Searcher Experience Focus on page speed Add deep linking to your app Optimize for mobile assistants Add structured data
  24. 4 After: Additive Rather than Reductive Focus on providing a mobile site experience that is Additive rather than Reductive
  25. 4 After: Be an Early Adopter Sweet spot for most marketers
  26. Ref: Ella Luna
  27. Appendix
  28. INDUSTRY RECOGNITION: §  Founded 2010 §  San Francisco & London §  22+ solution & service partners §  120+ customers §  200+ mobile experiences §  Engaging 60M+ monthly mobile visitors §  2014 fastest growing vendor to IR500 (289% growth) §  Google recommended vendor for multi-screen optimization §  2014 Moovweb retailers grew 71% faster than overall retail market About Moovweb
  29. Moovweb Powers Market Leaders Retailers:   Financial Services:   Travel & Hospitality:   Healthcare:   Brands:   B2B & Manufacturing :  
  30. Moovweb Platform Launch fast, iterate often and deliver better mobile experiences
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