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David Naylor, Bronco and Andy Barr, 10Yetis at ION Search 2013


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A look at how SEO and PR should work together for a successful brand campaign

Published in: Business, Technology
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David Naylor, Bronco and Andy Barr, 10Yetis at ION Search 2013

  1. 1. &
  2. 2. SEO & PR
  3. 3. Why Bronco Chose 10YetisProven track records
  4. 4. Why 10Yetis Chose BroncoProven track records
  5. 5.  Mutual respect Play to our strengths Coordination between teams High levels of communication Sharing of informationHow we work together…Content isn’t pushed out without advice from either party.
  6. 6. A bit about Brands
  7. 7.  Google+ Google Local PPC Trust SignalsAre you ticking all the boxes for Google?Creating a Brand - SEO
  8. 8.  Demonstrating thought leadership (white papers) Regular and consistent media engagement Demonstrating innovation and “first to market” Reacting to industry milestones and movementsAre you distinct and recognisable within your sector?Creating a Brand - PR
  9. 9. Why create a Brand"Brands are the solution, not the problem," Mr. Schmidt said."Brands are how you sort out the cesspool.“
  10. 10. Open your eyes Eric!
  11. 11. Brands are the Problem…oopsGoogle’s Mr Singhal calls this the problem of “brandrecognition”: where companies whose standing isbased on their success in one area, use this to “ventureout into another class of information which they maynot be as rich at”. Google uses human raters to assessthe quality of individual sites in order to counter thiseffect, he adds.
  12. 12. Content Marketing
  13. 13. You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!* We think they might have made it up
  14. 14. Content Marketing has been around forever! It’s just anotherBuzzword!It is not new, content marketing is just the current buzzword ofmarketeers. Similar to "stakeholder engagement" the buzzword ofmarketeers in the early 2000s – Andy 10yetisContent Marketing is just Bullshit – Dave BroncoContent Marketing = Bullshit!
  15. 15.  Article marketing Commenting Infographics Guest postingWhat is Acceptable ContentMarketing?Suggested these are mostly done incorrectly
  16. 16. Matt Cutts on Infographics…Last summer Google’s Matt Cutts saidthat he:...would not be surprised if at some pointin the future we did not start to discountthese infographic-type links to a degree.The link is often embedded in theinfographic in a way that people don’trealise, vs. a true endorsement of yoursite”.
  17. 17. Don’t Believe Everything You Read!96%!...really?!That was a 2 person surveyand totally made up!
  18. 18. Content isn’t all LOL CatsBut the internet loves a Grumpy Cat
  19. 19. Examples of Good Content…
  20. 20. Examples of Content… link
  21. 21. Examples of Content…
  22. 22. What does it take
  23. 23.  Interesting? Controversial? Thought provoking?So what does it take? Is it… Engaging? Thorough? Data driven?Know body wants to know what two things theyshould put on their fish & chips…
  24. 24. Hate BaitWhy women hate me for
  25. 25. Brand BuzzASOS yellow
  26. 26. Brand Buzz
  27. 27.  Huge piece of work, 20 page white paper. Supported with: Embed able interactive infographic, dedicatedlanding pages, press release, video outlining the top line results, slideshare deck.Gangnam Style: We did a white paper on how it went viral.Something Yetis didLanding page:
  28. 28.  Emails added to newsletter DB: 485 (only company addresseskept, had over 2000 private emails) Links to 10Y gained (not sure ;) ) Brands who have referenced it or used internally (can see fromSlideshare): McDonalds, Adobe, Precise, OgilvySomething Yetis did Video viewed: 9.5k Slideshare views: 18k Slideshare "leads": 130 Coverage secured: Global
  29. 29. It has to be relevant to what you do (for SEO)Death of fag-packet planning/content-must be well thought outSo, What is the Future For CM?Fundamentals are still the same:-use multiple parts of the marketing mix (cross digi platforms)Will continue to evolve until marketers find a new wanky buzzword
  30. 30. Content getting ‘bigger’, more thought out, more multi-platformMore industry partnerships like Bronco and 10Yetis-Strategic direction and deploymentWhat we Expect to see…Rise in hybrid marketers (cross platform skill sets)Wanky Buzzword: Inbound Growth Content Hacker?
  31. 31. Thanks for listening@davenaylor + @10yetis