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How to Compete on Google Shopping (PLAs)

Google Shopping is one of the most talked about AdWords features at the moment but if you don't know what you are doing, you can waste a lot of budget and not get the ROI you were expecting.

In this presentation from BrightonSEO in 2015, you will find lots of tips and advice for making the most out of this platform and really competing in this competitive space.

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How to Compete on Google Shopping (PLAs)

  1. 1. @Koozai_Sam BrightonSEO – Sept 2015 HOW TO COMPETE ON GOOGLE SHOPPING
  2. 2. 90%of Google’s revenue Came from Advertising Platforms such as AdWords in 2014! Source: Investor Google
  3. 3. Google’s annual advertising revenue continues to increase year on year. Source: Statista
  4. 4. 1,000Changes Were deployed within the Google AdWords Ecosystem in 2013! Source: Delegator
  5. 5. Most of the changes in the past two years have been for Google Shopping.
  6. 6. We did a survey to 1,000 UK eCommerce businesses.
  7. 7. Here are some of the results.
  8. 8. Are costs for Google Shopping increasing? 66% 34% Yes No Source: Koozai
  9. 9. How much are those costs rising by? 3% 7% 13% 29% 37% 11% 0 to 5% 5% to 10% 10 % to 20% 20 to 30% 30% to 40% More than 40% Source: Koozai
  10. 10. Do you see a good Return on Investment (ROI) from Shopping campaigns? 62% 23% 15% Yes No Don't know Source: Koozai
  11. 11. How does ROI from Shopping campaigns compare to standard text ads? 19% 17% 49% 15% Lower About the same Better Don't Know Source: Koozai
  12. 12. Text ads still take the lions shares of clicks but Shopping results are catching up. Source: Google
  13. 13. IMPROVE? HOW DO WE
  14. 14. I am going to give you as many tips as I can in the next 12 minutes.
  16. 16. Making changes in GMC is where you will gain a competitive advantage.
  17. 17. The feed must contain the required field attributes for it to work.
  18. 18. Find out more here
  19. 19. Product titles should be formatted in the language your audience will use.
  20. 20. Your images need to stand out in a crowd and really focus on the actual product.
  21. 21. Make the MPU your Item Number so the product name is pulled in.
  22. 22. Update your feed daily. The fresher the feed, the higher Google seem to rank it.
  23. 23. Keep a close eye on the Diagnostics tab in Google Merchant Center.
  24. 24. Act on core warnings immediately and then move onto potential issues.
  25. 25. Use the Feed Debugger tool to make changes & test individual products before you go live.
  26. 26. There are three top reasons for disapprovals in data feeds. Disapproval reason How to fix it Price availability in feed doesn’t match landing page Implement Automatic Item Updates Product has been automatically disapproved due to a policy violation Request manual review via the Merchant Center Products tab Items image URL was broken upon an attempt to crawl it Check to make sure robots.txt isn’t blocking crawler; or image URL actually contains an image Source: Google
  27. 27. 1 3 2 Used as a backup for availability and price (ideal for quick changing stock). If the feed is different to the schema on site, Google will default to schema rather than disapprove the ad. This is not a replacement for the data feed or for regular updates to the feed. Implement Schema markup on product pages to avoid disapprovals due to differences.
  29. 29. Use Custom Labels to subdivide products into unique groups for strategic bidding.
  30. 30. Google only currently allow 5 Custom Labels.
  31. 31. Source: Google
  32. 32. Some products maybe affected by seasonality so bids should be adjusted to suit.
  33. 33. For products that generate the highest profit margin, you can afford to bid more.
  34. 34. Some products may have a high complaint rate; you may wish to bid lower.
  35. 35. Use GA to tell you which products are your best selling items and increase your bids.
  36. 36. Group products into price buckets so you bid a realistic amount for each group.
  37. 37. 1 3 2 Maximise Clicks: Adjust bids to capture as much traffic as possible for your budget Enhanced CPC: Dynamically optimise bids to get more conversions at a similar cost. Target ROAS: Choose your desired ROAS and dynamically bid for higher revenue products. Google recently launched an updated suite of automated bidding solutions. BETA
  38. 38. Register interest here:
  39. 39. Look at your strategy and test the best automated solution that is right for you.
  40. 40. The trend for ‘Near Me’ searches are increasing dramatically.
  41. 41. Bid higher for local searchers as shoppers are more likely to engage with your ads.
  43. 43. Become a Google Certified Shop to enhance your credibility & show a badge on ads.
  44. 44. The badge can also build credibility on your site for all your visitors; not just from shopping.
  45. 45. Encourage your customers to leave feedback on review platforms.
  46. 46. At the end of September we say bye to Promotional Text & hi to Automated Extensions.
  47. 47. The more products you upload, the higher chance of securing the sale.
  48. 48. Use a mixture of ad types to secure a higher percentage of the results.
  49. 49. ‘Merchant Promotions’ can give you the edge over your competitors! BETA
  50. 50. 7%Increase in CTR PLUS an 11% decrease in the campaign CPC
  51. 51. Register interest here:
  52. 52. ‘Local Inventory Ads’ show customers stock availability in the search results. BETA
  53. 53. 83%of online shoppers Would be more likely to visit a store if they could check availability beforehand.
  54. 54. Register interest here:
  55. 55. Quality Score for Shopping is largely based on Click through Rate (CTR) Source: Google
  56. 56. The more relevant the ads, the higher your CTR will be
  57. 57. Which in turn lowers your overall costs.
  59. 59. 26%of consumers Start their Christmas shopping in October. Source: AdWeek
  60. 60. Black Friday ‘14 was the biggest day ever in the UK for online sales.
  61. 61. The key dates for your diaries. Get planning to make the most out of this! Black Friday 27th November Cyber Monday 30th November Manic Monday 14th December Boxing Day 26th December
  62. 62. Download our Guide. Completely free. Simply visit this link:
  63. 63. Thanks for listening. @Koozai Tel: 0330 353 0300