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Business Model Map is a cross-over diagram among Blue Ocean Strategy, Service Design, Lean Startup and BM Canvas. The backbone of business model map is 'Business Model Zen'

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  • If you feel it's somewhat complex, then you can filter things with same color like blue, orange and green. There are 5 methods in one page. Business Model Zen Canvas is used here as a bowl.

    Blue Ocean Strategy: Making competition irrelevant with the viewpoint of customer.
    Service Design: Understanding user's desire and feeling to maximize user satisfaction.
    Lean Startup: Understanding market feedback with speed and low cost.
    BM Canvas (VP Canvas): Drawing solution from customer's jobs-to-be-done (intent or objective)
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  • Diagram and canvas are supposed to make concepts easy to understand. Here i'm a little bit lost. Seems the other way : take simple things and make them complex.This need some user manual
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Business Model Map - English Edition

  1. 1. Simple is powerful. If we cannot capture Business Model in one hand, how can we evolve and communicate it? Essence is always simple. Can we unfold this cube into canvas look? The Name? Business Model Cube What I am going to talk is Business Model Map. So don’t miss the ending page.
  2. 2. Business Model Map - cross-over map among blue ocean strategy, service design, lean startup and bm canvas Extending CrossOver Utility Business Model Zen Canvas Generating Ideas Sum, Split, Subtract Orchestrate Making Good Ideas Cooperator Cooperator Customer Problem Do & Test for Innovation Cooperator Empathy BM Health Check Customer Problem Mission Mission Twist Flow Market for Innovation Cooperator for Market Solution Unfolded BM Cube Advantage High Concept Cost for Market Solution Market Empathy Advantage High Concept Learn & Pivot Revenue Revenue Cost Exploring Opportunities SOFT Ideation Wheel Business Model Zen Canvas Business Model Zen Diagnose - 25 innovative ideation thinking set - One page canvas that integrates concept-plan-action - Strategical diagnose framework for business model Empowering patterns 4by4 Business Model Matrix - 25 powerful business model patterns
  3. 3. Context Descriptions Business Model Zen Canvas Generating Ideas Cooperator 4 Customer 6 Problem 2 Do & Test for Innovation 9 Cooperator Mission 5 What is my customer’s unmet needs? 5 High Concept Who should I work with to make the Solution? Revenue 1 7 Are the needs attractive enough to the market? What are my value propositions to the customer? 8 Advantage What is my promise to customer? 3 Empathy Market 2 for Market Solution 3 Who is my customer? 10 6 Cost Learn & Pivot What is main cost structure of my business? How can I evoke empathy from my customer? This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit . 8 Blue Ocean Strategy Service Design Lean Startup BM (VP) Canvas Making Knowing Desire  and   Feeling  of   User Proofing   hypothesis   with  Speed   and  Low  cost Drawing   solu<ons   with  Jobs-­‐to-­‐ be-­‐done Compe<<on Irrelevant Who should I work with to enter the Market? What is main revenue stream of my business? 7 Exploring Opportunities Does it have unfair advantages over my competitors? Does my concept have emotional and cultural aspects? Business Model Zen is a brand new approach to customer oriented BM methodologies. Can we integrate other methods in a single view? Can we use them in cross-over projects? Why not. Please go on to next page >>
  4. 4. Blue Ocean Strategy Service Design Now you can use 4 methods all together in one business model context, Zen. BM (VP) Canvas Lean Startup
  5. 5. Business Model Zen - Map Version: