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Hey Board, what are you working on? - 21 topics (by @boardofinno)


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Over the last year our consulting office worked on many different topics. A brief selection of pure Buzzword-bingo ;)

We assist organizations in the development of innovative ways to make money. (aka Business Model Innovation)

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Hey Board, what are you working on? - 21 topics (by @boardofinno)

  1. 1. 21 Topics we’ve been working on recently
  2. 2. cc elaine_macc 01/21 Loyalty schemes to launch new products
  3. 3. 02/21Challenge the automotive aftermarket
  4. 4. cc sergiu_bacioiu 03/21 Crowdsourcing Biochemical Minds
  5. 5. cc test elaine_macc 04/21 Alliance business model for Health
  6. 6. cc smejkal 05/21 Ad based revenue model analysis
  7. 7. 06/21B2B Business model exploration
  8. 8. 07/21Rethink new service model
  9. 9. 08/21Online publishing, alternative revenues
  10. 10. cc _shockwave 09/21 Social media freemium model benchmark
  11. 11. cc matthew_sylvester 10/21 Explore new media consumption models
  12. 12. cc Marfis75 11/21 Business plan online music service
  13. 13. cc Shopping Sherpa 12/21 Courses on innovation management
  14. 14. 13/21Training Retail Mgmt on innovation tools
  15. 15. 14/21ICT start-ups business model evaluation
  16. 16. cc stagshop 15/21 Business model analysis retail service
  17. 17. cc 16/21 E-Mobility business model exploration
  18. 18. 17/21New Venture Exploring Business of Augmented Reality
  19. 19. cc jessebikman 18/21 B2B Pharma service model evaluation
  20. 20. 19/21B2B new service partnership model
  21. 21. 20/21Local commerce business exploration
  22. 22. 21/21Evaluation innovative food service
  23. 23. Our structured way to create innovation blockbusters Board of Innovation has delivered a surprising, We very much enjoyed the training and will very well structured and productive approach to definitely use all the content and the method in our ‘innovation challenge’. Their strengths? A the future. good planning (that was strictly followed!), very Steffi Wolring, Innovation Lead at Otto Group short response times, and a continuous focus, in combination with a pleasant way of taking us out of our comfort zone and letting us think ‘out of the box’. Caroline Ameloot - Marketing & Sales Director, Carglass / Belron
  24. 24. Let’s have a virtual cup of coffee & discuss your innovation challenge! @philderidder @nickdemeycc visualpanic