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The Lean Startup and Customer Development model. In Italy.


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My presentation about Lean Startup and Customer Development model for the Italian Agile Day 2010 on November 19, 2010 - Genova (IT).

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The Lean Startup and Customer Development model. In Italy.

  1. The Lean Startup and Customer development model. In Italy. Nicola Junior Vitto Blomming Agile Day - November 19, 2010 - Genova @njvitto - @blomming
  2. What’s a startup? A startup is first of all an experiment, it is a human institution designed to deliver a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty (From Lessons Learned blog By Eric Ries)
  3. Ideas How important are ideas?
  4. Team Team is the key
  5. Passion It’s very difficult to succeed without passion
  6. Bootstrapper You can be a bootstrapper, too.
  7. Market research
  8. Market: B2C B2C
  9. Market: B2B B2B
  10. Market: B2B2C B2B2C
  11. Business Plan
  12. Go Ahead Having a good idea, a proved and experienced team, market research and a good plan... ...last missing thing is...
  13. Money
  14. VC Funding Venture Capitals or Angel Investors can give you money based on your plan
  15. And then? (Classic) Product Development
  16. Development: Waterfall model Waterfall Problem: known Solution: known
  17. What’s wrong? 9/10 Startups fail 66% of successful changed plans 58 ideas = 1 success
  18. What’s the problem? Lack of customers
  19. What’s the problem? Build a product no one wants
  20. What about Business Plans? No business plan survives the first customer contact
  21. What about Business Plans? Plans are for a known future not for a startup context So, plans fail in startups
  22. Assumptions on Product Development
  23. Business Models It’s all about business models
  24. What’s a Lean Startup? Lean startup is a rigorous process for iterating from Plan A to a plan that works. (by Ash Maurya)
  25. Lean is not cheap
  26. Lean Startup cycle
  27. Open Source software Lean startup is...
  28. Open Source software Cloud computing architectures Lean startup is...
  29. Open Source software Agile methodologies Cloud computing architectures Lean startup is...
  30. XP “Product owner” or “in-house” customer Problem: known Solution: unknown Agile (XP)
  31. ...but in startups problem is unknown “Problem” in startups
  32. What can help me? “Problem” in startups
  33. Customer Development
  34. Four Steps to the Epiphany
  35. Business Plans While the death of the business plan as a method to engage investors is a welcome development, it doesn’t eliminate the need to think through your business – a process aided by, ironically, the writing of a business plan.
  36. Business Models We said: “It’s all about business models”
  37. Business Models Canvas
  38. Many different business models The same technology, product or service can have many different business models
  39. OODA Loop
  40. Sketch out your Business models
  41. Iterate on guesses (set of hypotesis) Iterate fast and often to find your business model
  42. Business Models (examples) Free/Adv Freemium
  43. Customer Development: pivoting
  44. Customer Development: pivoting
  45. Get out of the building (by Steve Blank) Your business assumptions can be wrong Go out and speak with your customers
  46. AARRR Metrics By Dave McClure More on: Initial hypotesis must be precise to be measured
  47. Product/Market fit
  48. Customer Development: scaling
  49. Scalable startup
  50. Scalable startup
  51. Scalable (lean) startup
  52. What’s a Lean Startup? Problem: unknown Solution: unknown
  53. A classic full-featured product can be well organized, but not all features are required to your lean startup.
  54. Minimum Viable Product MVP: A product with the fewest number of features needed to achieve a specific objective, for which users are willing to ‘pay’ in some form of a scarce resource.
  55. Intermediate MVPs Intermediate MVPs test high risk components of the business model. Final MVPs test the business model
  56. MVP Evolution (example)
  57. Early Adopters The MVP is for your first customers: they are called Innovators and Early adopters.
  58. Blomming experience
  59. Search for Money We had a plan and a (good?) idea
  60. Search for Money No money for ideas
  61. Blog-Magazine: LikePicasso
  62. Minimum Viable Product Embed for blog and websites
  63. Product Management
  64. Embed (demo on
  65. Cart + checkout
  66. Checkout - Shipping data
  67. Order Status
  68. Dashboard
  69. MVP 2 Social App Embed for blog and websites
  70. Sociable product
  71. Product on Social Media
  72. MVP 3 API Storefront Web App Mobile etc. Social App Embed for blog and websites
  73. IT vs USA
  74. American dream? America isn’t the only place to run a startup
  75. Dreaming America! It doesn’t mean that can’t be so good (for the growth)
  76. Inverted Pyramids Funding Pyramid
  77. In Italy In Italy there is a similar model with A LITTLE Ecosystem of investors and startups Few investments with orders of magnitude lower on startup value
  78. In Italy Capital research for italian startups (*) • Success requires investments and venture capital • The 97% is in search of a funding • The initial capital is of €33k • The 19% received some form of external investment (mostly scholarships) (*) from: and Mind The Bridge Competition 2010
  79. Market: B2C B2C
  80. Market: B2B B2B
  81. Market: B2B2C B2B2C
  82. YOU
  83. MUST YOU
  85. Lean Startup Meetup - Bologna
  86. Useful on how to pitch investors
  87. Work only from 9 to 5 Is it possible?
  88. An alternative? Lifestyle business
  89. HackFwd info on:
  90. Thanks Personal blog: