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Zipipop LinkedIn Profiles Aalto Venture Program 30 May 2013


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Zipipop LinkedIn Profiles Aalto Venture Program 30 May 2013

  1. 1. LinkedInPersonal Profiles & Networking30 May 2013 // Richard von Kaufmann // Head of Social
  2. 2. Title hereLinkedIn introduction
  3. 3. LinkedIn Vital StatsLinkedIn is a social networkaimed at professionals.Launched on 5 May 2003LinkedIn reports more than 200million acquired users in morethan 200 countries andterritories.[Wikipeidia]
  4. 4. Private users can:• Create an online CV/résumé (withsupportive media content)• Profiles can be easily searched, andcontact requests made• 1st, 2d, 3rd degree connections showusers how they are connected• Find jobs or search for candidates• Post and read status updates• Follow different companies to getupdate notifications• Search for and save jobs that theywould like to apply to• Be recommended/endorsed and getrecommendations/endorsements• Join discussion groups
  5. 5. Title herePreparing to updateyour profile
  6. 6. Personal Profile• Current and previous jobs• Education• Recommendations• Contacts• Supporting media content• Projects• Languages• Organizations,• Test Scores• etc
  7. 7. Keywords• What are the "keywords" thatbest capture the core messageyou wish to convey.  • These keywords can be spreadthroughout your profile to helpyou to be found.• They can be a mix of key skills orwords that people in your targetaudience are likely to search for,e.g. Yammer, LinkedIn, Twitter,etc
  8. 8. To CV or not to CV• LinkedIn is an online CV/résumé, andin a similar way it can be tweaked toappeal to difference audiences.• It is a marketing document designedto “sell” your skills, abilities,qualifications and experience.• Ask: How can my skills help the groupI’m targeting?• It should be edited to help you movein the direction you would like to go.• Or it can be edited to attract newclients.
  9. 9. No absolute rules
  10. 10. Title hereAdjusting personal settings
  11. 11. Settings Many privacy changes can be made here
  12. 12. Settings: Turn off Activity broadcastsIf you are making many changes toyour profile it can be a good idea toturn off the Activity broadcasts untilyou are sure you are happy with thecontent.
  13. 13. Settings: Being visibleMake yourself visible toEveryone so that your profilecan be more easily searchedand shared.Also improves SEO (SearchEngine Optimization)
  14. 14. Settings: Customize your URLGive your LinkedIn publicprofile link your name.
  15. 15. Control what people seeYou can choose whichparts of your profile willbe displayed.
  16. 16. Settings: Add a Twitter accountAdd your Twitter account so posts areautomatically displayed on yourLinkedIn profile.With less traffic they can often getmore reaction than in Twitter.
  17. 17. Title hereSetting up your profile
  18. 18. Quality photoHave a professional photo take oralternatively get a photographyenthusiast friend with a semi-professional camera.A good photo will give you moreconfidence and inspire you toimprove the rest of your profile. 
  19. 19. LinkedIn tracks buzzwords
  20. 20. Cut down on old buzz words
  21. 21. Active verbsUse verbs that describe what you did andachieved, e.g.:accomplished, budgeted, chaired, design, edited, founded, guided, handled, implemented, managed, unified, etc.
  22. 22. Be concreteTry to give concrete exampleswhenever possible stating what youachieved, e.g. I gave over 15collaboration training workshops.The PROJECTS section of the profileis particularly good for this.
  23. 23. Listing jobsMake sure you put somethingconcrete in the description of everyjob listed.
  24. 24. Projects
  25. 25. Title hereNetworking
  26. 26. EndorsingAdd Skills & Expertise forothers to endorse, andendorse them back
  27. 27. Skill terms
  28. 28. Basic connectingLinkedIn recommends you only invite people you know well and who know you.50 connections should be the minimum.500+ is the highest that will show in public.
  29. 29. Startup of YouRied Hoffmann, co-founder ofLinkedIn.LinkedIn connections filter out thebest potential new connections.
  30. 30. Saved people searchesSave your searches and get regular notifications
  31. 31. Advanced People Search
  32. 32. Who’s look at whom
  33. 33. Title hereOther things you can do
  34. 34. Home• LinkedIn Today uses informationabout what your friends are sharingand reading to make articlerecommendations• Can received LinkedIn Today emailnewsletters• Status updates from contacts
  35. 35. GroupsJoin groups around subjects you areinterested in.It can be a good way to find people who’sopinions you respect.Leave old ones, try new ones
  36. 36. Follow thought leaders
  37. 37. Online mediaDo you have any online mediacontent, for example,presentations on SlideShare thatyou can easily embed in yourprofile to support your workexperience. 
  38. 38. Adding online mediaPresentations, videos, etc
  39. 39. Not yet available to all
  40. 40. Volunteer work
  41. 41. Honors & Awards
  42. 42. Contacts
  43. 43. Export PDF
  44. 44. Embed a badge
  45. 45. Updating your status
  46. 46. Thanks!Richard von KaufmannHead of Social Media & CollaborationTel. +358 45 11 222 73Email: