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  2. 2. What is slide?? Definition: Slide shows have come a long way since those shown on the slide projectors of old. Many digital presentations, such as those created in PowerPoint or OpenOffice Impress are composed of several slides. The slide show can be enhanced using transitions and animations. Music, sounds or narration can be added to these slide shows and they can run unattended by using custom timings.
  3. 3. How to use it???* Firstly, go to ‘’’’
  4. 4. * And you have to ’’ Sign Up’’
  5. 5. * In order to sign up you have to fill in theseblanks.
  6. 6. * In this page, you can see different elements.
  7. 7. * Firstly, Click ’’ make slideshow’’
  8. 8. * Then,click ’’ make funpix ’’
  9. 9. * Click ’’ post video ’’
  10. 10. * Click ’’ edit friends’’
  11. 11. * You can use these for your profile.
  12. 12. * You can also form your own group.
  13. 13. * And now, it is the time tocreate your first slideshow.
  14. 14. Why we use slide in our lessons. Slides provide a useful composing environment for students. With slides, students can use multiple sources of information as they build an understanding of the topics they are studying. For example, students can import sound clips, video clips, image files, and alphabetic text in creative ways that encourage active learning.
  15. 15. When students use the sound recording, they can rehearse, record multiple versions, and practice their speaking skills, as well. The teacher might also set up a computer as part of a learning center.
  16. 16. To help students keep track of time spent on different tasks in the classroom, the teacher can create a slide with each task typed using bullets. By animating text and using the timer, each step of the task can be grayed out as students should have it completed.
  17. 17. Teachers use slides in teaching process because we all as teachers know that each student has a different learning style so, we think them carefully. Visuallearning is one of learningstyleand students like for the teacher to give demonstrations. They learn from the pictures, graphics...etc. Thus, slides are very beneficial for their learningprocess.
  18. 18. What Are the Benefits of Using Slides in the Classroom? Slide show presentation programs provide an effective approach to both student work and classroom instruction. When you teach students to use these programs and allow them to turn in work completed with them, you effectively prepare students for the world in which they will work as adults.
  19. 19. So, teachers use slides in their lessons because of the different reasons.
  20. 20. InteractionandEngagement Slide presentations hold student attention through the use of video, graphics and music. Because students today are so technologically advanced, tools that involve technology such as slide shows increase student involvement and interaction
  21. 21. 2) Ability to Capitalize on Modern Media The internet provides current events coverage and the latest information on an enormous number of topics. Slide show tools allow you to incorporate text, video, audio and photos from the Internet easily, allowing you to share the most recent information using media that engage students.
  22. 22. 3) Integration of MultipleSources Using slide shows, you can integrate multiple sources in your classroom presentations. For example, you easily can incorporate photos of student work, video from a field trip, related content from news sources and the latest expert research into a single presentation.
  23. 23. 4) Availabilityof Instruction Rather than handing absentee students written notes of a lesson they missed, you can replay your lesson or presentation using a slide show. Absent students receive the same instruction as those who are present, so they do not fall behind.
  24. 24. AnticipatedProblems Using Tool While preparing slide, sequences of the slides can be mixed. For example; some slides can be put at the beginning but they must be put at the middle of theslides. PowerPoint program cannot be opened.
  25. 25. Produced by Ayşegül VAROL.....