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"Higher-Ed Learning With Google Drive" (July 27, 2012)


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I created this slideshow for conducting a workshop on Google Drive at the Community College of Denver

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"Higher-Ed Learning With Google Drive" (July 27, 2012)

  1. 1. "HIGHER-ED LEARNINGWITH GOOGLE DRIVE" BY SHERRY JONES Community College of Denver July 27, 2012 ACCESS TO THIS PRESENTATION: Teaching with Technology Committee Meeting
  2. 2. WHAT IS GOOGLE DOCS?• A Cloud-Based Office Suite that resembles Microsoft Office• Offers UNLIMITED STORAGE for all file types converted into GD format (no paper, no flash drives!)• A Collaboration tool for group discussion, revising, editing, chatting, drawing, data mining, polling, researching, presenting, etc.• A COMPLETELY FREE online publishing tool!
  3. 3. WHAT IS GOOGLE DRIVE?• A Cloud Storage-Based Syncing App (similar to• Once installed, Google Drive will automatically sync all files on your computer with files on Google Drive Cloud• App will only sync if it is installed on a computer• Allows you to add on a plethora of Android- Based Google Apps to use with GD
  4. 4. WHY GD IN HIGHER-ED?• Beyond capabilities of other Office products, GD allows students to virtual workshop• Up to 10 collaborators can work on one doc• Students can maintain synchronous and asynchronous communication with instructor and classmates• Assignments turned in through GD are auto- time stamped (ensuring accountability)• Mitigates the "Digital Divide" - Students can access GD via any I/O device they prefer
  5. 5. EX 1: CREATE YOUR GDACCOUNTTo comply with FERPA law, create a Google Docs account using your school assigned email (give feedback to students through your school assigned email within Google Docs)• Go to HTTP://DOCS.GOOGLE.COM• Click on top right SIGN UP button• Type in your school assigned email to create an educators account• Done! No FERPA violation here :)
  6. 6. EX 2: CREATE A NEWDOCUMENT• Click on top left CREATE --> DOCUMENT• You will see a new page that resembles Microsoft Word• Within the page, click on FILE, EDIT, VIEW, etc. to see what tools are available under each command
  7. 7. EX 3: "2 TRUTHS, 1 LIE"• In new document, click on top left space to rename title with your name and paper title: o 060009SHEJ - 2 TRUTHS, 1 LIE (Serialized naming convention protects students privacy)• Type 3 sentences about who you are, with 1 of the 3 sentences being a lie• Click on top right SHARE button• Click beneath ADD PEOPLE and type in a peers email• Click on SHARE AND SAVE• Close the document• In left column, click on ACTIVITY• Click and read your colleagues papers :)
  8. 8. EX 4: PEER FEEDBACK +CHATTING• In left column, click on ACTIVITY, and then open a peers shared document on "2 TRUTHS, 1 LIE" exercise• Highlight a questionable word/phrase/ sentence• Click on INSERT --> COMMENT• Type your evaluation on how and why the word/phrase/sentence reveals a lie• Click on peers name in top right corner, and a real-time chat window will show up! Chat!
  9. 9. EX 5:DEFINE/TRANSLATE• Click on top left CREATE --> DOCUMENT• Type the word, "singularity"• Highlight "singularity"• Click on TOOLS --> DEFINE (See extensive list of definitions)• Click on TOOLS --> TRANSLATE DOCUMENT --> CHOOSE A LANGUAGE*NOTE: Googles definition and translation tools are pretty amazing, arent they?
  10. 10. EX 6: RESEARCH MAGIC• Open same document from previous exercise• Highlight "singularity"• Click on TOOLS --> RESEARCH• In right column, mouse over 1 source to see PREVIEW, INSERT LINK, CITE• Click on PREVIEW to see snapshot of source• Click on INSERT LINK to turn the word "singularity" into a link• Click on CITE to create Footnote
  11. 11. EX 7: USE WORD COUNTTO REPLACE PAGE COUNT• Open your "2 TRUTHS, 1 LIE" document• Click on TOOLS --> WORD COUNT (see word count for entire document)• Highlight a sentence• Click on TOOLS --> WORD COUNT (see word count for highlighted sentence AND word count for entire document*NOTE: I recommend replacing page count
  12. 12. EX 8: SELF-PUBLISHING?• Open your "2 TRUTHS, 1 LIE" document• Method #1: Click on FILES --> PUBLISH TO THE WEB. Embed webpage URL anywhere online• Method #2: Click on top right SHARE, and then click on CHANGE to switch "Private" to "Anyone with the Link." Share link with whomever you like
  13. 13. EX 9: FILES ORGANIZER• Click on CREATE --> FOLDER• Type a folder name, and click CREATE (create a few more folders for practice)• In left column, click on ACTIVITY, and click and drag files into folders• Right click on files in ACTIVITY, and select DONT SHOW IN ACTIVITY LIST• Now you are organized :)• For Students?: Lifelong Writing Portfolios that will always be saved (unless deleted)
  14. 14. EX 10: CREATE A RUBRICIN GD SPREADSHEET• Click on CREATE --> SPREADSHEET• If you know how to use Microsoft Excel, you should know how to create GD Spreadsheet• Type text and formula in each column within spreadsheet to make a rubric• Once rubric is created, click on FILE --> MAKE A COPY to create a shareable rubric with students. Rename each rubric with students name. Create infinite rubrics!
  15. 15. EX 11: MORE APPSPLEASE!• Click on CREATE --> MORE --> GET MORE APPS• Browse through Google Chrome Store impressive array of Android-Based apps that can be added to Google Drive!• All Chrome Store Apps can run on any I/O device or browser• Open your Google Drives account on any computer, and youll see the added apps!• Imagine the possibilities!
  16. 16. MORE GD TUTORIALS!• GOOGLE DRIVE ASSIGNMENT SUGGESTIONS AND TUTORIALS every-teacher-should-know-about.html?m=1