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Ci 350 tutorial

  1. 1. Katie Napier Wesley Price Web 2.0 Assignment Dropbox is a free web-based application that enables individuals to easily access, upload, and share data. Through Dropbox, individuals can store such files as: music, images, and documents. Once this data has been uploaded to Dropbox, the files can be accessed from virtually any location through such devices as: cell phones, computers, iPads, and other mobile devices. In addition, friends and coworkers alsohave the opportunity to share and edit documents; thus,this Web 2.0 tool ultimately enables individuals to collaborate in order to share opinions or accomplish common goals. Creating an account: 1. Access the following link: 2. Click “Sign Up” 3. Enter the following information: First Name Last Name Email Password 4. Check the box entitled “Agree to Terms”
  2. 2. 5. When ready to continue, click the blue box on the bottom of the screen that says “Sign Up.” 6. Download Dropbox. 7. Click on file that was just downloaded (located in the bottom-left corner of your computer screen). 8. Click Run so that the computer can install the application. 9. Sign in to your new Dropbox account.
  3. 3. Adding files to your Dropbox Folder: 1. Drag your desired file to the Dropbox icon, and place this file into your Dropbox folder. 2. The blue icon that appears signifies that your file is loading. 3. The green icon indicates that the file has been successfully saved. At this point, any changes you make to this document will be automatically saved to your other devices. Uploading Files from the Dropbox Website: 1. In order to upload files (such as videos, documents, music, and pictures) to your Dropbox folder, begin by logging into your Dropbox account.
  4. 4. 2. Click “Upload” located at the top of the screen. 3. Once the window appears, select “Choose File” to select the files that you desire to upload. 4. Upon selecting all desired folders, click “Start Upload.” Your files will then be automatically saved to Dropbox for future use. Uploading Pictures/Videos from various devices 1. In order to successfully upload pictures from your phone, camera, or tablet to your Dropbox account, begin by plugging the device into your computer. 2. You can then choose to upload images to your Dropbox folder.
  5. 5. 3. Then select “Import Pictures and Videos using Dropbox.” This will automatically save your pictures to your Camera Uploads folder on Dropbox. 4. If you connect with an iPad or Phone be sure that the device is unlocked so that your upload can continue. Sharing Folders: Dropbox enables individuals to easily collaborate with friends, family, and coworkers by sharing folders. For instance, any member of a particular folder will be able to edit shared files. These changes will then be automatically updated for other members. 1. In order to share a folder with others, first sign in to your Dropbox account 2. Go to your file list and select the folder you wish to share by clicking next to the folder’s name. 3. Then click Invite to folder located in the toolbar.
  6. 6. 4. If the selected folder is currently being shared, select “Shared Folder Options.” 5. At this point, you may begin entering the email addresses of the individuals that you wish to invite to your folder. 6. Add a brief message if desired and then click “Share folder.” Creating Links to Files and Folders 1. With your account activated and opened, 2. Select the file or folder you want to share. 3. Select Share link from the Dropbox menu. 4. Your selected item will present as a link.
  7. 7. 5. You can send the link to anyone over email, IM, text message. Friends who click the link will get an instant preview of the file or folder through their browser. Pros Cons and Applications of Dropbox Dropbox is an effective storage tool. The primary con of Dropbox is that it is falling behind in the affordable online storage space race. Its basic plan provides 100GB of space, a decent amount, but not for the $10 a month one must pay. Other file storage services reviewed by cost nearly as much but provided nearly twice the space, or in some cases, unlimited storage space. The same site also offered the primary pro for Dropbox. It is the most popular online storage site. This means that an individual has better chances of reaching others on this website than any other site available. The educational value matches its popularity. The volume of users and information they post is of great value to students, provided they are guided by their teachers. Students have the opportunity
  8. 8. to find more information on this site than any other, at present. The sharing capabilities of the site make it a helpful tool for a unit plan. It can connect students to teachers, peers, experts, and research tools. In this way it can be applied not only to unit plans, but to any assignment one receives.