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Advising Online Students: Innovative Techniques, Community Building & Retention.


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Presentation that outlines the advising process at CUNY SPS

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Advising Online Students: Innovative Techniques, Community Building & Retention.

  1. 1. HOLISTIC ADVISING  TECHNOLOGY Alexandra YanovskiCUNY School of Professional Studies Online Baccalaureate Advising
  3. 3. Presentation Overview• Historical overview• Application and Admissions cycle• Role of Advisors• Student/Academic Services• Student Feedback• Technology
  4. 4. Historical Overview Growth of the Program: Majors • Communication & Culture (Fall 2006) • Business (Spring 2008) • Health Information Management (Fall 2011) • Sociology (Fall 2011) • Psychology (Spring 2012) Staffing • Academic Advisors • Inquiry Specialists
  5. 5. Admissions & Program StructureAdmissions Requirements• 2.5 GPA• Personal Statement• Copies of All College TranscriptsProgram Structure• Traditional 15 Week Semester (Fall, Spring)• 10 Week Summer Semester• Admissions Requirements
  6. 6. Admissions & Program Structure TechnologyLive Person Camtasia/Jing
  7. 7. Role of Advisors• The joint admissions/advising model• Benefits of keeping the same advisor from admission to graduation.• Challenges & successes Advising Transfer Credit Registration Evaluation Blackboard Orientation Admissions Graduation
  8. 8. Role of AdvisorsTechnology• Blackboard IM• Voice Memos• Podcasts• X-marks
  9. 9. Application & Admissions cycle• New student e-mail outreach initiatives (Advising Syllabus, Checklists)• Reducing summer “Student Melt” (Webinars)• E-mail/Phone Culture• Community/Relationship building early on Prospective Admitted Registered Students Students Students
  10. 10. Advising Syllabus
  11. 11. Advisor Communication Prospective: • Introductory E-mail/Phone Call • Unofficial Evaluation of Credits • Open House follow letter Prospective Admitted: • Welcome Letter • Series of 5 Introductory E-mails • Transfer Credit Evaluation • Checklist • Advising Syllabus • Registration Admitted • Orientation Start Dates • Phone Advising Appointment Registered Students • First Week & Monthly Outreach Registered • Attendance Follow Up
  12. 12. Application & Admissions Cycle Technology: • Primo PDF • Outlook vs. Lotus Notes vs MailChimp
  13. 13. Collaborative Approach Student Support Services Academic Bursar Advising Online Students Financial Aid Faculty
  14. 14. Student/Academic Services Existing: Student Services: Future Goals: Social Media • Alumni • Improved Orientation • Facebook • Career • Academic Resource • Twitter • Disability Center • LinkedIn • Veteran • Degree-Works • Community Blog • Virtual Campus • Peer Advising • E-tutoring • E-Portfolio (Digication)
  15. 15. New Student Orientation
  16. 16. New Student Orientation
  17. 17. Student Feedback: GoogleDocs Survey (Spring 2010) Blackboard Orientation (Fall 2011)
  18. 18. Student Feedback: Spring 2010• Describe the program in one word (Hand Out) Technology: Tagzedo• Describe your overall advising experience Technology: Google Docs
  19. 19. Student Feedback: Orientation“I love the orientation because it had provided me before class with:• the school schedule• awesome website to help me with my studies• practice exams/blogging and wiki. This has allowed others and myself to get a head start with figuringout what is expected for us during the upcoming semester. Did you find orientation informative? Answers Percent Answered Strongly Agree 67.308% Agree 29.808% Neither Agree nor Disagree 2.885% Disagree 0% Strongly Disagree 0% Not Applicable 0%
  20. 20. Student Feedback: Orientation“Iam coming from a full-online University and we never had an orientation, wejust started our classes and spoke with our counselors via email/phone. I alsohave done an orientation at a physical school years ago when I first startedundergrad and I found that it was fun and very helpful. I found this onlineorientation to be much like the physical orientation; it was very interactive. Itoffered me a great "refresher" as well as a preview to what the OLS will be withSPS.” Do you feel better prepared for classes as a result of orientation? Answers Percent Answered Strongly Agree 51.923% Agree 39.423% Neither Agree nor Disagree 8.654% Disagree 0% Strongly Disagree 0% Not Applicable 0%
  21. 21. Student Feedback: Orientation• “I enjoyed the orientation as I felt it was comprised of comprehensive assignments which forced all participants to set aside blocks of study time and apply themselves to the required activities. I enjoyed the writing assignments as they offered a glimpse into the amount of writing that is required at a university level. The orientation also offered a glimpse into the community of SPS and inspired me to become a regular contributor to websites such as, LINKEDIN and CUNY SPS Community Blog.”• “As a full time worker, I am able to complete the orientation at my own time by stopping and starting. I do not have to complete the orientation in one sitting and I can always go back to areas that I may have questions.”
  22. 22. Questions?More Information?Alexandra Yanovski, MS.alexandra.yanovski@mail.cuny.eduCUNY School of Professional Studies101 West 31 Street, Suite 905New York, New York 10001