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Ariston Interactive

  1. 1. Who are we Ariston Interaction is a Technology ledIntegrated Marketing Services Company out of India
  2. 2. What We DoFrom New Media Strategy and Deployment to Online Reputation Management. From Usability & Heuristic Analysis to Social Media Marketing. From Email Marketing to Wireless Apps. From Loyalty Programsto eCRM. From Events to Public relations & more!
  3. 3. Our Practice AreasDigital Analog Events and PRStrategy and Planning Strategy and Planning Strategy and PlanningDigital Marketing Campaigns Direct Marketing Campaigns Event Management and MarketingCommunication Design Communication Design Online community buildingMedia Planning Execution and Logistics Activation and Market researchSEO / SEM / PPC/ SMM Analytics and Measurability Cross Media IntegrationExecution and Logistics Public relations and Brand ManagementAnalytics and Measurability Creative and Design Mailers, Brochures, Catalogues, Point-Of-Sale, Collaterals Creative and DesignCreative and Design Copy Pre-Press and Artwork ProductionWebsites, Mobile-sites, Microsites, Layout and Artwork ProductionEmailers, Portals Newsletters, Banners Print Production (Magazines, brochures, annualCopy Print Buying Reports, Press kits) Print Warehousing Book Publishing / Page compositionMedia Services Functional Design and AdaptationsOnline media buying Technology (POS material, multi-formatSocial Media Marketing Supply Chain Management magazines, packaging) Customer Database ManagementDigital Media Production Third Party technology integration Lead Generation and CRM applicationsOnline community collaborationtools (Wikis, Blogs, Pinterest etc)Rich Interactive media services(for kiosks, Web, CD, etc)
  4. 4. The Digital Practice COMPONENTS ENABLERSFRONT-END • Sales & Consulting Clients: India and Overseas • Project Management • Strategy & PlanningSOLUTIONS • Creative & Design Digital , PR, Events and Social Media Marketing • Media Services • TechnologyBACK-END • Knowledge Management Delivery Management • Process Management • Execution Web Apps – Dot Net, Ruby-on-Rails, Python, India Strategy, Design and Development Center PhP, Perl, SharePoint etc. Mobile Apps + Gaming Apps 3rd Party Vendors Design – Flash/HTML, SilverLight etc. SEO/SEM/SMM Media Buying
  5. 5. Solutions: Digital MarketingStrategy and PlanningDigital Marketing Campaigns  Identifying and communicating with potential customers through digital channels.  Understanding who the customers are, how they interact with digital media and what they do online.Communication Design and Outreach  Mixing design and information-development to communicate with the target audience better.SEO / SEM / PPC  Search Engine Optimization for websites.  Search Engine Marketing to enhance online page ranks.  Pay Per Click models enabling advertisers to pay the host only when their ad is clicked.Execution and Logistics  Managing all aspects and components of digital campaigns, from start to finish.Analytics and Measurability  Measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of Internet data to understand and optimize web usage.
  6. 6. Solutions: Digital MarketingCreative and DesignWebsites, Microsites, Emailers, Portals, Newsletters, Banners  Award-winning information and user interaction design.  Emphasizing ease-of use, and increasing user involvement.  Designs that are scalable and flexible to adapt to a site’s changing and growing content needs.  Adaptable across multi-platform, including mobile, online video, webinars, newsletters, etc.Copy  Content that works best online.  Utilizing the best communication tools to enhance your message specifically for the online medium.Media ServicesMedia Buying  Choosing which platform works best online.  Translating marketing requirements into attainable media objectives.Social Media Marketing  Creating engagement with online communities (Twitter, Blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube) to generate exposure, opportunity and sales.
  7. 7. UsabilityResearch Exploratory: • Ethnographic Research Design • Contextual Inquiries • Contextual Interviews Interface Design • Focus Groups • Job Shadowing Information Architecture • In-depth Interviews Wire Frames Validation:• Formative & Summative Usability Web & Graphic Design Testing • Concept Testing • Paper Prototype testing • Market ready product testing • Navigation • Benchmarking
  8. 8. Brand Monitoring Legend: BM – Brand Monitoring Reports ORM – Online Reputation Management SMM – Social Media Maintenance Promo – Promotion of micro sites and campaigns createdExtensive Online Brand Monitoring report involving all aspect of the clients online presence, their online activities and Social MediaMonitoring
  9. 9. Social Media Management Social Media Management As a bolster to the Online Reputation Management, we will also engage in comprehensive social media management across a variety of social media platforms from Twitter to Facebook to YouTube to LinkedIn and Flickr/Pinterest etc.Maintaining Dynamic Accounts on All Social Media Platforms Interactive alerts (which will be procured through the internet using tools like Google Alerts, RSVP feeds and Google subscriber post finalization of relevant keywords) will be postedin suitable formats on all social media platforms where your brand has a presence.
  10. 10. Social Media Management Building Relevant and Interested Subscriber Bases on The Platforms Addition of relevant friends (on social Platforms like Facebook ) and followers (on Twitter) to the brand handles on those platforms respectively. Engaging in Interaction with Subscriber BaseEngage the existing customer base, like acknowledging re-tweets from followers with a thank you note, or providing information about thebrand/ products,etc. The more complex queries shall be channeled to the brand for specific inputs and their responses posted verbatim in the requisite posts. Deliverables: An Excel sheet containing the following: • List of feeds made on Profile page and Fan page • List of replies to queries asking for various information • List of Comments Posted and Interactions performed
  11. 11. Interactive Media Online Advertising and Search MarketingClient: IL&FS, India Client: Globus and Cosmos, India Client: Rail Europe, India
  12. 12. Interactive Media The HumanwareTM Approach Our service delivery USP Search • Online market experts are now talking about the merits of software and human intervention as being optimal. Resource commitment • Dedicated team working 24/7 in India Creative Geo • Google AdWords Qualified and MSN AdCentreApproach Targeting Qualified Professionals. Global reach • We currently execute PPC, SEO and display campaigns Placement & in Europe and the Middle East, the Americas and Asia in multiple languages. Demographic Targeting The PPC approach • Live snap-shot analysis hourly, by core key-words, by copy, by destination landing page, by bid-position (day-part strategies).
  13. 13. Interactive Media FlexibilityDigital media MIS dashboard outputs • Create reports to match data extract formats and data imports. • Reports for specific market territories covering different KPIs. • Erroneous click reports. • Analysis and Research on market trends. • Universal action tag implemented to reduce costs and leverage learnings Online media reports are between all digital assets including accurate and frequent affiliate marketing.
  14. 14. The 360 Degree approach Website, Mobile Website Online Reputation Digital Campaigns Awareness, Search New Media, SMO Apps & WidgetsMobile/Proximity based Marketing Online Community Building eCRM, Loyalty MarketingEvent Management and Activation Public Relations
  15. 15. No.1 The Website: PCs A website, is a collection of related web pages containing images, videos or other digital assets Whether you are a small, medium or a big company or a professional or free lancer you need to have your own website! 1. Get your identity online 2. Global presence 3. Open For Business 24 Hrs. Your 4. New Markets, Global Audience 5. Present a Professional & Credible ImageWebsite 6. Improved Customer Service 7. Promote Your Services 8. Customer Feedback 9. Educate Your Customers
  16. 16. No.1 The Website: Mobile Devices Your ‘www’ address needs to render differently on the mobile 130 Million NEW Smart Phones purchased each year In 2010, 69% owned an Internet enabled phone Daily internet usage via handheld device jumped from 43% in 2010 to 61% by the end of 2010 Local Indian phone manufacturers will be launching a sub Rs.5000 phone in the next 18 monthsMost websites look fine on a desktop computer or on a laptop. The same site on a phone can be a frustrating experience Google has a separate index for a mobile website!
  17. 17. No.2 Awareness Awareness can be thru 2 avenues 1The main aim of the search engine optimization is to get more traffic from diverse sources & to get repetitive visitors. SEO plays a crucial role in online business websites as well as other interactive sites. Specific keywords thru SEO can generate significant, relevant traffic Cost efficiently, while enhancing brand credibility
  18. 18. No.2 Awareness Awareness can be thru 2 avenues To increase online visibilityMarketing sites for search engine traffic 2 Link Building PPC Management Classified advertisement
  19. 19. No.2Awareness
  20. 20. No.3 New Media/SMM Benefits of Social Media MarketingBranding | Lead Generation | Engage with its customers | Generate Relevant Traffic | Improve ROI | Getting Customer Feedback | Announcing New Products or Services | Know more about Customer Preferences | Influence on search Engine Rankings | Enhance CRM
  21. 21. No.3 New Media/SMMSocial Media Landscape
  22. 22. No.4 Online Reputation ManagementYour brand can be made or broken online! Improve customer satisfaction Interacting with unsatisfied customers & Learn from feedback Increase brand awareness Listen to customer complaints & engage in dialog Learn about your competitors Understand customer expectations Enhance shareholder value Pay close attention to your company’s reputation Reduce marketing costs Connect with customers & clients directly
  23. 23. No.5 Apps, Widgets & more The ‘smart’ in Smart-Phones Get customers to ‘connect’ with your brand Maximizes your customer’s interaction with your brandIt keeps you viral and helps you get recognized quickly Cost-effective marketing tool
  24. 24. No.6 Campaigns: SMS, Email & Newsletters The message drives the mediumCost Effective & Measurable Instant Deliverability Targeted Messaging Flexible PlatformInstant Opt-In and Opt-Out Reliable Limitless Market Potential
  25. 25. No.7 Community Engagement Platforms Bring them together Increase Customer Loyalty Increase Website Traffic Better Understand Customer Messages Create Real Customer Testimonials Personalization Generate Highly Engaging Content Naturally Optimize for Search EnginesEnhanced Product Testing & Development Enhanced Customer Information Create Real News Opportunities
  26. 26. No.8 Loyalty Programs | eVouchers Bring them BA CKPersuade customers to repeat transactions Retain existing customers Increase customer morale & loyalty Enhance Customer Relationship Reward Positive Customer Behavior Reward Points Program can be set for: Customers Employees Dealer Networks
  27. 27. No.9 Proximity (location based) marketing Connect where they are What you saw in the Tom Cruise movie ‘Minority Report’ is here & now 99% of all purchased today are Bluetooth enabled Bluetooth allows you to transmit information for free Effective & Targeted communicationLow Cost | Free Maintenance | Efficient & Secure
  28. 28. No.10 Event Management Pull the crowd in From Rock Shows and Concerts to Corporate Meets, From Sports Events to Beauty Pageants and Fashion shows From TV shows activation to Electoral Gathering, From Brand Activation to Experiential Advertising to Flash Mobs and more…Mass Appeal | One to Many | Larger than Life
  29. 29. No.11 Public Relations Manage the Brand Managing the Brand in the new media space, opening up opportunities for business’.Raising the Brand Profile and establishing Prominence among key influencers, Business’, Media and Press. Crisis Management and Analysis Financial Communication and Investor Relationship
  30. 30. Let’s Chat!Ariston Interaction Pvt. Ltd.