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Efficient project management at Emakina sauce


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Alexandre DE HAAN -

Published in: Business, Technology
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Efficient project management at Emakina sauce

  1. 1. Efficient project management at the Emakina sauce Alexandre DE HAAN Emakina December 8, 2009
  2. 2. Canada   Master of Science in Electronic Commerce (HEC Montréal, Canada)
  3. 3. Canada   Hydro-Québec   Aéroport de Montréal   Bombardier
  4. 4. Belgium   Delhaize   Brussels Airlines   Aeromexico
  5. 5. Emakina?
  6. 6. Emakina is a full service digital agency
  7. 7. Fast Facts   + 260 team members (June 2009)   Aiming for European top 5 in 2012   A unique full service offering in e-marketing and e-business   Listed on Alternext stock market since 2006 (ticker: ALEMK)   Stable and profitable environment   Turnover 2007: 17M€   Turnover 2008: 31M€
  8. 8. Emakina group digital agencies Belgium   Emakina.BE Design excellence Brussels creativity CRM expertise brand activation   Design is Dead Rotterdam Antwerp Technology, mobile, Antwerp statistics Gent   The Reference Ghent Brussels International, strategy, user Web 2.0 and brand experiences, The Netherlands social media Paris media planning, video, technology and hosting   Emakina.NL Rotterdam France   groupeReflect Limoges Paris, Limoges Inst. Com.   Emakina.EU
  9. 9. Some of the projects we do:
  10. 10. How do we do projects?
  11. 11. Approach for project development: Process Process start end Customer / account Proposals Briefing Roadmap GO Invoice management budget Project Planning Test Go-live Follow-up management project plan staging production Analysis Wireframes Reco. Strategy benchmark info. archi. scope Creation Brainstorm Concepts Copywriting Mood board Integration Site Studio design slicing construction Development Technical Architecture Coding analysis
  12. 12. Multiple deliverables in a project and one focus: Interactive marketing strategies Traffic generation Adwords strategies and campaigns Strategic recommendations Mini-sites Mobile applications Usability reports Internet, Intranet, Extranet B2B transactional applications Banners Media plan Targeting plan Design integration E-commerce and e-business websites Flash E-mails Copywriting Results Conversion optimization Search engine find ability Members-get-Members programs Games User tests Activation and seeding IMU Newsletters Mobile websites Reporting and statistics Web based communities B2C and B2B CMS driven websites Web editorial and graphical guidelines Optimized sales and conversion funnel to specific business goals Buzz and viral campaigns in social media User-friendly website
  13. 13. 5 lessons learned
  14. 14. 1/ Know your client   Involve the client. We are partners:   Understand the client and think from his point of view: what he says, what he thinks, and what he does not realize yet   Know the products of the client, the image of the brand, the market position, the sales’ channels, the network   Understand the marketing plan of the client, the short term and the long term objectives, the challenges   The client's expertise will be needed to identify the problems and the opportunities and to define the requirements   Involve the final user
  15. 15. Example: Delhaize Direct
  16. 16. 2/ Scope your project   At the start of the project   Identify clearly your scope, have detailed information about it and stick to it:   What are the prerequisites?   What is in-scope?   What is out-scope?   Identify, list, and give an outline of the deliverables   Develop a project plan, propose realistic goals and small milestones   Do a functional analysis if necessary
  17. 17. Example: Delhaize Direct
  18. 18. 3/ Communicate, communicate, communicate   Multiply the exchange between the stakeholders   Regularly report the progress   Focus on the essentials   Importance of the communication within the team and of the management of your team during the project:   Align people with the stuffs they are good at. Don't keep someone in a job role just because he has been doing it for a long time.   Align and group people with the projects they are passionate about. Passion can become a strong driver of innovation and growth.
  19. 19. Example: Brussels Airlines
  20. 20. 4/ Test all along   Involve the final user   In your planning, foresee time to test   15% of the development tasks   Specify the test, the functionality, the content   Use a tool to focus on the post-test actions
  21. 21. Example: Brussels Airlines
  22. 22. Example: Brussels Airlines
  23. 23. 5/ Measure the added value of the project   Assess the added value of a project   KPI   Measurement tools   Present a dashboard   Present it to the client and to your team
  24. 24. Example: Aeromexico
  25. 25. Other factors for efficient project management
  26. 26. Other factors for efficient project management   Factors for successful project:   Factors for challenged projects:   User involvement   Lack of user involvement   Executive management support   Lack of executive support   Ownership   Unrealistic expectations   Clear vision and objectives   Incomplete requirements   Realistic expectations   Changing requirements specifications   Clear statement of requirements   Lack of planning   Proper planning   Lack of IT management   Smaller project milestones   Technology illiteracy   Competent and focused team   Didn’t need it any longer   Hard-working   Lack of resources
  27. 27. Emakina wants you!
  28. 28. Emakina is looking for new talents   2 Web developers .Net   mid/senior level   junior/mid level   2 project manager   1 e-business specialist   1 interactive marketing specialist   3 account managers   3 seniors account managers   Internships
  29. 29. Process to follow   Website   Find all opportunities   Find out more about us   Follow us   Find all details   Twitter: emakina   Apply   Facebook: emakina    Mail   Send us your questions   Call us   Send us your applications   32 2 400 40 00
  30. 30. Thank you!