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WebSide - eBrouchure & Presentation


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WebSide's 1st Creative Corporate Presentation on our Expertise & Service Offerings.

Published in: Design, Business, Technology
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WebSide - eBrouchure & Presentation

  1. 1. WebSide CREATIVE.  CONNECTED.  CONVERSATIONS. Digitally  connected  with  customers,   driving  sales  and  delivering  results. Start  HereOur  strengths  lie  in  offering  a  crea4ve  and   We  help  build  connected  brands  by  using   The  power  to  define  and  control  a  brand  is  strategic  partnership  that  helps  brands   our  service  to  execute,  integrate  &  op=mize   shiCing  to  conversa4on  from  individuals  communicate,  engage  and  grow. marke=ng  programs  for  brands. and  communi=es.  Are  you  capturing  them? ©  Copyright  2011  WebSide.  All  Rights  Reserved.
  2. 2. 1what we do?We develop online campaigns, programs and experiences designed to help people nd and engage with what they are looking for!
  3. 3. what do we do? 2we  build  connected  marketingInstead  of  managing  just  one  of  your  digital  marke=ng  ac=vity,  WebSide  can  provide  everything  you  need  to  successfully  promote  your  business  on  the  web. Search Social Media Creative
  4. 4. what do we do? 3    Search  Engine  Optimisation    Search  Engine  Marketing Search    Search  Engine  Reputation  Management    Social  Media  Marketing    Viral  Marketing Social Media    Online  Display  Advertising    Web  Presence  Engineering      E-­‐Commerce  Design  &  Development Creative    Content  Management  System
  5. 5. whatonnected  marketingwe  build  c do we do? 4 Creative Social Media SearchWeb  Presence  Engineering   Social  Media  Marketing Search  Engine  OptimizationUX  &  User  Interface  Design Social  Media  Monitoring Link  Building  StrategyE-­‐Commerce  Design  &  Development Social  Media  Research Link  Acquisition  ManagementContent  Management  System Social  Media  Engagement Keyword  Targeting  &  Research  Corporate  Presentations Social  Media  Measurement Web  Analytics  Reporting2  Minutes  Explainer  Videos Social  Media  Bookmarking Local  Search  Optimization  Infographics  Creation Social  Media  Training  &  Learning Search  Engine  MarketingResearch  &  Insights  Presentation Social  Media  Advertising Search  Reputation  ManagementCorporate  Print  Design Social  Viral  Marketing Multilingual  SEO  &  SEM
  6. 6. 5creative designWe brings our clients’ brands to life with striking creative landscapes that communicate messages effectively and leave lasting impressions!
  7. 7. creative engineering 6    We  build  websites  for  marketing  purposes    Specialise  in  websites  that  drive  leads  &  business    Built  for  Search  Engine  Optimization    Fully  Content  Managed    We  can  build  from  scratch  or  re-­‐design  existing    We  excel  in  eCommerce  design  &  development    We  focus  primarily  on  Creativity  &  Usability    We  have  a  team  of  UI,  UX  &  IxD  experts    We  build  for  web,  mobile  &  portable  gadgets“Capturing  an  audience’s  attention  in  the  ever  changing  digital  world  is  a  challenge.” Creative
  8. 8. 7our process design for visibility envision elaborate execute Gather   Create  site   Quality   business,   framework,   Assurance   brand,  user   design  and   tes=ng,  insights,  and   development,   deployment  &  search  data. page  build. measurement.
  9. 9. our creative process 8 Envision Elaborate Execute Gather business, brand, Create site framework, QA testing, deployment user insights, design and development, and search data page build Gather existing Interview 3 – 5 Conduct Conduct Develop User & new research stakeholders & user keyword Experience data / define marketing research research Strategy Brief hosting needs team. Creative
  10. 10. our creative process 9 Envision Elaborate Execute Gather business, brand, Create site framework, QA testing, deployment user insights, design and development, and search data page build Develop Create site Develop Create Establish creative map and visual copy hosting concept wireframes design deck environment Develop Develop Build Redirection Baseline search test test HTML mapping metrics strategy scripts pages Creative
  11. 11. our creative process 10 Envision Elaborate Execute Gather business, brand, Create site framework, QA testing, deployment user insights, design and development, and search data page build Ongoing Execute Deploy Implement Deploy measurement QA new redirection plan Interest2Action and tests site optimization Creative
  12. 12. 11search marketingOur SEO/SEM services increase the volume and quality of traffic to your website so that potential clients, customers and partners can quickly locate you!
  13. 13. search marketing 12 PPC SEO PPCSEO  -­‐  Search  Engine  Op4miza4on PPC  -­‐  Pay  Per  Click Search
  14. 14. search engine optimization 13  Search  Engine  Optimization  (SEO)  is  the   process  of  naturally  promoIng  the  website   to  be  found  in  relevant  search  results  pages.  SEO  should  ideally  be  constantly  managed   to  ensure  consistent  coverage.  SEO  usually  takes  upwards  of  6  months  to   begin  to  achieve  good  natural  results. SEOon page off page Page  Titles Directory  Listings Meta  Descriptions  &  Keywords Press  Release  Distribution URL’s Article  Marketing Navigation Partner  Links Alt  Text Link  Baiting Search
  15. 15. search engine marketing 14Google  Search  is  Google’s  premier  product  and  we  can  use  Google  AdWords  to  bid  for  keywords,  which  are  relevant  to  our  line  of   PPCbusiness.Microsoft  and  Yahoo!  have  partnered  in  search  to  offer  advertising  both  on  Bing  and  Yahoo!  Search.We  pay  per  click  for  our  advertising  and  impressions  (views)  are  free.Google  AdWords  &  Microsoft  Advertising  campaigns  can  begin  within  minutes  and  can  be  delivering  clicks  through  to  the  site  straight  away.   Search
  16. 16. measuring results 15how  do  we  measure  performance? clear  calls  to  action specifically  built  landing  pages  with  a  form   to  complete  and  a  different  phone  number Google  Analytics  can  be  used  to  measure   response  rates  and  conversions based  on  subsequent  conversion  rates,  the   system  can  also  be  used  to  identify  target   keywords  for  other  forms  of  marketing. Search
  17. 17. 16social media marketing We help clients extend the value of their brand by leveraging the power and speed of social media networks like Facebook and Twitter to increase brand awareness, initiate a conversation with customers and manage brand reputation.
  18. 18. social media marketing 17 “Social Media describes the technologies, platforms and methods in which users share content and conversations online.” We help you engage in social media by having meaningful conversations with people and igniting positive word of mouth. We do this through influencer campaigns, conversation platforms, advocacy programmes, What iandSocial Medisocial applications, conversation response and community building s management, a? ()*$%*)+#,$-)+./).)#/0"&"1$)+23&%4",5+%0* reputation management."*+$06/$#/7+),++/%,)#"0.)0."0&$0)8 We help you listen to conversations throughout social media relevant to your brand,)*$%,)&$)+"07+),91)0),%.)*#"0.)0.%0*%&&"6+7+),+."+/%,)2*$+#7++%0* products, services, competitors and sector. )$0./)#"0;),+%:"08<.%&+"%&&"6+3)"3&)",-7+$0)++)+."-)#"5)-"./,)%*),+ +/),+"=#"0.)0.8<0.),%#:"0%&+"3&%>+%?)>,"&)$0!"#$%&()*$%6$./al Media?helpSociaunderstand the impact that social media is having on your organisation and What is you l Media? #%:"0-).6))0=)&&"67+),+$0#,)%+$01#"0.)0.&);)&+%0*=7,./),+3,)%*$01./) We+#,$-)+./).)#/0"&"1$)+23&%4",5+%0*4",5+%0* with you to implement the changes that work /7+),++/%,)#"0.)0."0&$0)8 )0.#%0#"5)$05%0>=",5+$0#&7*$01A.)B.2$5%1)+2;$*)"+%0*%7*$"8C0&$0) need to be made as a result. :)+%,)%&+"#,)%.)*./,"71/!"#$%&()*$%%+&$?)95$0*)*$0*$;$*7%&+*$+#7++./)$, 8),91)0),%.)*#"0.)0.%0*%&&"6+7+),+."+/%,)2*$+#7++%0* $0.),)+.+8 +%:"08<.%&+"%&&"6+3)"3&)",-7+$0)++)+."-)#"5)-"./,)%*),+ .8<0.),%#:"0%&+"3&%>+%?)>,"&)$0!"#$%&()*$%6$./ Social Media)*$%$+=%+.5";$016$./%#"0+.%0.+.,)%5"=0)6.)#/0"&"1$)+-)$01#,)%.)* ‘markets  are  conversations’/%,)2*$+#7++%0* =)&&"67+),+$0#,)%+$01#"0.)0.&);)&+%0*=7,./),+3,)%*$01./)=",1,)%.),$0.),%#:"0%0*0)66%>+."+/%,)#"0.)0."0&$0)8 "-)#"5)-"./,)%*),+ ()*$%6$./ 5%0>=",5+$0#&7*$01A.)B.2$5%1)+2;$*)"+%0*%7*$"8C0&$0) =7,./),+3,)%*$01./))%.)*./,"71/!"#$%&()*$%%+&$?)95$0*)*$0*$;$*7%&+*$+#7++./)$, 016$./%#"0+.%0.+.,)%5"=0)6.)#/0"&"1$)+-)$01#,)%.)*
  19. 19. 18
  20. 20. 19social media marketing strategiesfacebook landing page optimisation“A Facebook Page is a customisable presence for an organisation or product and allows businessesthe ability to build a community on Facebook, giving relevant users the opportunity to interact withyour company and immerse themselves in your brand.” perfect place for you to connect with people who really matter... ‘your customers’! develop real connections and dynamic relationship by truly engaging your audience allows for direct two-way communication between brand and consumer. personalise the brand for audience display special offers upon an user clicking ‘Like’ “We can develop specific features to make sure your place to showcase your creative and social nature campaign goals are reached. Just let us know what highlight a call for action for converting a lead you need and we will develop a bespoke solution!” display product announcement and new launches
  21. 21. 20social media marketing strategiesfacebook social applications engage with your user base to gather inputs understand consumer behaviour and sharing habits take your word of mouth marketing to next level provides potential interception point to build the relationship with your customerfacebook competitionsA really effective way of generating awareness and driving traffic to your socialpresences, particularly on Facebook, is to run a competition. As well as engagingaudiences, competitions also give an additional level of interactivity and allowyou to generate a buzz around your Facebook Page. Competitions also tap into the viral aspect of Facebook, allowing friends to compete and share competitions and prizes with each other, increasing brand exposure and driving more traffic and entries free of charge. We can run a photo or video competition in which visitors to the Facebook Page can upload a photo or video for fellow users to vote a winner.
  22. 22. 21social media marketing strategiesfacebook advertising programs We offer several Facebook Advertising solutions to suit your exact campaign requirements and budget, whether it’s using Social Ads, Home Page Ads or Sponsored Stories. Facebook Advertising is the perfect way to reach both broad and niche markets precisely. Your business can advertise to your exact audiences based on speci c social and geographical information, age, gender, location, personal interests, job functions, to name but a few, can all re ne targeting. Basically, we de ne your ideal target audience and then develop a perfect Facebook Advertising campaign to suit! our facebook marketing service include: Facebook Audience Identi cation Facebook Page Development Creative Design Statistical Monitoring ROI Reporting
  23. 23. 22social media marketing strategiestwitter marketing It’s no secret that Twitter has boomed in the India over the past 12 months. In fact, traffic to the Social Media site has increased 1,736% in the past 12 months. With over 600 million queries being made a day through the Twitter search engine, this is more than Bing and Yahoo. Over 65% of the world’s top 100 companies are harnessing the power of Twitter – are you? We are here to help with all aspects of Twitter promotion, ensuring you utilise the marketing opportunities the site has to o er to full potential. our twitter marketing service include: We offer an array of Twitter Marketing services to suit any budget Twitter Account Design and Build from initial account build through to professional full campaign management. Twitter Account Maintenance Tweet Messaging Management Increase your online exposure, improve brand awareness and Twitter Feed Website Integration update the people who matter – your audience.
  24. 24. 23social media marketing strategiesmicrosite marketing A Microsite is essentially a mini website for particular strand/department of a business, a speci c event or marketing campaign. Sometimes a new business venture or marketing campaign requires its own website to communicate the offering effectively. A microsite may have only 5 – 10 pages but have content and visual branding entirely about the particular initiative you are trying to promote. The site may also have some “co-branding” elements which make users aware of the company behind the microsite. Building a website entirely about a singular subject has some excellent bene ts from a search engine point of view. Google and other search engines tend to prioritise a website which has a singular subject focus over a website with multiple focuses. It can also be used as a platform to showcase activities from various social networks in one place for better visibility and aggregation.
  25. 25. 24other social media marketingGeotargeting Marketing Video Marketing Photo/Documents Marketing
  26. 26. 25our clientsWe dont have good clients. We have the best.
  27. 27. our clients 26 Would  you  like  to  be  listed  in  our  elite  list?  Please  drop  us  an  email  at  or  if  you’d  like  to  have  a  chat,  gives  us  a  call  on  +91  860  860  99  44
  28. 28. Thank You! +91- 860 860 99 44Our  strengths  lie  in  offering  a  crea4ve  and   We  help  build  connected  brands  by  using   The  power  to  define  and  control  a  brand  is  strategic  partnership  that  helps  brands   our  service  to  execute,  integrate  &  op=mize   shiCing  to  conversa4on  from  individuals  communicate,  engage  and  grow. marke=ng  programs  for  brands. and  communi=es.  Are  you  capturing  them? ©  Copyright  2011  WebSide.  All  Rights  Reserved.