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IMarks is a specialist horizontal integration company offering comprehensive solutions and services in the dynamic field of Digital Marketing.

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IMarks Digital Marketing Company

  1. 1. Corporate Presentation Version 3.0
  2. 2. OUR VISION CONNECTING TO FUTURE Vision Empowers you to translate your dream into reality Customer Centric Digital Marketing Program Search Engine Social Media Marketing Interactive Marketing Marketing Social Blog Viral Social PPC Search Social media Social Media Marketing Marketing & Reputation Marketing Engine set up and Network Optimi and Email Managem and Mgmt. Optimization mgmt. Marketing zation Mgmt. Marketing ent(SRM) Web Technologies [Creative Strategic Design, Promotional Website, Ecommerce Website, Mobile Website, Website Maintenance, Web Application Development, Application Integration, Intranet, Extranet and Web Portal Development, Social Network Application Development] Digital Corporate Communication Digital Strategy Development
  3. 3. END-TO-END DIGITAL MARKETING SOLUTIONS PORTFOLIOPLANNING SERVICES CONVERSION ENHANCEMENTS Digital Marketing Business Plan DIGITAL CORPORATE  Website Analytics COMMUNICATION Search Engine Marketing Plan  Landing Page Optimization Social Media Marketing Plan  Brand Positioning & Development  Conversion Optimization  Creative Development Website Usability Review & Analysis y y  Digital Assets D Di it l A t Development l t  Corporate Identity  Flash DevelopmentSEARCH ENGINE MARKETING WEB TECHNOLOGIES  Corporate Digitals Search Engine Optimization  Creative Strategic Web Design  Print and Promotion Video Search Marketing  Promotional Website  aga es E-Magazines PPC Search Marketing  Ecommerce Website  Graphical User Interface Youtube Search Management  Flash Website Mobile PPC Search Management  Mobile Website Local Search Marketing  Website Hosting & Maintenance Link Building Campaign  Web Application Development Management  Application Integration SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING  Intranet, Extranet and Web Portal Development  Social Media Marketing  Social Network Application  Social Media OptimizationDIGITAL MEDIA PLACEMENT  Social Media Monitoring Development Online Media Planning and Buying  Facebook Marketing Service  Mobile Application Development Mobile Media Planning and Buying  Word f M th M k ti W d of Mouth Marketing Social Network Advertising  Business Blog Marketing Display Network Campaign  Online Reputation Management Management  Audio Podcast Services Affiliate Marketing DIRECT DIGITAL MARKETING  Video Webcast Services Publisher Ad Management Service  SMS Marketing  Online PR Viral Marketing Vi l M k ti  Vi l M k ti Viral Marketing Email Marketing
  4. 4. OUR FOCUSED VERTICALS Real Estate & Infrastru cture Imarks Focused Verticals V ti l
  5. 5. OUR DIGITAL INTEGRATION MODEL Engage customers Blogs and Forums Digital • Engage, interact, and Assets promote with help of • Interact with audience Optimization Awards, Polls, Contests on relevant blogs, Paid Ads CRM forums, and • Incentivizes the • Accomplish short-term p Integration communities customer to promote lead generation • SELL THE CONCEPT and publicize objectives via paid ads. 1 Engaged Customer 1 SRM Paid Ads at Content Sites, Forum Banner B 3 Your Web Portal / Social Networking Personal Networks Ads Marketing Engine Sites Engaged Prospect 2 2 Paid Ads at SNScommunities SEM• Build communities on Face book, Twitter, Reach Target Group LinkedIn and • Review sites other community • Local city sites platforms. Community Email Marketing • Micro sites Optimization • Engage, interact, Integration• Inside new venture Web & • Reach out to people via and promote with Launches, discussions, SEO, SMO, SEM and SMM help of Awards, Social Polls, Contests forum, sharing, etc Analytics • Spreading content Integration where it reaches the Target Group for them to engage with it
  6. 6. EMPOWERING ORGANIZATIONS Make you Get you traffic heard Build Opinions B ild O i i Build followers tribe HOW IMARKS can empower Originations to LEAPFROG! Increase sales Demand closing Creation Opportunity Brand Building g Experience E i
  7. 7. INCREASING MATURITY OF DIGITAL MARKETING “Develop capability for people to contact you Sales, Leads online.” - Actual sale may not be online. “Build Trust & Credibility with potential Brand Promotion customer customer” - Social Reputation Management(SRM) “Generate awareness of your products or services” - Make yourself omnipresent online. Awareness Through Videos, presentations, blogs, photos, articles, etc. “enrich people with information and make a Interactivity, Engagement connection” “You can be in the mind only if you are in sight” Visibility (Online promotion) Out of sight is out of mind, so be there where your customers are i.e. in the digital space
  8. 8. HOW CAN WE EXECUTE Content Community Presence & proliferation across development for participation at Moderation & Viral Campaigns the internet – th i t t brand promotion top forums, blogs, Social Reputation for reach and News, Photos, and sales where relevant Management engagement Videos, PPTs, polls, generation customers visit contest, feedback
  9. 9. WHAT CAN YOU ACHIEVE Online Community presence - platform – Brand Followers Lead Increase reach & ongoing Building Tribe Generation Sales Closingengagement Brand promotion
  10. 10. HOW CAN GROWTH BE EXPECTED Visibility across social Customer acquisition Up selling new media channels through digital ventures/Projects marekting Competitive research Direct feedback from Ultimately, more customers resulting in revenue business growth
  12. 12. WORLD-CLASS FACILITIES R & D Centre translates innovations to actions with world-class infrastructure facilities Innovative Management Team qualified from top B-Schools and Universities Integrated Facilities – Digital and physical library, COE practice, world-class integrated training center, Sales Zone Conference center Zone, Room, Developer Zone, etc. Business Continuity Plans Wireless Connectivity, Calm and Secured y, Environs, 24 hours manned and RFID technology implemented Direct connection to Client Environment and engagement through virtualization g g g A pool of skilled resources with strong expertise and domain competencies across various cutting-edge technologies ranging from Digital Marketing, SEO/ SMM/ SEM/ SMO, Web Designing and Development, Sales, etc.
  13. 13. WHY IMARKS? The most cost The most flexible Highly monitored Personalized effective Solutions targeted marketing and measurable contact with the and High ROMI platform potential customers Less Turn Around No downturn during Increase online Global Visibility Time for the recession brand awareness implementation Increase lead Increase sales generation closing