SMITH Advertising Demystifying Digital Marketing: 10 Tactics You Need to Succeed


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Thanks to all who joined us today for our webinar on Digital Marketing. We look forward to staying connected to you in the future!

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SMITH Advertising Demystifying Digital Marketing: 10 Tactics You Need to Succeed

  1. 1. Welcome & Housekeeping• Welcome Everyone!• Introductions
  2. 2. Agency ServicesMarketing Research Branding Marketing Communications• Market Assessments & Segmentation • Corporate & Brand Positioning • Advertising (print/broadcast/online)• Customer Satisfaction & Transaction Analysis • Brand Personality & Logo Development • Corporate & Employee Communications• Competitive Analysis & Market Intelligence • Brand Architecture • Media Planning & Placement• Customer Behavior Analysis & Segmentation • Brand Experience Discovery • Direct & Database Marketing• Focus Groups & In-depth Interviews • Brand Equity Research • Marketing & Sales Collateral• Pre- and Post-Advertising Research • Brand Competitive Positioning • Trade Show & Event Promotions• Awareness & Usage Studies • Customer Relationship Management • Cooperative Marketing Public Relations Digital Services Creative Development • Public Relations Consulting • Website Design & Development • Corporate & Campaign Taglines • Strategic Public Relations Campaigns • Branded Microsites • Concept & Creative Development • Media Familiarization Trips • Email Marketing • Video & Digital Development • Media Relations • Online Advertising • Copywriting & Design • Special Events Coordination & Promotion • Analytics & Optimization • Broadcast Supervision • Satellite Media Tours & Video News Releases • Search Marketing – Organic, Local and Paid • Production Management • Community Relations Search • Photography Direction • Crisis Communications • Strategic Social Media Marketing • Executive Media & Spokesperson Training • Online Reputation Management • Mobile Marketing
  3. 3. Welcome & Agenda8 digital resources you can’t live without: 1. Search Engine Optimization 2. Online Reviews 3. Promotions, Sweeps, Contests 4. Email Marketing 5. Microsites 6. Social Media 7. Display Advertising 8. Measurement “The next digital decade is here. By 2016, advertisers will spend as much on interactive marketing as they do on television advertising today.RESEARCH, US INTERACTIVE MARKETING FORECAST 2011 - 2016 SOURCE FORRESTER Investment in search marketing, display advertising, email marketing, mobile marketing, and social
  4. 4. Integration Creative Brand Developmen t Website Advertising Public MarketRelations Research Media Buying SEO/SEM Mobile Social Marketing Media
  5. 5. Just because you buildit, doesn’t mean they will come. The science of SEO.
  6. 6. How Much is a #1 Google Ranking
Worth to Your Business?
  7. 7. Why?10.8 Billion searches are conducted every monthon Google. SOURCE: COMSCORE, AUGUST 2010
  8. 8. Why?78% of Internet users conduct product researchonline. SOURCE: PEW INTERNET & AMERICAN LIFE PROJECT, MAY 2010
  9. 9. How Search engines have four functions - crawling, building anindex, calculating relevancy & rankings and serving results.
  10. 10. HowSMITH Natural Search - What You Want to Think About• On-site• Off-site• Local search (we’ll cover this in section 3)
  11. 11. HowOn-site• Keywords
  12. 12. How
  13. 13. How
  14. 14. How
  15. 15. HowOn-Site• Quality of Domain Name (The keyword is in the domain name) • If I am searching Google for “beach vacation”, will have a higher likelihood of showing up on page 1.• Relevance of the "Page Title" (The keyword is in the page title.) Think of this like a newspaper with headings and titles.• Number of Pages indexed (lots or few?)• Age of Domain Name (another measure of authority.)
  16. 16. HowOn-SiteUpdated, fresh content (regularly!) • Company blog! **GOOGLE RECOMMENDED** • More than half of Internet users read blogs at least monthly • Content for viral sharing • Link BaitKeyword Research • 3 to 4 words you want to rank for • Google Adwords is your best friend
  17. 17. HowOff-SiteLink Building • Strategy • Links to the URL (home page - as compared to the URL.) • Page Rank • SEO Quake – free download for mozilla • Get your partners to link to you
  18. 18. Database and EmailMarketing Still ROCK!
  19. 19. Why? 58% of consumers begin the day with email.EXACT TARGET: SUBSCRIBERS, FANS AND FOLLOWERS
  20. 20. Why?50% of consumers make purchases as a directresult of email—it drives more conversions than anyother channel. SOURCE: EXACT TARGET: FANS, FOLLOWERS, SUBSCRIBERS
  21. 21. HowFamiliarity• Obtaining promotions & dealsRelevancy• Content is personalized & tailored to needs.• The advantage of being on the email list is clear.Exclusivity• Early notification• EducationComponents of a great ePromotion?• Subject line• Great creative!• Call to action• Limited time offer• Links to social media• Convenient conversion
  22. 22. HowWhat are some solutions for building a database and emailmarketing?1. Bluesky2. Constant Contact3. Excel Spreadsheet
  23. 23. Case History
  24. 24. Case History
  25. 25. Online reviews will make or break your business.
  26. 26. Why?Consumer reviews are significantly trusted – nearly12x more than descriptions that come from manufacturers and marketers. SOURCE: eMARKETER, FEBRUARY 2010
  27. 27. How
  28. 28. How• Google Places, Yelp, CitySearch (local search).• Claim your listings! • – free resource• Actively seek positive reviews.• Respond to posted comments.• Email or verbal kudos – request customer to add it to site.• Add icons to your website and ask for the review.
  29. 29. So, what’s in it for me?Promotions, sweeps, contests.
  30. 30. Why?1,065 US & International consumers list “gettingdiscounts or coupons” as their primary reason forinteracting with brands online. IBM Institute for Business Value: From social media to Social CRM. What customers want.
  31. 31. Case History – NC Brunswick IslandsSituationSMITH has been the agency of record for Brunswick County Tourism Development Authority (TDA)for over 15 years. In response to an ever-changing and often challenging economic environment, wecontinue to seek out new and innovative ways to drive tourists to this unique destination with thebest ROI. A recent powerful and effective addition to our marketing and promotion efforts is SocialMedia, including Facebook. Primary market research conducted proves that approximately 40% ofthose who request an NC Brunswick Islands visitors guide actually visit.SolutionSMITH has been instrumental in assisting in the architecture behind Brunswick County’s databasemarketing programs, and it is one of the few destinations in the country that really works itsdatabase as it should be. SMITH’s Social Media team created a micro ad campaign centered arounda 30-day giveaway promotion, “More Beach for Your Blanket.” The campaign targeted NorthCarolina and the Northeast and invited Facebook members to visit the NC Brunswick Islands’Facebook page and “Like” it. Upon liking the page and filling out a request for a 2011 visitor’sguide, the member was entered into a drawing that awarded an NC Brunswick Islands beach blankettote each day, April 4 through May 4, with the winner announced daily in a Facebook update.Outcome• The fan count for the Brunswick Island Facebook page increased from 574 as of March 30, 2011, to 4,647, an increase of 4,073 fans.• Of that 4,073, approximately 1,500 responded to an ePromotion sent to the NC Brunswick Islands database.• The remaining 2,500+ are new fans acquired as a result of the micro-ad campaign.• At the conclusion of the promotion on May 4, the micro ads changed to a generic destination campaign. Fan count has continued to increase and now stands at 5,252 page likes as of May 16, 2011, an increase of over 650 fans in two weeks from micro ads alone.• NC Brunswick Islands database has increased by over 3,100 new contacts.• 1,261 people requested the visitors guide as a result of the campaign.
  32. 32. How.
  33. 33. How.
  34. 34. HowHere are some basics1. What will motivate your customer?2. If you don’t know, ask!3. Use an overarching promotion to drive registration, then create an offer to be used NOW.
  35. 35. Your website is the campus library;microsites are the football stadium.
  36. 36. How
  37. 37. HowComponents of a great Microsite• 4-5 pages• Landing page with data capture• Build the site for a target audience• Focus on one aspect of the brand
  38. 38. Getting social – every“like” represents a person.
  39. 39. Why?9 out of 10 Internet users visiteda social networking site each month in 2010. SOURCE: COMSCORE, FEBRUARY 2011.
  40. 40. Why?1 out of every 8 minutesonline is spent on Facebook. SOURCE: COMSCORE, FEBRUARY 2011.
  41. 41. HowGoogle + is your kid sister that wants to get in on all the playing thegrown ups are doing. The next “Facebook” – Google+ hascircles, hangouts, sparks, huddles and other cool stuff. About 20Musers.Facebook is a Pub – an informal place to talk casually with peopleand get to know people on a more personal basis. Over 750M users.LinkedIn is a Trade Show – a slightly more formal place to meet otherbusiness professionals and connect with them primarily for businesspurposes. 100M users!Twitter is like a Cocktail Party –it’s an energetic place where thereare many conversations going on at once. 175M registered users.YouTube is Times Square on New Year’s Eve – a place where it’s hardto break through, but if you do, a lot of people will see you. About500M users.MySpace is like Woodstock – wild, crazy and perfect for the youngergeneration or cause-oriented marketing . Don’t’ know users thesedays… poor myspace 
  42. 42. How• Use traditional media and look at every piece of print media you use in your business – integration is the name of the game!• All social media icons should be clearly displayed on your business cards, letterhead, brochures, print newsletters, magazine ads, products, etc. F O Latest Low Mortgage R or ur ates, J C ust lick...and Smile. . experience is just around the corner Three Locations in Fayetteville: Cliffdale R - 868-4300 • E oad xecutive Place - 689-041 • Y 8 adkin R - 826-3650 oad
  43. 43. How• Let your current customers know you are on the various social media sites via point of sale/purchase, email signature block• Facebook - incentive customers to “fan” your page through smart phone on the spot for a reward!• Text “FBOOK” with the words “fan smithadv.”
  44. 44. How• Customize your pages• Iframes make anything possible – Google for “custom Facebook pages” tool check out Involver and Pagemodo.
  45. 45. How• What do they care about? • Provide value with a comprehensive strategy • Not just about “posting” – moving the needle – website number one for conversion still!• What compels them to seek you out in the first place? • If you don’t know… ask! (• Change the idea of simple social media to social CRM.• Operational structure to support: • All channels must be engaged for this to be successful! • Consolidated guidelines and policies. • Sharing of customer insights to enhance innovation.
  46. 46. How Use of Social Media 30% Communicate with 37% Customers Respond to customer questions 33% Promoting events• Businesses are less inclined to use social media to capture customer insights, monitor the brand, conduct research, or solicit ideas for new products or services, despite these being some of the most fruitful opportunities for this. SOURCE: IBM FROM SOCIAL MEDIA TO SOCIAL CRM
  47. 47. Display Advertising.
  48. 48. Why?$27.6 billion expected investment in displayadvertising by 2016 - contextual listings, static image ads and richmedia ads, and pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll online video. SOURCE: FORRESTER RESEARCH
  49. 49. Direct Response Audience TargetingRetargeting• Search Retargeting • Serving creative to non-converting visitors from SEM campaigns.Behavioral Targeting:• Sequential messaging: • Serving creative based on what is known about a consumers stage in the conversion cycle or based on the consumers engagement with the brand.• Look-alike modeling: • Isolate and categorize attributes unique to specific user groups to better understand the profile of visitors while developing offers that appeal to specific audiences.
  50. 50. How• Facebook micro-ads can be targeted demographically, psychographically, geographically.• “What’s in it for me” and photo most important• Better traffic when ad leads to Facebook page• Customize Facebook pages and drive traffic to your Website for conversion. .
  51. 51. How.
  52. 52. Mobile marketing is the wave of the future.
  53. 53. Why?4/10 mobile customers in the U.S. uses asmartphone. SOURCE: MOBILE MARKETING ASSOCIATION & LUTH RESEARCH, MAY 2010
  54. 54. Why?530M users browsed the mobile Web on theirhandset in 2009. This is expected to rise to over 1B by2015. SOURCE: STRATEGY ANALYTICS (MARCH 2010)
  55. 55. How• Mobile enabled web-site• Mobile ads• Majority of purchases: games, books, apps, book hotel rooms, trade stocks, and transfer money• Apps• Text to campaigns can be powerful! • “Almost one-third of U.S. adults prefer to be reached by text message rather than a voice call on their mobile phone.” SOURCE: PEW RESEARCH CENTER’S INTERNET AND AMERICAN LIFE PROJECT
  56. 56. You can measure it!
  57. 57. How1. Define the “R” – what are your expected results?2. Define the “I” – what is your investment3. Define what you want to become (metrics)4. Determine what you are benchmarking against5. Pick a tool and undertake the research (e.g. Facebook insights, Google analytics, etc.)6. Analyze the results, glean insights, take action, measure again
  58. 58. Your reputation matters!
  59. 59. 1. Do not put anything online that you wouldn’t want displayed on a billboard on the Interstate!2. Sign up for Google “Alerts” – Consider signing up for reputation monitoring software .
  60. 60. Finally…• Thank you for the gift of your presence and time today!• Everyone will get a recording of the Webinar and it will be available on• If you like this Webinar –and you want to tell others about it – there’s a Repeat Performance on 10/25 @ 1pm. • Email Anne Marie ( and she will get out those additional invites.• Need advice? Email me ( – with any questions specific to your digital marketing needs. Marni .Blythe VP of Digital Sales & Marketing Mobile: 646-413-4872 Linked In: