Digital And New Media Consultancy Services


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Digital and New Media Consultancy Services

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Digital And New Media Consultancy Services

  1. 1. Digital and New Media Consultancy Services Mahesh Patwardhan Digital and New Media Consultant Brand Strategy Digital Design Brand Technology Services Services Strategy Consulting Online Marketing Services
  2. 2. Service Objectives Internet Brand • Develop complete digital brand strategy for client to help achieve business objectives Strategy • Develop complete digital marketing plan for client Web Design and • Design of online Brand – website, information architecture, logos, communities, applications etc. Development Advanced Web • Build and deploy internet applications to achieve business Applications objectives and to collaborate efficiently with business partners
  3. 3. Service Positioning Internal Teams Internet Strategies Clients Consulting And Partners • Existing Clients • Design Team • Service Delivery to • New Clients • Development client • Domestic Partner • Project Management • Overseas • Research Partner of Development and • Media Partner Deployment by Internal Teams and Partners
  4. 4. Service Delivery Approach Requirements, Analysis, Strategy, • Internet Strategy Consulting Planning, Recommendations • Design Team Design, Development, Deployment • Research Partners • Software Partners • Internet Strategy Consulting Project Management
  5. 5. Relationships Partners Internet Consulting Client • Research • Brand • Strategy • Development Strategy Consultancy • Media • Design and • Audit Planning Development • Implementati • Project on Management
  6. 6. Project Management Development Partner Research Design Partner Partner Digital and New Media Consulting
  7. 7. Digital and New Media Consulting Services Digital and Web Design Advanced New Media and Web Strategy Development Applications
  8. 8. Research An audit of digital presence An audit of conversations Brand Conversation Audits Digital Audit versus select competition, on the web around your Identifying and analysing brand (or subject/ industry) points of presence in different vectors, including perception and A detailed audit of website tone (content, structure, interface) Insights gathered existing feedback, and in-depth Traffic analysis analysis of gaps we need to Overall messaging and key fill through dialogue and messages engagement. Customer feedback Gap analysis.
  9. 9. Digital and New Media Strategy Framework Defining Participant Print and Goals People Profiles Company Objectives Creating the Digital Platform Platform Proposition Channel Mix Creative Concept Content Outline Generating Awareness and Influence Channel Unification Messaging and Viral Plan Digital Awareness Plan Digital Influence Plan Plan Data, Analytics and Optimization Data Plan Analytics Plan Optimization Plan
  10. 10. Defining Participant Print and Goals General Profile • Digital Usage Participant Digital Habits • Content Print Profile Consumption Preferences Individual Profiles
  11. 11. Defining Participant Print and Goals Customer Acquisition/R egistration Brand Sales Exposure Product Activation Knowledge/ Education Goals Customer New Product Insights and Introductions Feedback Company Enhanced PR Coverage Customer and Service Influence Detailed Participant Database
  12. 12. Digital Platform The Platform Proposition Platform Proposition Platform Proposition Development Statement • Competitive Differentiation • Contextual Relevance • Personalization • Transactional Role • Where Technology Fits in • Market Application
  13. 13. Digital Platform The Channels Channel Mix Channel Mix Plan • Channel Insights • Channel Type • Channel Data • Purpose in the • Participant Customer Cycle Journey • Metrics • Channel Metrics
  14. 14. Digital Platform Content Outline Company Provided Consumer Created • Key Content • Content Type • Purpose/Participant • Tools Benefit • Prompts and • Dynamic or Promotions Static/Frequency • Linkage to Platform • Sources of Content Proposition
  15. 15. Digital Platform • Define the right Channel channels to deliver Mix the proposition • Setting the right tone, look and feel Creative to bring the Concept proposition to life Platform Proposition Content • Content created Outline – should validate the Company platform Provided Content • consumers as creators Outline – and participants Consumer around the subject Created matter defined in the propostion
  16. 16. Awareness and Influence Messaging Plan Viral Plan • Segment • Content/Format • Purpose • Purpose/Function • Content • Viral Prompt • Frequency
  17. 17. Awareness and Influence Digital Awareness Digital Influence Plan Plan • Type • Influence • Site or Digital Channel/Audience Channel • Content • Role • Frequency • Key Metric(s)
  18. 18. Awareness and Influence Channel Unification Plan •Physical –Digital Channels Integration •Content Integration •Digital Unification
  19. 19. Data, Analytics and Optimization Data Plan Analytics Optimization • Data Types • KPIs linked to • SEO • Creating a Plan Goals • SEM (Paid • Data Plan • Measures Placement • Analytics Optimization) • Behavioral Targeting • Site Optimizations • Campaign Performance Optimization
  20. 20. Digital Brand Strategy Services • Market Research on Competition, Current Brand Visibility and Opportunities for branding using Research digital channels • Digital Audit and Brand Conversation Audits • Online Marketing Channels Online Marketing • Media Partners Strategy • Corporate Websites • Tools Brand Marketing • Methodology Strategy using Social • Implementation Media • Monitoring
  21. 21. Digital Channels • The Web • Internet Media: Display, Search, Affiliates and Sponsorships • Email and Viral Marketing • Mobile Platforms • Games • User Generated Content • Digital Signage • IPTV
  22. 22. Social Media Need assessment and Engage key audience Created for the Social Media Strategy Digital Footprints Social Media Outreach gauge the environment and build sustained audience to engage Development of social two-way associations with the brand media plan (POST) between the consumer Creation of blogs and the brand Engagement in Touch-points & outreach communities on social Monitoring results, Objective: To lead to networking sites, through a powerful word-of- widgets measurement matrix. mouth, Consumer Applications on web, evangelists for the social networks or the brand and Co-creation mobile. of products
  23. 23. Web Design and Development Service Website Concept and • Concept development, design strategy, user experience Design Strategy Web Design • Complete design of website Corporate Website • Development of the corporate website development • Development of user communities, online Communities communication channels, forums, social networking tools etc.
  24. 24. Advanced Web Applications Enterprise Portal • Requirements, design, develop and deploy Enterprise Portals, Intranet/KM Portal, Content Management Development Systems Web based Business • Requirements, design, develop and deploy business solutions like Business Intelligence, Operational Applications Reporting, Web Analytics • Design, develop and deploy ecommerce solution Ecommerce Systems including catalog, shopping cart, payment, order management, vendor management etc. Legacy Application • Identify requirement for Integration with ERP, CRM, Integration Legacy Applications etc., design, develop and deploy integrated custom solution
  25. 25. Integrated Solution • Development of Brand Strategy Digital Brand • Online Presence Audit Strategy • Social Media Outreach • Brand Websites / Microsites Website Design • Ecommerce Sites / Customer Service Sites and Development • Social Media Development Engagement, • Engagement Model Support and • Maintainenance • Analytics Maintenance
  26. 26. Analytics and Optimization Analytics Optimizations • KPIs linked to Goals • SEO • Measures • SEM (Paid Placement • Analytics Optimization) • Behavioral Targeting • Site Optimizations • Campaign Performance Optimization
  27. 27. Branding Process Methodology • Review existing marketing materials , Evaluate business drivers and identify target markets, Target Review audience profiles • Research the market, Evaluate competitors' positioning, Identify Corporate Objectives Research • Identify channels for marketing, Identify platforms and technology for deployment Strategy • Develop applications, Deploy applications Deploy • Train personnel in use of tools for monitoring, Provide maintenance as per contract Monitor
  28. 28. Project Delivery Methodology • Gather and Analyse requirements Requirement Analysis • Functional Design of application Functional Design • Development of application Development • Deployment of application Deployment • Maintenance and Support of application Maintain
  29. 29. Thank You Digital Brand Strategy Digital and Web Desig and Development New Advanced Web n Services Media Applications Consulting Online Marketing Services