Digital Bridges Overview 2009


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Digital Bridges creates high performance organisations by unlocking the power of technology and the web.

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Digital Bridges Overview 2009

  1. 1. Digital Bridges creates high performance organisations by unlocking the value of the web through the rigorous application of globally accepted management disciplines, effective process engineering, innovation and deep experience from around the world. Digital Bridges “bridges” the traditional divide between Business and IT. We translate the business and operational requirements of the organisation into strategies, processes and implementation methodologies that optimise IT investment. Digital Bridges’ three primary offerings; Strategy, Content Management and Public Relations Content Management Strategy Content strategy and Translation of Business creation and strategies into strategies management of content and specifications for in line with strategy web based applications Public Relations Maintain the business’ public presence on-line, offline and events. Digital Bridges Company Profile
  2. 2. Web Strategy We consult on • Organisational strategy and frameworks for web alignment across the organisation; • Digital and web based application strategy and delivery on the mandate of the organisation; • User Adoption Modelling to ensure that the users embrace the technology and the organisation gets the optimal return on its IT investment; • Security and Risk Mitigation to reduce the risks associated with all stakeholders having the power to communicate through web based technologies; • Customised application development for specific audiences and segments which maximise revenue streams; • The ongoing management and development of the applications as they mature and grow to meet the organisations changing needs; o Develop roadmaps for ongoing delivery and project prioritisation o Manage Performance Improvement Points • Relationship management methodologies that enhance communication and collaboration between stakeholders in a business to Business or Business to Consumer environment using systems theory; • eMarketing and communication strategies for 21st century business models, developing Web oriented value propositions, defining the business case and revenue models, brand building, optimising the network effect, managing community dialogues, setting up quantifiable measurement systems etc. • The development and deployment of Business Intelligence reports and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) into workable business activities We create • Workable strategies with robust, clearly defined implementation plans; • Human Capital Management Strategies that leverage the value of technology and web 2.0 based Intranets; • Marketing Strategies that lead to Extranets and useful functional Websites; • User Requirement Specifications which define the business needs from IT, platforms and applications; • Content strategies which optimise the organisation’s consumption of information and news; Digital Bridges Company Profile
  3. 3. • Functional Specifications which model the user’s processes during their interaction with the software, platforms and applications; and • Use case and test data. Our Solutions Our solutions deliver value internally into the organisation, or externally to the organisation’s customers and clients. Solutions internal to the organisation Our solutions are integral to successful HR programmes designed to win the war for talent through managing employee relationships, collaboration, communication, engagement, learning and performance using technology. They can be deployed through Intranets which results in the Intranet becoming a strategic asset in the organisation because there is a high level of adoption by employees who see the value and experience it as easy to use. Internal solutions include communication portals, eLearning, environmental scanning, performance management, project optimisation and knowledge management. They can also be integrated with, or optimised for mobile applications for employees who don’t work in a centralised location. We also develop project management and other collaboration tools on the Intranet Externally facing solutions Externally, our solutions add value to brands and communication programmes. They can form the backbone of the organisation’s product or service delivery, or they can be integrated into client service and CRM tools. We also develop integrated Social Media Strategies which leverage the existing Enterprise technologies. Digital Bridges Company Profile
  4. 4. Our Business Oriented Solutions eMarketing Stakeholders Brand Building Alliance Partners PR Service Providers Brand Enrichment Suppliers Customer Acquisition Investors Communication Community CRM Media Mobile Technology Website 2 Way Extranet 2 Way Communication Communication Intranet People Innovation Clients Relationships Relationships Communication Share Documents Performance Management Mobile Project Management Succession planning Knowledge Management eLearnng Internal Projects Behavioural Alignment Knowledge Management Content and Environmental Scanning Digital Bridges Company Profile
  5. 5. Content Management Great web based applications require dedicated content management to keep the applications meaningful, useful and strategically in line with the core objectives. We also assist our clients in search engine optimisation and creating semantic search. Our clients can outsource their content management to our dedicated team of web content and specialised competency experts. We can assist you with the customisation of your information, trends, knowledge and news feeds and reports as part of your environmental scanning strategy, using content delivered through the Dow Jones. Digital Public Relations Digital Bridges also provides end to end public relations services:Translates Organisational Strategy into a Robust PR Strategy o Business Objectives, o Monitoring; o Analysis and Research; and o Creates Messaging matrixes and positioning framework which forms the backbone of all external communication throughout the organisation; • Develop a Crisis Communication Strategy; • Provide Reports • Develop digital PR Policies; eMarketing Digital Bridges provides sophisticated Social Media Strategies for customer and client engagement including: • Avatar development and Management • Community Management • Integrated Social Media (Twitter, Facebook Flikr etc) Digital Bridges Company Profile
  6. 6. Our Philosophy At Digital Bridges we believe that technology should enable organisations to use resources more efficiently and effectively and create distinctive competencies by the unique way that they enable innovation, efficiency, communication, quality and responsiveness. People optimisation Skills shortages have reached a critical level in South Africa. Competing for talent doesn’t just mean attracting and retaining the best people, it means ensuring that employees are actively engaged with the organisation. This implies that they are motivated to bring their passion to bear on acting in the best interests of the organisation, whether it is innovation, agility and responsiveness to changing environments, relationships or operational efficiencies. Modern technology’s collaborative nature enables organisations to create a meaningful dialogue when managing performance, mentoring and developing employees and in the way that strategy is contextualised in order to realise the best return on human capital. Process Optimisation Processes, in the past, were designed to standardise and aggregate human skills. This was necessary in the industrial era when labour was primarily engaged in manufacturing things. The world has changed and the knowledge worker has emerged as the primary resource for wealth creation. Processes are required for value creation, rather than standardisation in the 21st century. Modern web based applications enable knowledge workers to explore their work environments interactively and enhance the network effect of teams. This is essential for creating mutually profitable working relationships. As knowledge workers engage with the organisation and understand the strategic context of their work; processes equip people to act in the best interests of the organisation and exceed expectations. Technology Optimisation Many technology projects fail to deliver the expected return because employees resist change and the systems do not realise their full potential. With proper strategic planning, Digital Bridges makes Digital Bridges Company Profile
  7. 7. change attractive and IT intuitive to use because it harnesses the power of the web and creates customised people friendly interfaces and workable processes that employees are motivated to use. Partnering for end to end delivery Digital Bridges partners with technology vendors and companies who deploy technology solutions into corporates, in order to enhance the business value of the technology platform. We work closely with the software vendor in order to ensure that together we deliver on the client’s expectations. We also have a working relationship with the DOW Jones and can customise your environmental scanning requirements. Why Digital Bridges? There are many reasons why businesses choose Business 2.0 solutions developed by Digital Bridges: • Our Solutions have strategic relevance o They are designed within the macro strategic context of the organisation in order to ensure that they deliver on the mandate o Best practise business solutions are employed in their design o Our clients realise an increased return on their technology investments • Customisation o We customise our solutions in creative and innovative ways o Business processes is an integral part of the solutions we develop • Working Relationships o GOOGLE’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tools and Enterprise Applications are built into our solutions. o Microsoft supports us in the translation of business ideas into specs for SharePoint o The Dow Jones is the world’s best provider of content and business information services. Digital Bridges Company Profile
  8. 8. Many of our clients say that they enjoy working with Digital Bridges because we become intimately involved with the organisation, working with the same passion at every level from the coal face through middle management to the C suite. Digital Bridges Company Profile
  9. 9. Leadership Digital Bridges is headed up by Kate Elphick. Kate has spent twelve years in the IT Sector, working on both the business and the technical side of organisations such as Datatec, Didata, Business Connexion and Primedia. She has an MBA from GIBS. Her business interests include Innovation and Growth Strategies and their successful technology deployment for material returns on invested capital Our Home Digital Bridges is based at the Innovation Hub which houses a community of pioneers, inventors, entrepreneurs and free thinkers - challenged and inspired, breaking new ground, collaborating and inventing new technologies. Our web address is and you can contact Kate Elphick on Our History Digital Bridges was started three years ago at the beginning of 2007 and has some very prestigious clients including Naspers, The Jo’burg Roads Agency, iPlace, Goal Technology Solutions, Worldsview Consulting, Pfizer, FinWorx, The Legal Provident Fund, Old Mutual, Sun International, Comair, Airports Company South Africa (ACSA), Knowledge Factory and the South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA) amongst others. BEE Accreditation Digital Bridges is an independently rated Broad Base Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) level 3 contributor in terms of Empowerment Act No. 53, 2003. Mentorship Kate Elphick mentors three MBA students from historically disadvantaged backgrounds at GIBS. Enterprise Development Digital Bridges provides support to young start up BEE IT Companies. We are currently working with BI Technology Solutions and their product V-Planes in order to assist them to fulfil their dreams of becoming a great South African company. Digital Bridges Company Profile
  10. 10. Part of the South African Community Corporate Social Investment In order to participate in the creation of a sustainable future for South Africa, Digital Bridges has embarked on a programme designed to assist our country bridge the Digital Divide. Research has shown that in developing countries, when the Internet reaches the masses, it results in significant growth in the economy of that country, because entrepreneurs start up Internet businesses without being hampered by faulty infrastructure and governments can deliver services online to citizens. The biggest barriers to Internet uptake are a fear of the unknown and a lack of understanding of the value that the Internet can bring. Digital Bridges provides value generating solutions for communities who have traditionally not used the Internet, in order to encourage participation in the Digital Age. Using a combination of Web and mobile phone technologies we deliver the virtual world of the Internet to people in the real world through their cellphones. The “Memorial Wall” is the first such project The Memorial Website, is a service which enables people to create memorials to their loved ones, with a photograph and an obituary. Friends and relatives can SMS their condolences, memories and thoughts directly onto this site, which can be visited online at any time in the future. The website provides a cost effective way to create a collection of family memories. Parents will be able to show their children what their ancestors looked like and how they were remembered. The Memorial can also be printed out as a beautiful document which can be used as handouts at funerals, posted or eMailed to people living far away. In time, additional services will be provided such as advice on what to do in the case of a death; who to notify and how a deceased estate is administered. The idea is to take away the unnecessary pain that comes with not knowing what to do next. Pro Bono Work to help the under privileged Digital Bridges is also doing pro bono work for iPlace, an application designed to assist NGO’s to meet their mandate by providing them with the skills and applications to manage their day to day activities. Digital Bridges Company Profile