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  • Annotate a Picture PageUse this template to highlight important features of an email design etc…To add a border to the picture Click on the picture and the select the PICTURE TOOLS FORMAT too from the tool bar at the top of the screenSelect the 1st option of the left (Simple Frame, White)DONEUSE THE SPEECH BUBBLES to highlight image elements
  • Nearly x3 more email accounts than Facebook & Twitter combinedTotal posts on Facebook and Twitter combined add up to 0.2% of all email traffic
  • As the places that we use the Internet slowly change and develop, with the increasing penetration of smart-phones and other mobile devices like tablets so too do the types of tasks that we carry out on our work and home PCs and on mobile devices.  This chart shows the breakdown of activities typically undertaken on an Internet-enabled mobile phone; here email rules the roost, (specifically checking personal email) with search, news, maps, and social networking following up the rear. Also interesting to note that Mobile shopping currently has a small sharehold in this chart but it’s an area of incredibly rapid and recent growth with developments in mobile versions of websites, an increase in consumer confidence and the development of more powerful Apps to support transactions. So, there’s tremendous growth here in this space, we’re seeing sales of phones and tablet devices cannibalise PC sales globally, in a world where we all have our one-stop-shop digital companion in our pocket, it’s important to know and note that email is still the number one form of communication and activity.
  • So, here are the six factors all together. They overlap to a degree, and every one of them can be used in a coordinated, integrated way, to leverage the impact of your messaging.
  • The default intro slide has a simple grey background. If however you want to include an image behind the page turn device you can change the background by editing the slide master.1. Go into SLIDE MASTER mode and RIGHT CLICK on the very bottom slide (this is the cover slide).2. Choose the FORMAT BACKGROUND option from the dialog box.3. Upload a file from your computer.4. DONE you will now se part of the image being revealed by the page peal device.When choosing imagery please select an image that is textural and relevant to the client/subject being presented.
  • Example Quote Page
  • Content over Image pageTo get the heading and content to line up properly in some cases (when a heading wraps to 2 lines) you may need to adjust the padding at the top of the grey box. To do this….Right click on the shapeSelect the Format shape option from the dialog boxSelect the text box optionAdjust the settings for the TOP Internal Margin until there is enough space between the heading and the contentDONE
  • Advanced functionality like videos/audio/animation up until now has been implemented using plugins.Previously plugins have been blocked in email due to security issues HTML5 is bringing functionality from plugins into the browser, therefore as newer browsers support advanced functionality by default. This functionality is increasingly supported in email clients.
  • Looked at users who are known iPad users – based on open data collected by our tool – targeted themTechnology opportunity and creative messaging working together – very important that any use of technology supports the overall message and aim
  • Support is expected to increase as:- webmail clients update their platforms- More users move to smart phones/tablets
  • Can custom publish hidden fields to this form, so that we can authenticate the email recipient with the meter reading online platformOn submitting the form, the data is loaded into the British Gas online meter platform, and additional fields can be filled out if required
  • Can specify the input keyboard on iPhone/iPad – eg. Use number selector, will revert to regular keyboard for other users
  • We can send a different message where forms aren’t supported
  • 2 ways to use this- generate an image on the fly based on some data we know about the customer – eg. Populate their statement- generate an image based on the time/day they open their email – eg. Include live weather
  • At the time the user opens the email, their browser requests an image.
  • It’s resource intensive to manually make all of these images – instead the images are machine generated based on data we know about the user, eg. Their name, gas usage etc.
  • At the time the user opens the email, their browser requests an image. Reference the fact that we are able to receive realtime data feeds to support relatime emails. This doesn’t necessarily have to come from the client and can easily come from 3rd Parties
  • Trend in both B2C and B2B: Android and iPhone use rising, Blackberry declining, windows currently small share but they could throw their weight behind it
  • And now Basile is going to take us through an example of mobile email design that we’ve just launched for Philips…..
  • Conversation Manager is a new product within the Precision Central suite that enable marketers to quickly create, schedule, and deploy marketing sequences – everything from basic welcome programs to the most complicated lifecycle campaigns. With an intuitive graphical interface, Conversation Manager now enables marketers to visualize and create effective campaign workflows – from beginning to end – all by themselves.
  • Gives marketers the ability to create multi-touch marketing campaigns using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Reduces the reliance on IT, programmers, or third-parties in the campaign development process. Delivers a visual tool that automates manual, disparate campaign management processes. Improves visibility into all campaign “touchpoints” for better troubleshooting, testing, and analysis.
  • New Technology Partner
  • BritishGas_eDialog

    1. 1. Emailbest practiceEmail best practice How British Gas can make best use of your email communicationsHow British Gas can make best use of youremail communications
    2. 2. Agenda Introductions e-Dialog Team The email landscape Best Practice Email planning Best practice email design Your World today – British Gas email programme Your World tomorrow – pipeline of initiatives2 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    3. 3. Who we are – the 5 minute version e-Dialog is a specialist provider of email and multi-channel technologies and services Born in the USA but with a totally self-sufficient European team 115 digital marketers, technology experts, data specialists, analysts, production experts and designers Unique in having both market leading technologies and the resource to support digital, multi-channel marketing needs Gives clients the flexibility to engage with us with whatever level of support they want An infrastructure that today delivers over 100 billion emails/year and a vision that is future proofed to support our clients. “Cyber Monday” (Thanksgiving period) – 255 million emails. Plus over 2,000 transactional and automated emails a minute. Plus hundreds of automated programmes delivering personalised messages Passionate about the work we do and the clients we serve
    4. 4. Office Locations Burlington, MA LondonSeattle, WA New York, NY Denver, CO KOP, PA Austin, TX Singapore
    5. 5. Part of the eBay inc. Marketplaces Enablement Payments eBay Webstore, Fulfillment Online Full Service Agency Offline Stub Hub Marketing Solutions Phone line5 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    6. 6. Marketing Solutions Group True Action e-Dialog MBS Insight Fetchback Full service eMail Marketing Database Website visitor interactive Strategy and marketing CRM, remarketing agency Services interactive services and analytics SilverLign Pepperjam M3Mobile ClearSaleing Integrated Affiliate marketing SMS and mobile Multichannel Marketing Design network marketing Marketing and Strategy attribution and agency optimization modeling6 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    7. 7. e-D Products and Services Planning, Reporting, Insight Strategic Creative Services Concepts, designs, guidelines Web Apps, automations, development Campaign execution, optimization, QA & testing Technical Production Precision Central Technology • Campaign Builder, Insight Builder, e-Reports, Poll Builder, Conversation Manager… • Email, mobile, eComm Oracle database • Messaging Database Platform7 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    8. 8. We are proud to work with…
    9. 9. Client snapshots Database of 100 million+;  Self-deploy client; developing global engagement managed extensive automation for out of three offices; mail in 30 newsletter and behavioural languages+ programmes 130 stakeholders; global CRM, campaign deployment,  Strategic Leadership; advanced reporting and analysis content publishing solution Self-deploy client; deeply personalised programmes with  50+ content feeds; automated deep content integration time sensitive marketing
    10. 10. Supporting British Gas Dedicated Client Service team at e-Dialog Scope of relationship determines functional team representation Campaign Support Tools & Data Support Communication Client Meetings Sharing Knowledge and Expertise Key Responsibilities: Annual : Planning Session Deliver Strategic Business Reviews to entire team, focusing on metrics for all business units and markets Bi-Annually: Business Review Meeting Email Analysis Performance Metrics Learnings Applications Monthly: Email Planning Session, Account Check-in Meeting Daily: Campaign and project progress as well as performance updates
    11. 11. Client Service Team Structure Account Development Client Service Lead Lead Producer Support Resources • Producers • Project Managers BSA • Database Programmers • Project Developers • QC Specialist Strategy • Analytics Specialists Specialist • Strategy Specialists
    12. 12. Supported by Functional ExpertsStrategic Services Creative Services Channel Development Consulting  Ideas and Concepts Customer Journey Mapping  Design Channel Planning / Programme Design  Copywriting Analytics and Insights  Guidelines and Templates British Gas Client Service TeamTechnical Services Production Services Data Services  Campaign Execution Project Management  Tool and Workflow Optimisation Web Application Development  Quality and Testing Automation  Translation
    13. 13. The world today… • Implementation kicked off August 2011 • Batch data sync operational 14 September • First mailing deployed 15 September (GMR) • GMR automated daily trigger deployed September • Total mailing volume to date: 8.2m • Conversion tracking project underway • PEEAT dynamic imaging project underway • e scheduled for w/c 12th Oct13 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    14. 14. 14 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    15. 15. The Email Landscape15 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    16. 16. Email Grows Up 1971: First Email16 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    17. 17. 1995+ Mainstream use of internet begins17 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    18. 18. 2000 Webmail becomes prominent Email marketing sees growth18 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    19. 19. 2006 Webmail is primary inbox Email marketing becomes established19 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    20. 20. 2010 Social & Mobile take hold Email marketing now a major industry20 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    21. 21. 21
    22. 22. Ranking of channels for ROI Proportion of companies ranking as „excellent‟ or „good‟ Email consistently top/second top channel for ROI since 2008 SEO Mobile marketing 73% 34% Email marketing Affiliate marketing 72% 47% PPC Offline direct marketing 56% 32% Social media Online display advertising 43% © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved. 24%29/02/2012
    23. 23. Average split of online marketing budgets23 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    24. 24. The state of the channel Open rates Click rates Unsubscribe rates Source: DMA24 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    25. 25. Mobile email marketing Connecting with consumers 18-24 are the heaviest users of mobile email Special offers are the preferred type of mobile email25 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    26. 26. It‟s not just calls & textsMobile phone activities Checking personal email is predominant activity Common behaviour among Social and Mobile usersBase: Respondents with an Internet-enabled mobile phone
    27. 27. And consumers are engaging through other channels Meteoric rise of social media Social networks continue to grow Over one-third of consumers interact socially with marketers 42% say that e-mail is a primary driver in social networking One-quarter review and rate purchased products Almost 20% say they forward messages to family and friends What’s deemed “most shareworthy”? New product information, special offers and promotions27 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    28. 28. Role of email with social web Email as the glue between social and commercial web assets Prompts engagement between sales cycles Email communications: Reminds consumers to Social Media activity: Drives reason for re-engage Your brand personality regular contact Drives Drives Builds brand traffic traffic engagement Keeps informed Your website: The commercial shop-front28 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    29. 29. Its Not Just Last Click Site Purchase Here‟s what you Branded see… Keyword Search Closer
    30. 30. Its Not Just Last Click Here‟s what you missed Here‟s what you see… Affiliate BrandedDay 1 Day 8 Natural Site Display Site Campaign Social Keyword Search Visit Search Purchase Email Marketin g Introducer Influencers Closer Purchase Path Provides Full Funnel Visibility
    31. 31. The cut-through challenge Emails need to be:- Engaging Entertaining Surprising and delightful Relevant31 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    32. 32. Show me the money… While highly relevant emails require additional investment, they have the potential of generating 10x the ROI of broadcast emails Broadcast £0.02 £0.05 emails Relevance £0.12 £1.00 Tested emails +10x ROI vs. Broadcast emails Cost per email Revenue per email32 © e-Dialog Inc. All RightsRights Reserved. e-Dialog Inc. All Reserved.
    33. 33. Six Factors of Relevance Contact Management33
    34. 34. Relevance Trajectory Scoring Detailed worksheet calculates score for each of 6 factors34
    35. 35. How does British Gas compare? 300 EMEA Client Relevance Scores 250 200 150 98 100 50 0 BG British Gas Relevance Trajectory score currently stands at 98/30035
    36. 36. British Gas Relevance Trajectory Score100%90%80%70%60%50% 47% 40%40% 35% 37%30% 20%20% 16%10% 0% • Lifecycle Segmentation Personalization Contact Interactivity Testing & Management Management Measurement 36
    37. 37. What we do Helping marketers get to where they aspire to be Tailoring a solution to fit the client‟s needs (and budgets) e-Dialog clients regularly exceed industry averages for implementing intelligent programmes Source of Average figure – Forrester European e-mail marketing in 201137 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    38. 38. Common outputs of Planning Channel development roadmaps New e-mail programmes (including test plans) Contact management mechanisms (contact frequency maps, contact prioritization inc. best next contact models, suppression hierarchies) Acquisition programmes (including LTVs) Audience segment definitions and developments Relevance Trajectory benchmarking and action plans Reporting framework & KPIs38 Supported by Business Cases wherever possible © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    39. 39. Lifecycle management Relevance Drives Retention39 © e-Dialog Inc. All RightsRights Reserved. e-Dialog Inc. All Reserved.
    40. 40. Programme Planning Process
    41. 41. Questions Jill Brittlebank, Director of Strategic Services41
    42. 42. Creative thinking at e-Dialog Presented by Dan Clarke© e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    43. 43. The combination of strategic thinking, great ideas and creative execution enable us to produce award winning campaigns that address specific business objectives and encourage high levels of customer engagement.43 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    44. 44. Our Email Expertise As a channel, email provides a low cost opportunity to form a relationship with the consumer, that ultimately drives a high ROI. Underpinning all of these results is great creative work. Our creative team are experts in the channel, understanding the best way to communicate with your customers maximising the impact of the channel.44 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    45. 45. Design best practice Messages that drive results Design for email Creative critiques, refreshes and testing Our team has many years experience We can use our expertise in the channel to understanding design best practice for the undertake critiques of your current campaigns. email channel. Campaign testing We frequently test every element of our design Tell me more! work, including content hierarchy, tone of voice To find out more about our and subject lines to ensure we get the most from creative critiques please contact your account teams the channel. today.45 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    46. 46. Bulletproof HTML Production Best Practice HTML that works across email clients Best Practice HTML for Email Tested in email clients & mobile devices With the various combinations of email Our HTML builds are thoroughly tested in popular clients, webmail providers and web email clients using live accounts and ReturnPath browsers, coding email that renders consistently Campaign Preview. can be a challenge. Code critiques & training Our team has developed best practice coding We also work with our clients‟ internal techniques to make sure consumers receive the development teams, and offer both code optimal experience regardless of how they critique/fixes and training sessions. access their email.46 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    47. 47. Template Driven Campaigns Efficiently and quickly delivering repeat campaigns Why Templates? Whilst templated campaigns require an Similar benefits can also be realized by initial development time, for frequently using template methodologies for multiple sent campaigns they quickly reap benefits language campaigns. in the form of lower cost, reduced turn around times, brand consistency and reduced QA.47 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    48. 48. Automation Ensuring the right message is sent at the right time Triggered campaigns allow marketers to provide relevant content at the right time for the consumer, by strategically acting upon behavioral data. Popular Triggered campaigns include: Welcome streams Reactivation A series of emails introducing new customers to Creatively encouraging lapsed consumers to the brand and building interest in future emails. re-engage with the brand. Abandoned shopping cart Social welcome streams Re-targeting consumers after they abandon the Introducing new consumers to the brand, after check out process. acquisition through social channels such as Groupon deals or Facebook & Twitter.48 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    49. 49. HTML5 A web that works on all devices Freeing content from plugins (eg. Flash) Make „app functionality‟ native49 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    50. 50. Video in email News International Brief: Increase downloads of the Times iPad App Solution: Targeted known iPad owners. Headline that made an emotional connection with ipad users Design optimised for iPad Fully playable video in the email, including audio.50 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    51. 51. Video in email British Gas Example Creative opportunities Showcasing products App features Help tutorials Degrades gracefully Reverts to a traditional image linking to hosted video Recipient unaware they aren‟t receiving the full experience51 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    52. 52. Video in email Where it works Where it doesn’t work52 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    53. 53. Forms in email British gas mock-up Aim: Requesting contact detail updates Solution: Allows users to update their details directly into the email.53 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    54. 54. Forms in email British gas mock-up54
    55. 55. Forms in email British gas mock-up Where it works Where it doesn’t work55 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    56. 56. Dynamic Imagery56 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    57. 57. Account Statement Personalised graphs based on the user‟s account are dynamically published into the email. Using dynamic imagery avoids an otherwise labour intensive task personalising images.57 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    58. 58. Customised Products Custom publish imagery based on data, without manually creating images.58 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    59. 59. Live Email Updating the content of the email at the time the user opens, not the time we mail. Example campaigns: Live countdown Stock countdown Live Tweets59 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    60. 60. Responsive Email Design60 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    61. 61. 41.8% 27% 21.7% 5.7% Android iPhone Blackberry Windows Comscore 2011 Mobile Report61 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    62. 62. 41.8% 27% 21.7% 5.7% Android iPhone Blackberry Windows Comscore 2011 Mobile Report62 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    63. 63. How should we design for mobile? Clear message – less copy Adjust design for 320px wide (desktop emails are 600px wide) Easy to use with a touch interface Why is this important iPhone is now 2nd to Outlook in some markets We should treat all users as mobile users.63 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    64. 64. British Gas Mobile 13% 85% 1% .14% 1.1% Android iPhone / Blackberry Windows Nokia OS IPad64 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    65. 65. One HTML layout adapts to the users device65 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    66. 66. Responsive Email Design British gas mock-up66 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    67. 67. Data driven Mobile Content67 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    68. 68. 68 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    69. 69. Data driven mobile content Tailoring content based on the device and platform the user has. Example campaigns: Mobile Apps Video Campaigns Best use of email 2011 Innovation in email 201069 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    70. 70. Emails Working Harder 29/02/2012© e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    71. 71. What is Conversation Manager? • Gives users the ability to create multi-touch marketing campaigns using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface . • Reduces the reliance on IT, programmers, or third-parties in the campaign management process • Delivers a visual tool that automates manual, disparate campaign management process. • Helps marketers save time while enabling them to improve campaign relevance and execution • Improves visibility into all campaign “touch points” for better troubleshooting, testing, and analysis71 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    72. 72. Conversation Manager72 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    73. 73. Conversation Manager73 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    74. 74. 8 Seconds© e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    75. 75. What can be achieved in8Seconds….. The number of CTRs by up to 45% and often more Testing of email campaigns is a proven method to increase ROI.75
    76. 76. How….. Image Optimization Buy Now Shop Now Click Here More Info Switch Now Register Different images to different recipients that open their email Measures statistically and in real time which images are the most successful in terms of clicks or conversions Automatically shows this best image (or combination of images) to the next recipients that still have to open their email at that moment in time.76
    77. 77. Test….. 30%77
    78. 78. Case Study78
    79. 79. Thank You79 © e-Dialog Inc. All Rights Reserved.