Where Angels Fear to Tread: Episode 3


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Time passes...as the kids grow things are set in motion...

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Where Angels Fear to Tread: Episode 3

  1. 1. “As the weeks and months wore on the Apocalypse is starting to wear down even my usually upbeat attitude, the kids are growing and the need for space and food grows too. I have given up my daily rations of food to feed my children and my wife, the throne keeps me well set; although rumours of anti-sorcery mob mentalities have me concerned. So far they have by-passed my home and moved on to the innocent Townies who happened to get in their way, like the High Witch who turned me, June…I don’t know what they did to her or where she went but I pray that she is safe from harm and those crazed mobs. The Palace of Eternal Light is a safe haven for us, no one can find it unless they are witches. But that also means venturing out to get food is dangerous…” “Eve is nearly old enough now and as much as it pains me as a father to choose her husband for her, I must. I have a good friend named Xavier Fuchs from my time at La Fiesta Tech who I trust enough to give my first born to. He’s also in the Science field and my hope is that he can calm the witch hunters and allow me to continue using my throne in safety. Adam, my son, he’s told us how much he wants to be a City Planner when he grows up. He wants to fix the condemned buildings around Pleasantview and make things more bearable to live in…if only one of those Politicians would see things his way, life in an Apocalypse would be a little easier to bear. We are trying to save the town but there’s only so much we can do in a generation…”
  2. 2. Eve: Dad, dad, are you watching? Are you? Castiel: Yes baby, I ‘m here. Adam: Aww, why can’t I grow up too? Mimi: Don’t rush it baby, I want to enjoy having you young and cute for a while longer still. Adam: Why? Isn’t Cain still a baby? I want to grow up too!!
  3. 3. Adam: HAHA!! Your face matches your monkey shirt!! HAHAHA!! Eve: Shut up twip, I don’t have to go to school anymore AND YOU DO so who’s laughing now huh? Adam: Aww… Eve Angel R/K Sagittarius 7/1/9/10/1 LTW: Be Game Designer
  4. 4. Castiel: Thank you for being here Xavier…I’m—I’m glad you’ll be taking care of my Eve. Xavier: No problem Cas, I’m honoured that you trust me enough to take care of your only daughter. And I managed to lure those witch hunters off your trail and got them to stop hunting you. Castiel: I appreciate that too, I only feel bad for those who weren’t so lucky to escape them…the smell of the--the charred wood…I don’t even want to remember what I saw in the Sim Center South park…
  5. 5. Xavier: Oh God…I remember that. The evil witches got it first then then turned on the good ones…what is this? The Dark Ages? Castiel: Yes…nuclear induced though, not plague-induced; but yes…history repeats itself. Xavier: Someone has to show them that the world is still worth saving. I’m proud to be a part of that mission.
  6. 6. Eve: Dad? Castiel: Yes baby? What is it? Eve: What were you talking about? Castiel: Nothing honey, I was just talking to Xavier here about something. Xavier: Yes, nothing important.
  7. 7. Eve: So… Xavier: So… Eve: Umm, what was your name again? Xavier: Xavier, and I suppose I’m your future husband. Eve: Husband? What does that mean?
  8. 8. Xavier: *nervous smile* You know how your parents are together…and umm… Eve: I’m just screwing with you X-Man, jeeze lighten up. I know why you’re here. Xavier: Oh…*hehe* So…what do you want to know about me? Eve: What was high school like? I’m never going to go so I’d like to start there. Xavier: Oh man…where to start?
  9. 9. “Eve’s days were filled with hours and hours of yoga, since she could no longer attend school. Her mother had made the streets safer to travel on being in charge of the Military but I still wanted her to be able to defend herself if she did happen to go somewhere that wasn’t patrolled regularly. Mimi’s Army is small and a rag-tag bunch of militia men but it does the job. Still though, I don’t want her to be too naïve there are still many more dangers out there and no one has re-established the SCIA to take care of that yet. So the phrase “Trust No One” has been ingrained into my children from the time they were old enough to understand what it meant.”
  10. 10. “Sometimes I wish I had the ability to encourage her to be more serious, she’s too much like me to meditate so seeing her needs drop is hard for me. But I know that in the end it will be worth it, she will have the know-how and skill to protect herself out there in the world. As much as a I love my special heritage, I still don’t have total control over time…I want my kids to learn how to take care of themselves and the family mission even when I’m not around anymore.”
  11. 11. “And I’m not sure if I should be mad or happy that she’s taken up “fridge riding” as a way to entertain herself in times like this. Now, why didn’t I think of this when I was her age? My little girl, the Fridge Rider.” “I won’t make her stop, I am glad she can still maintain a sense of playful humour in these days of darkness. I hope her brothers find equally entertaining ways to deal with living in an Apocalyptic world.”
  12. 12. Adam: Surf’s up!! The railing waves are killer and the wahines are finnee… “I may have spoken too soon, Adam seems to have found his hobby. Although where he learned that kind of talk is beyond me. I’ve never been to Twikki Island in my life so maybe it was one of the Townie kids.”
  13. 13. “They do grow up so fast. My second born is ready to join his sister in teen hood. I must go console my wife first…” Adam: Hey dad? Come back, I’m ready. Castiel: Be right there son, your mother wants to talk to me first. Adam: Oh, but I don’t know if I can hold back…
  14. 14. Adam: Dad…you missed it. Castiel: Sorry, sorry…my bad. Eve: Oh great…soccer drop out. Adam: Better than the monkey shirt. I can deal with this.
  15. 15. Adam Angel PO/K Aquarius 7/1/4/10/10 LTW: Be City Planner (Yay!! Architecture and Science in the same generation!! ^_^)
  16. 16. Adam: Didn’t we have another car before? Where’d it go? Castiel: Umm…yeah about that…someone stole it. I was lucky to find this. Adam: How? Castiel: I had a guardian angel…*cough*
  17. 17. Adam: How do you know this one won’t get stolen too? Castiel: I don’t know, I can hope that it won’t. If you kids ever want to go anywhere one day this is essential to have around. Adam: Didn’t mom clear the roads? Castiel: Yes, but I still want you kids to have the highest level of fitness you can get before I let you go. It’s a dad thing, don’t argue with it.
  18. 18. Castiel: AHH!! *coughcough* Piece of crap… Adam: It’s an old and broken Junker dad the carburetor is probably seized up. Castiel: And how would you know what that is? Adam: I don’t know, I just know…call it a destined hobby… Castiel: And also, how did you find out what a car engine has in it? Adam: It’s a kid thing, don’t question it. Castiel: Har-har son…*cough*
  19. 19. “I still don’t know how Adam found out what the engine parts were called but I’ve learned to just go with it. Maybe there is something in my angel DNA that lets my kids know things, even if they have never experienced it or learned about it before. He has a hobby to keep him from getting bored now that he can’t go to school anymore, I’m going to let him keep that car once he fixes it. It will be something he helped to create so I hope he will be happy, as happy as one can be in the Apocalypse I suppose…”
  20. 20. “I might have to make him share with his brother Cain though, I don’t want Adam to make his little brother feel left out. Because soon enough Cain will be joining his siblings and will no longer attend school. I would love for one of my grandkids to do something about the school system one day.”
  21. 21. Adam: Sweet!! It’s done!! And it’s all mine too. “He surprised me when he announced he had finished his car so soon. Somehow he found car paint and had enough talent to do the decals himself. My kids are always impressing me in new ways and showing me how resourceful they are.”
  22. 22. “Speaking of my youngest, I can hardly believe that he’s already going to start school. They tell me that kids grow in a blink of an eye but I really didn’t believe it. I mean I would have liked to have a little more time to enjoy their short years, I have even thought about having another child…but with six of us in the cramped shelter already it wouldn’t be fair to us or to the child. We are managing now to feed five mouths since I don’t eat anymore, but it’s barely enough to get them through the day.”
  23. 23. Cain Angel Sagittarius 5/8/10/8/7 So far the most outgoing and least neat of his siblings…where did that 8 come from anyway? And I think he’s also the more unique of them too, the green eyes and brown hair…those lips wow. Kid would be a real looker if I could change that hair…damn you Show Biz…*shakes fist*
  24. 24. Cain: Adaammm!! Why do you always win? Can’t you let my rock win once in a while? Adam: Sorry brat, you just don’t know how to beat my awesomeness at Rock, Paper, Scissors. Cain: I’m telling mom!! Adam: Yeah, you do that and I may just teach Moonshine how to use your bed as a litter box…
  25. 25. “Moonshine is still around, he just entered his golden years. The little tuxedo cat has helped all of us to sleep a little better at night being part of the Pet Corps, a division of Mimi’s Army, but sadly we cannot let him enjoy that precious little time he has left since no one, man nor animal, can retire. We all scrape together some scraps to feed Moonshine from our rations but while he is at Pet Corp. Headquarters they also feed him, so we decided to let him stay there because it makes him happy.”
  26. 26. Cain: And why do I have to be the only one who goes to school? Adam: Don’t yell at me twip, not my fault they didn’t close the elementary schools too. Cain: It’s not fair!! I want to stay home all day!! Adam: Deal with it. I did and so did Evie.
  27. 27. Cain: Yeah, yeah rub it in cuz you two were born first… Adam: Whatever. Cain: When will I get to have something that YOU don’t… Adam: You know, muttering like that could make those witch-hunters take an interest in you…just so you know.
  28. 28. Cain: W—witch-hunters? We heard about them in school…they’re scary… Adam: Yeah they are, so I’d curb the muttering if I were you. Cain: But didn’t Xavier make them go away? Adam: He made them go away from DAD not you…they just won’t be looking for him, you however…are another story. Cain: That’s not funny Adam!!
  29. 29. Adam: Wimp. You just don’t get my Awesomeness. Cain: You’re just being mean!! They wouldn’t do that to a kid. Adam: Sure, you go with that… ******
  30. 30. Elsewhere… “Really?” “It’s a nice colour right? I mean it’s not horribly clashy right? Yellow and green can work together.” “The steps are red…”
  31. 31. Mia: I like it… Keika: Yeah, okay…I guess it’s no Simself Compound* Mia: Shh, no fourth wall breakage… Pony: I know right? I can’t wait for that Welcome Wagon. Gabie: Why? *The home of the simselves in Keika’s White Legacy*
  32. 32. Pony: Because she promised me I could have him that’s why. Gabie: Who’s him? Pony: You’ll see…it’s almost noon. Gabie: Does “he” have friends? Pony: Yep!!
  33. 33. Gabie: OHH!! That’s who “him” is!! I get it. Pony: Mine. All mine. Raphael: Are you talking to me? Pony: Umm…sure. Yeah…
  34. 34. Keika: So tell me about yourself Gabe. Gabriel: It is Gabriel; not Gabe…and I would rather know why you seraphs are here. Who said you could leave Heaven? Keika: It’s eternal winter out there, we want to keep the home fires burning if you must know. We are symbolic of fire remember, and no one said we had to stay in Heaven either…
  35. 35. Mia: And I get Grumpy Gus…yay. Michael: What was that? Mia: Nothing, want to play? Michael: Play? How can you think of such a thing at this time? Mia: Pleasure. Michael: What?
  36. 36. Mia: Don’t be so uptight Mike, loosen up and live a little. Michael: Michael; do not shorten my name. I do not understand this game. Mia: I’ll teach you. Michael: I came to ask why you were down here. Mia: And Keika told you, to keep the home fires burning.
  37. 37. Keika: Are we going to get in trouble for being down here? Gabriel: That is for Michael to decide, I do see some merit in why you would come but that does not mean I do not wonder why you would bother. We can handle things. Keika: We care because Castiel is brave for taking on the Apocalypse and we’re interested in seeing how he does.
  38. 38. Pony: And Heaven and nature sing, and Heaven and nature sing…* Raphael: I guess you seraphs really do know how to sing. *Freewill Serenade triple bolters these two…*
  39. 39. Gabie: Are there anymore like you up there? Pony: Mine… Raphael: There were, just not as many now. Why? Gabie: No reason…just asking cutie… Pony: MINE!!
  40. 40. Keika: Don’t mind her, but she does ask a good question. Raphael: Uh huh…as I said to the other brunette, there are only the three of us right now.
  41. 41. Mia: See if I ever play THAT game with you again!! You hit too hard!! Michael: I said I did not understand the game of Punch You…how was I to know?
  42. 42. Mia: I give as good as I get Blondie…just so you know... Michael: Enough of these foolish games… I grow weary of them. Mia: Grumpy Gus indeed…
  43. 43. Pony: Mmm, mine… Raphael: This is nice, but I do have to go. I am sorry. Pony: Aww… ******
  44. 44. Back home… Morte: Did you have to be so mean to the girls? Michael: I am not here to make friends, I have a mission to oversee. Morte: Maybe I should have gone instead. Michael: It is over now, let it be.
  45. 45. Michael: Just who is in charge of Heaven right now? Who let the seraphs out of the throne room? Morte: Why not go up there and find out? Michael: I may just do that. Morte: Man that name sure does suit you…Grumpy Gus. Michael: Be silent.
  46. 46. Morte: Yeah okay, don’t break the piano alright? We need some sort of entertainment around here. Michael: Just play. Morte: Sir, yes sir. *sticks tongue out*
  47. 47. Downstairs, in the art room… Kuolema: What is it like? Raphael: What? Kuolema: To be loved…I do not know that feeling. Raphael: I would not say it was love…I mean we just met.
  48. 48. Kuolema: What would you call it then? Raphael: I am not sure, a deep respect maybe? Archangels and Seraphs usually do not mingle. Kuolema: Neither do Death Angels and Archangels and we get along alright I think. Raphael: We do, but we are also the youngest angels here.
  49. 49. Kuolema: I do miss Kaze-senpai though, I wish I could visit him. Raphael: Unless there is a dire need we are not to visit anyone associated with Castiel or his mission; you know that. Kuolema: I know… Raphael: But I do miss him as well, we were friends too.
  50. 50. Kuolema: Hmm…do you think this needs more yellow? Raphael: No, perhaps some blue. Kuolema: Blue, right that would work would it not? Raphael: Indeed.
  51. 51. Raphael: I am glad Michael let us keep the easels. Kuolema: He never used to be so uptight… Raphael: Things change, so do circumstances. I think he is just concerned about Heaven and how things are going on Earth…and of course the demons. Kuolema: How could we forget them? ******
  52. 52. Speaking of whom… Lilith: Hurry up and take that shot Iblis!! I’m aging here. Iblis: As if you ever age…chill out I’m planning this carefully. Lilith: Why aren’t we going after the Fallen angel and his brats? I’m bored!!
  53. 53. Iblis: Don’t ask me, I just work here. Lilith: I wasn’t you idiot…I was asking him.
  54. 54. Lucifer: Dear Lilith, patience was never your strong suit; it isn’t time to move yet. Lilith: But we will be moving right? Lucifer: Yes, yes. Just a little longer and soon we’ll have our way in. That kid, you know the one I mean right? Lilith: Yes, but why only him? Lucifer: Cain is our way in. He just doesn’t know it yet. ******