Chapter 2 5


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Chapter 2 5

  1. 1. Heeey everyone! Remember how I said last chapter would be the last one until December becauseNaNoWriMo was coming up? Well, I lied but it was a good lie! This will be the last update until December.Yeah, I started writing this chapter and couldn’t stop. The end result? 2 chapters in a month, this one readyfor NaNo!Anyway, as you might remember, last time all the Mertons and the Browns kids hit their teen years alongwith Nev Merton. They went to school and stuff happened. If that doesn’t sound familiar then maybe youshould go back and reread the chapter.
  2. 2. Only moments after the final bell of the day rang Harry was already waiting anxiously outside the doors tothe school. He watched carefully as throngs of students made their way to the buses, or walked off home ifthey lived close enough. Almost everyone was gone and only one bus remained when finally Alana emergedfrom the school with Flic.
  3. 3. “Look after each other, you two,” Flic said, waggling her finger at them as she walked backwards towardsthe buses. “I would hate to have to come after either of you!”“Flic!” Harry gasped, turning red even as Alana laughed.“Don’t worry,” she said, grabbing Harry’s hand and pulling him towards the town. “I won’t do anything youwouldn’t do!”“That’s not reassuring!” Flic yelled back, but there was a sparkle in her eye as the climbed on the bus.
  4. 4. “Y-you want-”“Oh don’t be silly,” Alana rolled her eyes at the stutter. “It’s only the first date. SO where we going.”“Oh good – I mean –“ Harry gulped, swallowing hard down on his nervousness. “I thought we’d go rollerskating. You like skating, right?”“Of course, who doesn’t?”
  5. 5. The pair of them walked in silence for a few moments. Harry would occasionally sneak glances at her, thenlook away immediately, blushing. Alana didn’t seem to notice. In fact, she looked pretty damn happy withherself as they walked down the street. Alana didn’t look like she thought the silence was awkward at all.Still, he better say something.“So, ah, how was your day?” he asked. He grimaced – that was lame! Why did he ask something soincredibly lame? What was wrong with him!
  6. 6. Alana didn’t notice.“It was okay, I guess,” Alana said, shrugging. “All the classes are harder and I can hardly do the work, and theteachers don’t like it when me and Flic talk to each other, but that’s the same as grade school. They didn’tlike us talking much in class back then either. What about you? Find any of the classes interesting?”“I liked lunch, but the rest of the day was pretty much as waste. It was like all of it was either way too hard orexactly the same stuff they taught us last week.”“Really? I didn’t notice,” Alana replied.“Did you listen to the teacher?”“Well no – hey, how do you know that, Harry Brown?”
  7. 7. “It’s kinda hard to miss you and Flic talk all through every class,” he admitted, shrugging sheepishly. “All theteachers tell you to be quiet like ten times a day.”“I guess, I mean they do it like every single lesson – lunch too, can you believe it?”“Really?”“Well, no but I wouldn’t put it past them,” Alana said, shrugging her shoulders. She looked around, blinkingin surprise as they stopped. “Oh, cool! We’re here! I could’ve sworn it was further away than this!”
  8. 8. “It’s only a twenty minute walk to anywhere in town, Quaverton’s still pretty tiny,” he said as they crossedthe road, then added at her inquisitive look, “Dad makes us walk everyone. He says it’d be good for us all,but I think he just doesn’t want to buy us all cars. Gavin would probably want a really expensive one if hedid.”“The Mums tried the same thing, we just catch the bus or get taxis instead though,” Alana paused, lookingthoughtful. “Rosa would probably want an expensive car too. Must be a Fortune sim thing... Enough ofthem! Let’s go skating!”
  9. 9. While Alana was out on her date Dec was working hard on his business. Brown’s Swings ‘n’ Things was doingwell as a business – incredibly well, in fact. Although it had only been open a few short weeks the businesshad already skyrocketed from to a Level 9 business, one of the best in the town. It seemed like all the yearsDec had spent as Mayor convincing the public that things would work out for the best had paid off and madehim into the perfect salesman. Now all he needed to get Swings ‘n’ Things to Level 10 was one more star,and he knew just the sim.“And here you are, sir! Our finest slide!”“Hmm, I don’t know…” the teen behind him said hesitantly. “I’m a goth, and a townie. What use is a slide?”“It’s blue?”As pathetic as that was, the teen bought it and three others. He also gave Dec the last star he needed.
  10. 10. With Swings ‘n’ Things now an official success, Dec promoted one of his more talented employees tomanager and headed off to his other business, Motors & Autos. He’d bought the car lot a few days beforewhen it became apparent that Swings ‘n’ Things would hit level 10 soon.Dec wasn’t expecting Motors & Autos to be such as big a success as Swings ‘n’ Things. Even the cheapest ofcars was much more expensive than the most expensive playground equipment, and the town was easilysmall enough to walk from one side to another in twenty minutes.Dec didn’t count on one thing.
  11. 11. Teenagers, specifically fortune sim teenagers.Rosa and someone of the fortune sim townie teens dropped by on Dec’s first afternoon on the lot, just tocheck what was going on. After he caught her looking at some of the cars Dec went over to talk to her. To cuta long story short, Rosa left the lot with five cars.Amelia was going to kill him.
  12. 12. But hopefully not before he figured out how you fit multiple cars in a teeny tiny bag.
  13. 13. Several hours after school finished Alana skipped into the house feeling as light as air and as happy as canbe. She felt like singing! While she had expected her date with Harry to go pretty well it had actually farexceeded what she had expected. Humming to herself, Alana threw her homework down on the floor thenwalked on the tips of her toes to the kitchen, dancing as she walked."Good afternoon, Mums," she greeted them as she reached into the fridge for a snack."Dinners in the oven, sweetie," Ichelle said. "Dont eat too much, youll ruin your appetite.“"I wont," Alana replied. Seeing nothing she wanted in the fridge, she span on her heel and headed to thetable, wrapping her arms around Amelia. "I love you guys.“
  14. 14. Amelia and Ichelle shared a look."Someones very happy," Amelia stated. "What are you after?”"Nothing," Alana shook her head, still grinning. "Im just happy to see you two!"Amelia and Ichelle shared another look, before an expression of comprehension passed over Ichelles face."So your date with Harry went all right?" Ichelle asked. Alana nodded."It was wonderful!" she said. "We went skating and we got coffee and -"
  15. 15. “Harry? As in Harry Brown, Dec’s boy?” Amelia asked, standing and facing Alana.“Yeah, he’s so cute and sweet and –” Alana stopped suddenly spotting the concerned expression on hermother’s face. “What?”“You’re both playables.”“So? There’s nothing wrong with that.”
  16. 16. “I know that, Alana,” Amelia sighed. This was difficult, far more difficult than she’d expected. “It’s just, wellwe’re a legacy family, and so are Harry’s family. Neither family has made a decision on who gets to be heiryet and –”“Oh, is that all?”“What do you mean, is that all?”
  17. 17. “Mum, I’m 14. I might be a family sim, but I’m not thinking about marriage just yet,” Alana said, smiling.“Harry’s great and all, but I’m not thinking that far ahead. Besides, you and Harry’s dad will probably knowwho’s taking over by the time we all leave for college, right?”“Well, maybe…”“Great! So if we’re still together by then and either of us are heir then we just won’t get back together atcollege – simple! No hard feelings or broken hearts!”
  18. 18. “Love isn’t always that simple, Alana.”“This will be.”“But-”“Mum, trust me. It’ll be fine.”Amelia heaved a sigh, but nodded anyway. “Okay,” she said, relenting. “Go get changed. Dinner’s in aboutfive minutes.”
  19. 19. The conversation she’d had with Alana stuck with Amelia for a while. The heirship wasn’t something she’dever given any thought to – in fact, she had assumed that it would almost sort itself out as the girls got older.But now the girls were teenagers and she had no idea who she should choose. Although she had anotherfour years left to decide before they left for college, Amelia was certain that time would fly.As she leant over the pool table to make her shot, Amelia glanced up at her mother.“Mum? How did Dad decide to make me heir?” she asked, sighing as she missed all the balls.
  20. 20. “Don’t you remember? He spoke to you and your older brothers about it when you were all children,”Kaylynn replied, eyeing the table carefully and planning her own shot. “Todd and Ivan didn’t want it, and youdidn’t mind either way. When Galahad got old enough to understand he didn’t want it either. You four kindof made the decision for him.”“Great,” Amelia muttered under her breath. Kaylynn heard her anything, and smiled sympathetically at herdaughter.“Having trouble deciding?”
  21. 21. “A little – okay a lot,” Amelia admitted. “It’s just so hard. I mean, Lydie’s a lot more mature than when shewas a kid but I’m not sure if she’ll be able to handle the responsibility. Ivy’s would do what’s best, but she’sso idealistic I don’t think she’d always know what it was. Rosa’s so driven and will go far but I have a feelingbeing heir will hold her back. As for Alana, she’s sweet and nice and outgoing, but she’s convinced that shewon’t have any feelings for Harry once they go to college if they’re still together in four years. It will crushher if she’s heir and in love with someone she can’t marry.”
  22. 22. “Have you spoken to Ichelle about this?”“Yes,” Amelia kicked the bottom of her cue. “She says it’s my decision and she’ll be happy with whatever Idecide.”“She’s right.”“I know,” Amelia sighed and glanced over at the wall. “I wish Dad was here. He could help me so much rightnow.”“I wish he was here too,” Kaylynn agreed with a sad smile. “Just give it a couple of years. The girls are onlyjust in high school. You don’t need to start worrying until their senior year.”
  23. 23. “I guess,” Amelia replied with a small shrug. “I just don’t like not knowing things.”
  24. 24. “And in that respect you’re far too much like your father.”
  25. 25. The next few days sped by for all the teens as they tried to strike up a balance between the increasedworkload of high school and their social lives. It wasn’t until the middle of the week that Gavin had a sparemoment to talk to Rosa.As the pair of them left their chemistry class Gavin pulled Rosa to one side. They had five minutes to get totheir next classes.“Hey, are you and your sisters coming to that new club this weekend?” he asked. “Flic said you were, but –you know. She can be a bit flaky sometimes.”
  26. 26. “We’re planning on it,” Rosa replied with a smile. Gavin looked her over, then grinned right back.“It’s about time you started acting normal,” he said. “You’ve been all weird since my birthday. What was thatall about?”
  27. 27. Before Gavin’s very eyes Rosa’s whole demeanour changed. She wrapped an arm around herself and lookedaway, her face going red.“I – ah,” Rosa started. She glanced at the clock on the wall, her eyes widening. “I’m late for gym!”
  28. 28. Gavin watched as Rosa turned and fled, scratching his head in confusion.“Huh? What was that all about?”“Are you really that dumb?”
  29. 29. Gavin scowled as the only other boy in the hall pushed himself away from the wall and walked over to him.“What do you want, Elijah?” Gavin asked with a sigh. He was in no mood to deal with him.“Aw, that’s no way to greet your cousin,” Elijah mocked. Gavin scowled. “I’m trying to help, okay? You lookedreally oblivious when whatsherface was here.”“Rosa,” Gavin corrected.“Yeah, her. So are you going to listen to me? I do know a bit more about girls than you do.”“I’ve got two sisters!”“And I’ve got three. Big deal. So are you going to let me help or should I just walk away.”
  30. 30. “She likes you, dude!”“Well, yeah. We’ve been friends since we were little kids.”“And you really are that stupid.”“Hey!”“I meant she has a crush on you, you idiot.”
  31. 31. “What – but – she – I-” Gavin’s eyes widened and he swallowed hard. “But she’s – Rosa! She’s my friend! Icouldn’t – she –”“Likes you.”“But – I don’t like her. Not like that.”“Duh.”“I should – wait, what do you mean, ‘duh’?”
  32. 32. “Dude, we have gym together. I’ve seen you checking out the guys there.”“What? I don’t! I’m not gay!”“Sure you’re not,” Elijah said rolling his eyes. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of. You’ve got good taste. You onlyever check out the hot guys.”“I’m not ashamed, I’m just not gay!” Gavin said, crossing his arms and glaring at his cousin.“Yeah, keep telling yourself that,” Elijah laughed, then looked up at the clock on the wall. “Oh crap! I’m latefor Simlish Lit! I’ll see you around, cus’!”
  33. 33. That day after school Ivy stayed behind to finish off an art project. It took a while and the final bell for thegrade school had rung some time ago when she finally finished. Ivy pulled on her bag and scooped up herbooks and headed out the door.
  34. 34. Ivy hummed happily to herself, Ivy made her way out the room into the deserted hallway. Or so she thought.As Ivy pushed the door to the art room open she spotted him, another teen in the school uniform juststepping back to look at something he’d put on the noticeboard.
  35. 35. “Wow, I didn’t realise any other students stayed behind so la-” Ivy stopped talking abruptly as the boyturned around. Her heart fluttered in her chest and she could feel her cheeks heating up. She stared at him amoment before forcing herself to speak again. “Hi, I’m Ivy.”“Oliver,” the boy replied, smiling at her. His eyes flicked to the doors behind her. “Art project?” She noddedmutely. “Anything interesting?”“Um, feminism and, like, neo-classical artwork,” Ivy muttered as she silently wondered when she startedsounding like an idiot.”“Oh. Sounds dull.”
  36. 36. “No, it’s not! All of the piece I’ve looked at have been interesting critiques of –” Ivy cut herself off again, thistime deliberately, and gave a laugh to try and rid herself of the butterflies in her stomach. She could see hewasn’t that interested. “I find social and political movements to be really interesting, y’know?”
  37. 37. “Yeah, I guess,” Oliver replied with a shrug. He looked her over for a second before his eyes drifted back tothe flyer he’d hung. “You know, there’s a meeting for townie rights on Saturday if you want to see amovement in action.”“I’d love – wait, Saturday? Evening?” He nodded. “I’d love to go but my sisters and I promised our friendswe’d go to that new teen club everyone’s talking about. I’m really sorry.”“Whatever,” he replied, turning away. He walked a few steps down the hall before stopped and looking backat Ivy over his shoulder. “Figures a playable like you wouldn’t understand our plight. Maybe I’ll see youaround.”
  38. 38. Ivy felt her blood boil at those words: if there were ever any three words you didn’t say to a knowledge simthey were ‘you wouldn’t understand’.“Hey, that’s not fair,” Ivy said, her eyes narrowed. “Just because-”“You think some club is more important than the plight of sims like me?”“I don’t! I just-” Ivy stopped suddenly – she didn’t need to explain herself to him! “You know what, I’ll seeyou at the meeting! Good bye!”She was half way down the hall before she turned back and asked Oliver when and where it was.
  39. 39. Friday came quicker than anyone would have thought. It was Luke and Lorelai’s birthday but they decidedthat rather than having a party they would join the slightly older teens when they went out to a club. Theygrew up quickly and with little fanfare, the twins remaining in the house only long enough to change theirclothes and for their mother to snap a photo before they rushed out the door.
  40. 40. As it turned out they needn’t have rushed, at least so far as Luke was concerned. All of the girls immediatelylocked themselves away in Alana’s room which Nev declared to be the most sickeningly pink room on theplanet while they got themselves ready for their night out. The boys, meanwhile, had nothing to do to butwait.“How much longer is this going to take?” Luke asked with a disgruntled look up the stairs.“I don’t know about your sister, but Eliza can take hours to get ready,” Harry said, glancing up the stairs.“Flic’s even worse.”Luke grimaced. Lorelai was pretty bad too. He couldn’t count the number of times he’d woken up only tofind his sister had already been awake for an hour getting ready.“We’re going to be here for hours, aren’t we?”
  41. 41. “They’ll probably be a while yet.” The boys jumped at the sound of Ivy’s voice. She grinned at them as shereached the bottom of the stairs. “Flic and Lorelai are trying to convince Eliza to let them give her amakeover.”
  42. 42. “At least you’re ready,” Luke muttered under his breath – what was it with girls and taking forever?“Well yeah, that’s because I’m heading out in a couple of minutes,” she replied. At his quizzical look, sheadded, “I’ve got other plans. If I’m free later on I might join you guys though.”
  43. 43. “Aw, I thought there was going to be someone else level-headed out tonight.”Ivy turned to Harry at that, hand on hip and frowning. “What’s that supposed you mean?”“Well, you know, your aunt and sis- ouch!” Harry yelped. He glared at Gavin. “What was that for?”“Whatever, you guys,” Ivy rolled her eyes. She shook her head just as the doorbell rang. “Maybe I’ll see youlot later. Have a good night.”And with that she left.
  44. 44. Outside Ivy smiled tentatively at Oliver.“Hi,” she said, the indignation she’d felt only seconds earlier gone and replaced with nerves.“Hi,” he replied with a nervous glance sideways. “I don’t want to sound crazy, but I think I see a ghost.”
  45. 45. “What? Oh,” Ivy followed his gaze and smiled at the spectral figure floating only a couple of foot away.“That’s Grandpa. He just wants to say hello. He won’t hurt you – he can’t. He’s not even solid.”“Right,” Oliver replied, but he didn’t look convinced. “Can we go? No offence, Your grandfather’s creepingme out.”
  46. 46. Inside, Harry glared at his brother.“What was tha-” Harry started to snap, but he stopped abruptly, his mouth hanging open as he looked overto the stairs. “Oh, wow.”“Huh?”
  47. 47. “You look gorgeous,” Harry said as he slept out of his seat and pulled her into a hug.“But – you all look exactly the same as earlier!” Luke protested as he and Gavin got up.“Gee, thanks for that, bro,” Lorelai said sarcastically as she glared at her brother.“Yeah, good to know all our efforts are for nothing,” Flic grumbled, crossed her arms.“I didn’t mean-”“Don’t, you’ll just dig yourself deeper,” Gavin cut him off.“Oh,” Luke shook his head at them. “Can we just go? We’ve been waiting for like an hour now.”
  48. 48. “Just a sec,” Gavin said. He dodged passed all the girls, quickly making his way over to Rosa in the corner.“Can we talk?”Rosa smiled at him, but the same didn’t quite reach her eyes. “I think we should just go,” she said, her voicepleasant enough but there was something off.Shaking his head, Gavin watched and she and the others walked out the door before running after her.Maybe he’d get the chance to talk to her on the way?
  49. 49. While the teens were preparing to go out, Ambrose Jacobs sat at home playing Don’t Wake the Llama withhis brothers, feeling increasingly annoyed.“This isn’t fair,” Ambrose muttered for the fifth time in as many minutes. “Why don’t I get to go out with myfriends? I’m almost a teenager too!”
  50. 50. “We know, Ambrose,” said the brother to Ambrose’s left, Xander, his lips pressed into a thin line and glaringat his biggest brother. “You said like fifty bazillion times already!”“Did not!”“Did too!”“Well what do you know anyway?” Ambrose muttered. “It’s not like you know what it’s like to be so muchyounger that everyone else.”
  51. 51. “You’re joking, right? You can not be that stupid.”“Shut up, Xander.”“Make me!”
  52. 52. On the other side of the table Noah and Caleb shared a look as Caleb stood to put the first stick on thellama.“What are they arguing about now?” Noah asked.“I don’t know,” Caleb shrugged, placing the stick carefully on the llama. “They’re been arguing since thecakes. I’ve just been tuning them out.”
  53. 53. After half an hour of walking Ivy and Oliver finally arrived at the meeting house. It was an ancient looking oldhouse – a mansion really. Most of the windows were smashed and boarded up, the walls looked awful, halfrotted and covered in moss, and at least half of the roof was missing. Despite all that Ivy could see that thehouse had once been a gorgeous old place, and it tugged on her heart to see it like this.“What happened to this place?” Ivy asked, her voice hushed.“Time.” Oliver shrugged. “Come on, we’ve got to get inside quickly.”“What? Why? We’re in the middle of nowhere here!”“I know, but townies don’t exactly have the right to free assembly. This place is pretty isolated, so the policepatrol it pretty often just in case. We’ll need to find the others inside – they hide when people come along.”
  54. 54. Inside Ivy had to stifle a laugh. While the sight before her was even worse than outside, the sight of the fourtownies ‘hiding’ was… interesting to say the least. Oliver, however, was less amused.“Oh for Wright’s sake! You promised you’d get better hiding spots!” He yelled furiously. “Amanda, we can seeyour legs! You couldn’t be much more visible, Michelle, and Angela – no one is going to be fooled by thatlampshade. And for the fiftieth time, Christian! Just because you can’t see us doesn’t mean we can’t seeyou!” As he finished each of the townies emerged from their ‘hiding’ spots, looking sheepish. Oliver justsighed. “Everyone, this is Ivy. Ivy, this is… everyone. Now let’s get this over with.”
  55. 55. This club, Lydie decided as she looked at the boy in front of her, was a good club. Half their good wasdancing, Alana and Harry were being sickeningly cute on the sofa and Flic was making out with a guy she’djust met. Everyone was having a good time.“Nice hair,” Lydie said with a smirk after the boy, Alexei, introduced himself. “I’m Lydie.”
  56. 56. “I was about to say the same about yours,” Alexei replied, a smile tugging at his mouth. “Want to dance?”
  57. 57. “Sure, that’d be great,” Lydie replied with a grin.She started to turn toward the dance floor when she spotted Nev. Her aunt had managed to convince thebartender she was old enough to drink – it probably helped that she had a genuine ID. Lydie sighed – they’dalready been there a couple of hours, and Nev was swaying a little, her cheeks red. Lydie didn’t need to be aknowledge sim to know what that meant. Lydie turned back to Alexei.“I’m not blowing you off, I’d really like to dance with you, but,” Lydie gestured helplessly to Nev. “My idiotaunt looks like she’s about to collapse. Rain check?”
  58. 58. Alexei narrowed his eyes, as though he didn’t believe her. Lydie didn’t blame him.“Come on, as if I would make up an excuse that lame,” Lydie crossed her arms and rolled her eyes. “Howabout we go on out somewhere tomorrow? Just the two of us?”“All right,” Alexei said after a moment or two. “Doc’s at 3? And you better show up.”“Doc’s at 3 it is,” she agreed before heading off to go find either Luke or Gavin – Harry was still occupied withAlana, and if Nev fell there was no way she could get her back to her feet alone.
  59. 59. Gavin wasn’t in the best of moods. He’d been trying all evening to pull Rosa to one side to talk to her, butshe had found an excuse every time. Add to that everything his cousin Elijah had said to him earlier in theweek and that he was very quickly discovering that clubs weren’t for him – he couldn’t stand the loud musicand he felt stupid dancing – well, it was no wonder he reacted in the way that he did. Gav was just comingback from the toilets when this alien guy with red hair came up to him.“Hey, you’re kinda cute! How about we –”
  60. 60. “No! That’s it! I’ve had it up to here-” Gav stopped yelling abruptly as the expression on the other guy’s faceturned to one of heartbreak.“I didn’t – I didn’t,” the boy stammered, and Gav felt his anger deflate as the boy turned and fled before hecould apologise.“Crap,” Gavin muttered as he watched the boy leave. He didn’t get chance to think about it though.
  61. 61. “Hey, where’d Rygel run off to?” Lydie said.“Rygel?”“The alien boy – he’s my cousin,” she explained, before shrugging. “Whatever, doesn’t matter. We’ve got anemergency.” She jerked her head towards the dance floor where Nev was trying to dance. With her inabilityto dance combined with her current state of inebriation, well it wasn’t a pretty picture. “Can you help meget her home? I don’t want to risk her getting killed again.”Gavin nodded, relieved. He’d do just about anything to get out of here.
  62. 62. Most of the journey back to Nev’s went by without incident, and Lydie began to wonder if she had reallyneeded help getting Nev home – the key word being most. Although she swayed a little as they walked notonce did she lose her balance until –“Hey, that’s my house!”Nev spotted her house with a great amount of glee and – flee to the ground, laughing as she landed.
  63. 63. Lydie and Gav hauled Nev to her feet with a sigh. They waited for her to move again, to walk towards thehouse but she didn’t move, just stood there, stared up at the sky.“Nev? How many did you drink tonight?” Gav asked tentatively after they stood there for a few moments.“Only…” Nev hesitated, counting out the drinks on her fingers. “Only a lot! That’s better than a little, right?”She continued before either Gav or Lydie could answer. “It’s really cold. Why’s it so cold?”Gav shot Lydie a look. “It’ll be warmer inside, I promise.”
  64. 64. The promise of warmth got Nev moving. She all but ran to the house and threw the door open.“I’M HOOOOME!” she yelled and Lydie and Gavin stepped in behind her, shutting the door quietly.“Don’t you think you’d better be quiet?”“Why? Everyone’s asleep!”
  65. 65. “And I believe that’s why Gavin asked you to be quiet.”Gavin, Lydie and Nev all jumped as Lydie’s Aunt Natasha emerged from behind the corner, a disgruntled lookon her face and a sleepy blond toddler in her arms.“Hey, Natashaaaaa!” Nev greeted her enthusiastically, but stopped at the look on her sister-in-law’s face.“O-kaaaay, I’mma gonna go bed now. Night night!”
  66. 66. Nev didn’t make it to bed. Nev didn’t make it far at all.
  67. 67. Natasha sighed as she heard the thud. She looked back at the other two teens.“Thanks for seeing she got home all right,” Natasha said as she held on tight to the now squirming toddler. “Idon’t know what could have happened to her.”
  68. 68. “Um, yeah, no problem, Aunt Tasha,” Lydie replied, scratching the back of her neck. “We better go though.You probably want to put Jace to bed.”
  69. 69. Lydie hugged her aunt goodbye and the pair of them quickly left, heading home. Lydie took the time to lookaround at the houses – this was the first time she’d actually walked along the main residential street inQuaverton. As they reached passed by the last of the houses down here Lydie glanced across the street. Hereyes lit up.“Hey! They finally finished rebuilding that old park! Let’s go check it out!”“What? Why?” Gavin asked, but Lydie had already run across the road and into the park.
  70. 70. The old park was deserted, even the fire dancer and the human statues had gone home. Lydie and Gavsettled on the swings just as snow started to fall from the sky.“Hey, err, you know what you saw at the club?” Gav asked nervously after a moment.“Oh, you mean that guy who was flirting with you?” Gavin nodded. “Good choice. If Rygel wasn’t one of mycousins I’d say he’s cute.”
  71. 71. “I wasn’t – I didn’t – It didn’t bother you?”“Nah, why would it?”“What do you mean?”
  72. 72. “Dude, I have two mothers. One of my uncles is in a threeway with people he met on a reality show, anotheruncle is a vampire, the other is an alien and we just carried home an aunt who I saw come back from thedead who’s passed out because she drank too much despite physically being a teenager. You have two Dadsand a werewolf for an Aunt. And you have no problem with any of that. So why the frack should I care ifyou’re gay?”
  73. 73. “But – I’m not gay. I mean, I don’t think I’m gay,” Gav said, frowing then shaking his head.“Whatever, like I said I don’t care,” Lydie shrugged her shoulders, the smile melting from her face.“Whatever you are, you don’t like my sister. You need to tell her.”
  74. 74. Gavin didn’t reply right away. He bit his lip and sighed.“I know,” he said after a few moments. “It’s just – I don’t want to hurt her. She’s my best friend.”“And you think she wasn’t hurt watching the guy she likes get flirted with by someone else – another guy?”“… When did you get so smart?”“Hey! Just because I get straight C’s doesn’t mean I’m dumb!”“What does it mean, then?”“School sucks and teachers hate me?” Lydie paused, shivering visibly – even though it wasn’t snowing now itwas still cold. “It’s getting late. We should probably get home.”
  75. 75. When Lydie arrived home she was freezing. She hopped straight in the shower and pulled on her PJs beforeheading to the kitchen.“Hey Grandma!” she said with a grin as she grabbed a cup of hot chocolate. “It’s chilly out tonight!”“Hello dear,” Kalynn replied. “You’re home early.”
  76. 76. “Yeah, I didn’t feel like going back out after me and Gav got Nev home,” Lydie shrugged her shoulders. Shesat down next to her grandmother. “That and I forgot my coat.”“Lydia – it’s almost winter! You could have caught your death!”“Nah, I’m fine!” Lydie shook her head. “It’s not that cold out and besides, we were inside most of the time.”“Still...” Kaylynn tutted quietly, before latching onto the other thing. “What was wrong with your aunt? Wasshe ill? She really shouldn’t have been out if she wasn’t feeling well.”
  77. 77. “Oh no, she went and got too drunk to stay out,” Lydie said casually, mentally preparing herself for hergrandmother’s explosion as she took a sip of her hot chocolate.It didn’t come. Kaylynn just sighed and shook her head like she had been expecting to hear that. “She’s reallygoing to get into trouble one of these days. So how way your night apart from that?”
  78. 78. “It was fun,” Lydie said, grinning, before frowning. The house was very quiet. “Hey, where are the Mums?”
  79. 79. “They’ve had to go down to the police station,” Kaylynn replied. “Ivy got herself arrested.”
  80. 80. Ivy looked up from where she lay on the bed as she heard a couple of beeps as the holding cell doorunlocked. She glanced over, and trying not to smile at the couple in the cell opposite she looked up at thepolice officer.“Your parents are here, kid,” he said.
  81. 81. “How mad are they?” she asked as she slid off the bed.“They were more in shock than anything – the one in orange said she’d expected one of your sisters – Lauraor Linda or something to be the first the get arrested.”“Lydie,” Ivy corrected the name with a smile.“That’s it.”
  82. 82. Ivy followed him towards the main doors to the holding cells. The whole corridor was quiet save for thesound of their shoes clicking on the linoleum, so it was some thing of a shock when, as they walked past thenext cells Oliver spoke up from within.“Hey, Ivy,” he said, glancing up from his book. “Tonight was fun. We should go on a date sometime.”“I’d love to!” Ivy replied, trying her level best not to gush. “I’ll let you know when I’m ungrounded.
  83. 83. And that’s it. There’s an heir poll for Luke and Lorelai like there was for the Browns and the Mertons lastchapter. For now here’s there stats:Luke MertonCancer – 7/1/7/7/5Pleasure – wants to be a Game DesignerLorelai MertonCapricorn – 9/10/1/8/7Popularity – wants to be an Icon
  84. 84. And this is where I leave you – with a picture of Galahad’s potential kids, Jess and Jace. Cuties, aren’t they?Anyway, this really is the last chapter until December. I’ll put something out on my legaversery on the 22nd – Ijust need to figure out what. Until then, goodbye!