Hunter Legacy Chapter 1


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The first chapter of the Hunter Legacy.

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Hunter Legacy Chapter 1

  1. 1. The Hunter Legacy - Chapter 1
  2. 2. Hello, and welcome to my first ever Legacy, the Hunter Legacy, which is based on traditional family values. Here are some things you need to know: 1) Males are heir (this is a patriarchy yes.) 2) All girls must wear ‘modest’ clothing (definitely no knees showing!) 3) No WooHoo before marriage and ONLY try for baby.
  3. 3. Of course I was stupid and didn’t start taking photos from the start, so the founders two spares have already reached childhood. But the toddler/baby years are boring anyhow and we’ve yet to have an heir so I’ll just run a quick intro.
  4. 4. Here’s the beautiful house which took me years of architectural experience to build. Notice the car. Although this legacy is traditional, it is set in the modern day. Lets just say our founder is a little behind the times…
  5. 5. And here he is, our founder Marcus Hunter who is a fortune sim hoping to be a ‘Hand of Poseidon’. He’s also a secret knowledge sim. Marcus is resentful of the fact his family were poor for generations and wants to turn his family into a modern upper class so to speak. Say hi Marcus “ I’m reading about whales… Shhhhh!”
  6. 6. This is Marissa Hunter the spouse. Although most of you will know her as Marisa Bendett the common selection for an uglacy. Wait until you see the spawn.. I mean children. “ Hi everyone, I’d just like to thank all my fans for…” BYE!
  7. 7. This is Evelyn Hunter (the eldest daughter), I won’t do a zoom in on her face yet. I shall just tell you, she has a MASSIVE MARISA NOSE! This is uglacy BEYOND uglacy. Trust me. “ Mummy said I’m beautiful because I look just like her!” Sure thing kid.
  8. 8. “ No need to introduce me Creator. I am Violet, possibly the most beautiful child ever to be produced by my mother in all legacy history.” You also inherited her charming personality I see. But in all truth although she inherited her mother’s nose, it’s scaled down and hard to notice what with those big blue eyes and cute smile.
  9. 9. “ Why bother introducing them. I hate them, you hate them, the readers will OBVIOUSLY hate them.” Yes but we’re a society who loves to hate. Besides, they’re sweet really “ Hmmm… if I disagree will you fire me?” No Remmy, as much as you annoy me I need you here to keep us all sane.
  10. 10. “ Hey Marcus!” “ Hi creator, its weird seeing you face to face like this” “ You’ll get used to it I’m sure.” “ I do hope so, after all I do need you to help me bring this family to greatness after I’m gone.”
  11. 11. “ Hi Creator. I still hate you for making me give up my successful career to live with a man who would rather WooHoo with whales when I’m not even able to buy a sculpture worth 1000 simoleons or more.” “ What can I say? Life is tough.” “ A Legacy is much tougher.”
  12. 12. “ Mummy can I buy some flame pants like that weird lady?” “ No sweetie, keep away from her, she probably wants to steal your prettiness” “ She couldn’t handle my prettiness!” “ Of course not dear, you’re the most beautiful girl in the world!” I worry for this child’s ego…
  13. 13. “ Did we really have to have the cheapest chair in the catalogue?!” “ We’ve got no money honey.” “ Ugh! I hate this!” I hate fortune Sims like her. Want, want, want and me, me, me.…
  14. 14. That’s it Marisa, paint your painting. “ I’m calling it locked in these chains where I can’t do anything or buy anything or wear anything.” A bit long don’t you think? “ Please be quite before I feel the need to consume large amounts at the bar.”
  15. 15. “ Listen here princess, its very important you learn how to be a good housewife so you can marry a rich man and then you won’t end up like me” “ Oh mummy, I will try. I don’t ever wanna end up like you.” “ Good girl sweetie. Also it is want to not wanna “ Yes mummy.” I worry for this child, I really do.
  16. 16. “ I will get a rich husband if I make him a muffin as perfect as this.” If he’s really rich won’t he have a cook…
  17. 17. “ I will get a rich husband if I know how to tidy.” Even we have a maid…
  18. 18. Of course Marisa’s lectures were having a negative impact on Marcus’s relationship with Violet “ Daddy when are we going on holiday?” “ Daddy can’t afford a holiday right now”
  19. 19. “ LALALALALALA!” “ Violet just listen…” “What's up with her?!” Oh Violet, polluted by your twisted mother.
  20. 20. “ Daddy got a promotion so maybe we could go away this weekend.” “ As long as you won’t be there…” “ What a thing to say Vi- “ Shush, I am reading”
  21. 21. Evelyn however was the perfect child (if not slightly monstrous looking) “ What would x be if x+9=14 I wonder…” Oh Evelyn, if only you were more attractive. I know looks aren’t everything but I fear to even show your nose in case I curse all with a broken screen
  22. 22. “ I like playing chess you know.” We know you do Evvy. It’s very cute. “ Although playing chess doesn’t stop me from being ugly…” You will always be my favourite. Just don’t tell your sist- actually, tell her. Her ego needs to shrink a bit
  23. 23. “ And then the magic horse cast a spell on the ugly princess and turned her into a beautiful unicorn so they could live forever together.” *sigh* poor Eve
  24. 24. “ Hey, Froggy! Look I can do a handstand.” “ No you can’t, that’s crap!!!” “ Yuh-huh” “ Nuh-huh” Sister rivalry, don’t you just love it? But seriously, I’ve never had two sisters who don’t like each other this much especially when they’re the same age.
  25. 25. “ MARCUS!!!” I’m here. “ I don’t want you. Get my husband.” Fine…
  26. 26. Ummmm… -mumble- “No Mr Whale, please don’t run away.” Marcus? -mumble- “I love you Mr Whale, don’t leave me!”
  27. 27. “ It’s coming!” I’ll help don’t worry. “ Now I’m worrying!” Push! “ You don’t say?!”
  28. 28. And here we have our heir, beautiful baby boy Oscar who also has blue eyes and black hair. I’m so happy, lets just hope he looks more like his Daddy “ I can hear you, just so you know.” I don’t care, just so you know.
  29. 29. “ Take the baby Marcus?” Take the baby? Noooooooooo, you have GOT to be kidding me
  30. 30. Please tell me those ape faces are you simply recovering from the birth.
  31. 31. Here we have second baby boy (who will be the spare as he was born second) Winston. I saw his name on a traditional Baby boys name list and it reminded me of Churchill. Just so we are all clear. Marisa is not a family sim and does not have the higher chance of twins perk and no one in the family can even cook cheesecake. This is my first, and very unexpected, natural born set of twins.
  32. 32. “ You said you wanted a boy.” A boy… A boy. “ Well just be grateful you got any.” Oh I am. You get to care for them both now. And you thought the girls were tricky… “…”
  33. 33. Marcus seems to be paying more attention to his new male heir than he has either of the girls. Slightly unfair don’t you think? “ He is the future of this family and needs special care to prepare him for the hard work to come.” That and he’s a BOY!
  34. 34. He even changes his diapers…. “ There we go little Winston!” I thought it was only Oscar? “ Well I feel sorry for Winston, he only just missed out on the opportunity of a life time.”
  35. 35. Marisa however, is struggling to bond with the twins “ Pooping all day will not help you to be a successful businessman Oscar. You’ll never get into politics this way.”
  36. 36. Marisa, what are you doing? “ Lecturing him of course” You really don’t get babies do you? “ I’m helping him become a man!” He’s far off from being a man, now pick him up and put him in his crib.
  37. 37. Marcus meanwhile was already looking for prospective wives “ I hear you have an uncle who was successful in the stock market.” “ Do you think I would dress in such a refined manner if I didn’t come from money?” “ Would you like to marry into an upcoming family.” “ Like a legacy?” “ Yes. Precisely.”
  38. 38. “ Hahahahahahaha! That was a funny one Hunter.” “ I’m glad you enjoyed it, can we be friends now? Just I desperately need a promotion and Marisa is a terrible networker” That didn’t go too well.
  39. 39. It was the day of Evelyn’s birthday and the girls had awoken for a midnight snack “ I know what shall happen today Evelyn. You shall become even more ugly, and Kennedy shall refuse you meaning he and all his wealth shall be mine!”
  40. 40. “ That’s not certain Violet!” “ Sure it is. Have you not seen your nose?”
  41. 41. -snore- “I wish for my birthday I could be a beautiful princess.” Oh Evelyn, I wish I could make it true for you…
  42. 42. PARTY TIME! “ It’s my birthday today Kennedy and I’m going to be a big girl and get a big handsome boyfriend who likes sport.” “ Sure thing kid, just remember you will be mine.” So you all know. Kennedy and Evelyn have been best friends since she was a toddler, he pretty much got invited around so he would look after her whilst Marisa slept and Marcus worked.
  43. 43. “ I hope Oscar is okay” “ I got engaged hehe” “ Let the ugliness begin!” “ My future bride shall hopefully develop some nice assets” Oh Evelyn, I do hope the best for your sake…
  44. 44. “ The monster is evolving it seems.” Shhhhh, don’t be mean Remmy! “ You know it’s true.” Maybe, I’m just not ready to admit it yet.
  45. 45. “ Beautiful Princess, beautiful princess.” -sniffle-
  46. 46. “ I’ve got stupid hair… but I’m attractive!” Oh Evelyn, you’re like the ugly duckling turned to the beautiful swan. Lets just give you some better hair. How’d you feel? “ I want to be liked, I want to make lots and lots of friends.” Popularity Sim. It’s kind of fitting considering her friendless childhood. Anyway, lets sort out those dreads.
  47. 47. There we go beautiful. “ I wish I grow up to be beautiful like Evelyn. Else I’ll have to marry creepy Amin.” Maybe that is what you deserve! “ Does creepy Amin have money?” Like mother, like daughter.
  48. 48. “ Oh child, you’ve truly blossomed into a beautiful young woman. Very nice indeed.” “ This match is working perfectly” I don’t trust Marisa over this. Something is going on I can tell.
  49. 49. “ Hey Amin, thanks for coming to my birthday party.” “ No problem, I was wondering if you were free on Saturday night would you like to go for a date?” “ I’m a teen remember?” “ Oh yes, of course.” Hmmm… where is Marisa now?!
  50. 50. I knew you had a motive! “ Yes, okay. I wished I had married Kennedy instead. Can you blame me for wanting the best for my daughters?” Yes, yes I can. “ He has money!” Your daughter would be happy poor as long as she has friends.
  51. 51. “ So, you wanted to talk to me Violet?” “ I just feel you have spent an awful lot of time with my sister and none with me. I was hoping we could get to know each other a little better.” “ Of course my child. We shall have to see how you turn out.” Gosh, he gives me the creeps.
  52. 52. After the party I took the girls shopping for some modest clothing. “ Evelyn needs beautiful clothes because she is beautiful.” That’s right Violet. Do you feel bad for ridiculing her previously for being ugly. “ No, because she was ugly. I was just being honest.”
  53. 53. You look lost Evvy. “ I want to find something which is stylish enough to make me popular but modest enough to please father” I think I have an idea!
  54. 54. Do you like it? “ I love it!” And so Evelyn found her modest outfit. I like it, it suits her. Cute, modest and fun all rolled into one. No one will be able to resist her charm now.
  55. 55. And I was right… “ Hi, I’m Ricky. You are very pretty. Want to be my girlfriend?” “ You would have to meet my father first.” “ Oh wow, you’re no Tosha Go, no first kiss and run.” “ HEY! I’m stood right here. Oh and you never called me!” “ Komei like.”
  56. 56. What’s wrong Violet? “Why is Meadow such a tramp? I mean where is her modesty? She’ll never get a husband.” I don’t think she wants one…
  57. 57. “ So Evelyn, I’ve been to a cemetery before. Impressed?” “ My Dad told me we’re going to have our own private graveyard in the back of our garden and it’ll be filled with ghosts.” “Wow Evelyn, you shall have to invite me round some time.” “ If you promise to be my friend!” “ Sure thing. Maybe more?” “ BEST FRIENDS! YAY!” I love how I’m chatting to Komei in the background
  58. 58. “ Bye Miss Creator, I’ll call you for a chat at some point.” “ Bye Evelyn” In case you can’t tell. Favourite Sim of the moment.
  59. 59. “ Hi Komei!” “ Hey sis, wasn’t he at the shops 5 minutes ago and he lives on the other side of town.” “ Maybe he went for a walk.” “ More like you have a stalker!” Evelyn has a lot of stalkers, everywhere she goes people are thinking about her.
  60. 60. What are you doing Violet? “ Practicing Ballet so I can be more graceful like Evelyn” In a football kit?! “ Yes, well. I’m not perfect!” You aren’t? “ No, but I’m pretty close.”
  61. 61. “ Dad, I think the phone is ringing.” “ Don’t worry dear, I’ll get it.”
  62. 62. “ Oh Hello Kennedy. Yes, I’m glad you enjoyed the party. Of course good sir, what do you want to talk about?”
  63. 63. “ Evelyn? What about her? You do not wish her to have a boyfriend before you wed? Your wedding is not a definite arrangement! I do not care for what my wife says! I make the decisions here, and I say Evelyn may court whoever she chooses!”
  64. 64. “ No I apologise I should not of raised my voice. However if you wish to join my family you should remember that I make the decisions when it comes to my children's wellbeing, not you.”
  65. 65. Tough Call? -sigh- “Most definitely. Anyway, off to work so I can get that promotion.” Aye Aye Captain
  66. 66. After work I decided to pop round for a visit. “ Aren’t you glad your daughter turned out so beautifully?” “ Yes, of course. But right now it seems more like a court case than a gift.” “ How so?” “ Marisa and me haven’t had WooHoo since the twins, we disagree and everywhere I go men are asking after my daughter.” “ It will get better, I promise” “ I hope so.”
  67. 67. “ What a strange day it’s been creator. I hope tomorrow is better.” Of course, you have school and you can make some friends. “ YAY FRIENDS! And so that concludes the end of this chapter, I hope you enjoyed it and are ready for a chapter 2. Have fun simming and see you next time my little plumbobs.