The White Legacy--Generation 5, Chapter 1


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The White legacy continues with Hydrus at the reins.

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The White Legacy--Generation 5, Chapter 1

  1. 1. Fascinating The White Legacy: Generation Five, Chapter One
  2. 2. Jessie: “All I‟m saying is, Keika, you owe me a few favors. I‟m not going to push, but you know, I‟m not wearing all my custom content, and you turned one of my best characters, my Romi, into a villain.” -----------------------Jessie (ichigomccoy at Boolprop) is the author of the Night Legacy and the Kiesha‟ra Legacy.
  3. 3. SimMe: “All I‟m saying is, Jessie, this is my game, and it‟s all about me. ME!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!”
  4. 4. SimMe: “Now then, let‟s do some immigration paperwork, shall we?” Jessie: “Um… who‟s „we‟? Are you planning to fill out the paperwork too?” SimMe: “Not as such, no. Have fun, Jessie. Want some Chinese takeout to make the time pass faster? I could even send some with you to the simself compound… uh, I mean, my guest house… as a peace offering… um, spontaneous and very thoughtful gift from me to the other simselves you‟ll be living with.” Jessie: “Why do I have a bad feeling about this…”
  5. 5. SimMe: “So, how‟s it going, Jessie?” Jessie: “Why do I need to tell you my dog‟s maiden name?”
  6. 6. Thai: “Hello, Keika! I‟m finally here! I heard there‟s a simself compound somewhere around here—where do I sign up?” SimMe: “Why, Thai! Hey! You know, this is great! You‟re the first one to not complain about the institution-style accommodations for simselves!” Thai: “Well…”
  7. 7. Thai: “I might have heard that it‟s currently inhabited by seven gorgeous single women…” SimMe: “Simselves, Thai. Off limits.”
  8. 8. Thai: “Oh…” -----------Thai, author of the “Building from the Breadlines” Prosperity Challenge, and is currently advertising an Isbipocalypse called “Owlpocalypse”. I know I‟m excited for it!
  9. 9. Welcome to the neighborhood, Jessie and Thai, and hello and welcome everyone back to the White Legacy! We have finally gotten Generation Five graduated from college, and we get to see Hyde begin Generation Six… if we can get him off the couch. In college, the big thing that happened was that Andi, Lyra, and Dane all slipped off to Arc and Merry‟s house in an attempt to steal back their grandpa Dez‟s grave, and though they were successful, Lyra was killed in the process. Meanwhile, in Peachtree Valley, a number of spares got married, Cygnus passed away, Calcite was approached by the “head” of the neutral witch order (she‟s the only one in it), Baltic was locked up in a tower, the vampires were creepy, and the simselves held a smustle party. I believe that covers the really important points.
  10. 10. You should know, by the way, that Lyra was buried in the family graveyard on the estate, rather than the spares cemetery in Peachtree Valley. Hopefully we‟ll be seeing her ghost hanging around once in a while.
  11. 11. Welcome home, Hyde! Hyde: “Hey there, Author.” So, did you happen to meet a pretty girl on your way back from university? Hyde: “Nope.” Yeah, didn‟t think so.
  12. 12. Aw, Sun… Sun: “Lyra! My girl! My baby girl!” *hiccup*
  13. 13. Dez: “…” *sniff* Not the ghosts, too… you did all you could, Dez. Dez: “…” Why don‟t you go scare Hyde? That might make you feel better.
  14. 14. Dez: “…!” Hyde: “WHAAAAAA!!” Told ya it‟d feel good.
  15. 15. Sun: “Look here. I got nothing against resting yourself from the totally uncool pressures of the day, man, but it‟s, like, four in the morning, and you‟re, like, in my hot tub. What are you doing here, man?” Butler: “Photobombing!” Well, you know what I want to know about the butler?
  16. 16. What‟s up with the ponytail?
  17. 17. *doorbell* …you going to answer that? Hyde: “Nope. Mom‟ll get it.”
  18. 18. Arie: “Hey, Jade! I just dropped by to, you know… offer my condolences about Lyra, and also to see if there was anything I could do for you.” Jade: “We‟re fine.” Arie: “You sure?” Jade: “…well, actually… there is one thing you could do…”
  19. 19. Arie: “Hydrus White, I have a bone to pick with you!” Hyde: “Oh, yeah?” Arie: “Yes! You are still sitting here on the couch when you should be getting started on the next generation! You should be standing under the wedding arch and I should be eating cake right now! So tell me, where is… your… is that SSX3?”
  20. 20. Arie: “Sorry, Jade. Used all my powers of persuasion. Didn‟t work.” Hyde: “Hey, did you know Aunt Arie‟s a Pleasure Sim too, Mom?” Jade: *facepalm* *headdesk*
  21. 21. Jade: “Honey, I have an idea.” Uh-oh…
  22. 22. Good on you for getting the fair citizens of Sim City to vote you, the hippie vampire, up to mayor, Sun. Now go abdicate. Having a job is literally killing you. Sun: “Finally.” Jade: “Honey, I bought the dog.” Sun: “Sweet. Nice choice, Star.” …did you just say “dog”?
  23. 23. Jade: “The best home security system is a good watch dog. Arc and Merry are never stealing anything from us ever again.” You call that a dog? Jade: “What would you call it?” Not a dog… Jade: “His name is Maugrim.” Uh-huh…
  24. 24. Whatever he is, he sure is cute… alright, alright, he can stay. As long as he doesn‟t start chewing on the furniture.
  25. 25. Hyde: “I wonder if Dad actually sleeps in this box, like Dracula in the movie… it wouldn‟t hurt to take a little peek, right…? I wonder if he‟s got a bag of dirt from his homeland in there with him…”
  26. 26. Sun: “I totally don‟t! What did I, like, send you to college for!? Let me sleep, man!!”
  27. 27. Hyde: “Mental note: Dad‟s a lot scarier when you wake him up during the day. Never, ever do that ever again.”
  28. 28. Jade: “Are you at least planning on getting a job?” Hyde: “Eh. Maybe someday.” Jade: “I just want what‟s best for you, Hyde.” Hyde: “Oh sure, I know, Mom.”
  29. 29. Jade: {Author, is it too late to bring Andi in?} Yes, it is. Just give him a shot. Hyde: “Just give who a shot?”
  30. 30. Maugrim: {No one shall disturb Master while he sleeps! And when he awakens he shall give Maugrim bones! …Maybe Maugrim should wake Master up now!}
  31. 31. Maugrim: {What are you doing here!? Why are you encroaching on MAUGRIM‟S territory!?} Why have I never seen a sim pet look at his reflection in the mirror before!?
  32. 32. Maugrim: {*sniff* Why is Master dead? Was it something Maugrim did?}
  33. 33. Hyde: “Do it just like that, Maugrim! Like the way Sylvia died on As The Stomach Turns!” Maugrim: {Oh! Master is not dead! He was only playing with Maugrim! Silly Master!} …Can you tell I‟m excited to have a pet in the house?
  34. 34. Hey, Jade… Jade… your butt‟s ringing.
  35. 35. Everyone, I give you Jade, the picture of elegance. Jade: “WAA~AAA~AAA HAAA!!!” Maugrim: *is amused*
  36. 36. OHAI, Lyra!! You know, you look good in red! Lyra: “Shuddup. I‟m gonna go, like, scare my brother now. After I make sure my bed‟s still here.”
  37. 37. Lyra, don‟t you have anything better to do? Like, unfinished business… avenging your murder…? Lyra: “You‟re, like, complaining about me cleaning the house?” Carry on…
  38. 38. Apparently, diagonal dog houses are just as bad an idea as diagonal pianos. Good to know.
  39. 39. Hyde: “Hey! Whoa! Why is it suddenly so bright out here!?” Uh… um… what? Really? O-okay… I can work with this…
  40. 40. Hyde: “GASP!! That‟s an alien spaceship up there!!”
  41. 41. Hyde: “Wait, noooo!! I don‟t want to go, I don’t want to go!!”
  42. 42. Hyde: “NOOOOOO!!” Bye, Hyde! Have fun~!!
  43. 43. Jade: “Hyde…?”
  44. 44. Jade: “Oh, my boy…”
  45. 45. “What‟s the matter with him? Why isn‟t he up yet?” “Did he just twitch?” “Fascinating.”
  46. 46. “Hey. Human male. Wake up. Can the future of Hyrule really depend on such a lazy boy?” “Very funny, 13.”
  47. 47. Hyde: “Ow… my head…” “Hey! He does move!” “Have you got this, 6?” “Yeah, sure. Go on ahead.”
  48. 48. 6: “Come on then, human male. This way.” Hyde: “But.. the bars… how do I get out?”
  49. 49. 6: “Ahahahaha! You‟re funny, human male! I like you! There are no bars behind you, you know!” Hyde: “…oh.”
  50. 50. Hyde: “So, uh, what‟s this gonna be like? Is this going to be all The Day The World Ended and all?” 6: “Oh no, of course not. Which button was it again… Hey, 93? Can you hear me?” 93: “Shoot, 6.” 6: “I‟m bringing in the last one. Prepare the liquids, will you?” 93: “Sweet. Over and out!” Hyde: *gulp*
  51. 51. 6: “Come on, human male. Keep up.” Hyde: {Liquids…} *shudder*
  52. 52. 6: “It‟s right through here! I think you‟ll like it… heeheehee!!” Hyde: {Ohmigosh… I‟m going to die…!}
  53. 53. 6: “Ta-daa!!” Hyde: “WHOA!!”
  54. 54. Hyde: “AWESOME!!”
  55. 55. Hyde: “This… this is… I mean…”
  56. 56. Hyde: “Is that…!?”
  57. 57. Hyde: “…a TV screen!?” 6: “You betcha. We have The Mims, SSX3, all kinds of games.”
  58. 58. Hyde: “You guys are AMAZING!!” 6: “Thanks! We try! Here, have one of these.”
  59. 59. Hyde: “Sure! But, um, why?” 6: “Well, we‟re having population issues. I know that doesn‟t make sense. Don‟t worry about it, you‟ll find out in a few days. Drink up!”
  60. 60. Hyde: “Okay!” *slurp*
  61. 61. 6: “Come on, human male, this way! I want to show you the smustle floor!!” Hyde: “When do I get to play the interstellar video games?” Vidcund: “I don‟t want to hear about balloons and party favors! When do we get to the experiments!?” Blue-Suited Alien: “Experiments? Dude, which aliens have you been meeting?”
  62. 62. Redhead: “WHEEEEEE—”
  63. 63. “—EEEEEEEEEEE—”
  64. 64. “—EEEEeeeeeeeeee…”
  65. 65. Hyde: “…eeeeeeeAAAAAAAA!!” Very graceful fall there, Hyde. *snicker*
  66. 66. Hyde: “Yowch… owowowowow….”
  67. 67. Hyde: “Oh, my keister… 6 and all the others are really great, but they really need to work on landings…”
  68. 68. Uh, Hyde? Hyde: “Yeah?” See how that lobster has a green funk cloud coming off it? That‟s not normal. Hyde: “Meh. I don‟t really care. I‟m starving.”
  69. 69. You, uh, okay in there? Hyde: “Urgh… oh man, that lobster…” Ahahaha… Hyde: “What‟s so—eurgh!”
  70. 70. Lyra: “BOO!! Hi, Dad!” Sun: “LYRA!!”
  71. 71. Jade: “Honey, I‟m worried about Hyde. He is shirking his duties as heir, and now he won‟t stop talking about aliens and other planets.” Sun: “I totally get what you mean, Star. He‟s, like, a man now, he needs to either join a caravan or, like, take his responsibilities seriously. He‟s gotta be, like, living on Planet Earth.” Jade: “My thoughts exactly. Although I would prefer him not to join a caravan.”
  72. 72. Hyde: “Ack! I‟m bloated!” What‟s new? Hyde: “No, seriously! I think I‟m really sick!” Oh, really? Hyde: “Why the sarcasm, Author? Do you know something I don‟t?” Meh.
  73. 73. Hyde: “My favorite shirt doesn‟t fit anymore…” Well, I‟m glad to see you got to stick with the tropical theme. Hyde: *sniff* “This isn‟t funny, Author. I‟m dying, and you‟re making jokes.” Oh come on, you‟re not dying, Hyde. You‟ve just gained a little weight. Hyde: “And I‟m nauseous, and I‟m starving all the time, and I‟m always tired, and…”
  74. 74. Sun, what are you doing. Sun: “Making lobster.” Why are you making lobster? You don‟t even eat solid food! Sun: “What, I can‟t make dinner for my, like, beautiful wife and pregnant son, dudette?”
  75. 75. Pregnant? Who said anything about pregnant? That doesn‟t even make any sense. Why would Hyde be pregnant? Sun: “Author, you don‟t, like, get to live as long as I have without seeing a few alien babies. They‟re pretty rad little dudes. There are like, way stranger things in the world than men getting pregnant.”
  76. 76. Hyde: “I‟ve gotten bigger…” Yep. Another day closer. Hyde: “I‟m going to die… might as well spend the day usefully.” …eh? Did you just say the word “usefully?”
  77. 77. Hyde: “I‟ve been playing this game since I was a teenager, and I‟ve never beaten the final boss. It‟s about time I changed that.” Should‟ve known…
  78. 78. Sun: “You are far out, Star. I love you.” Jade: “I know.” This is all very sweet, guys, but I think your son might be needing you right now.
  79. 79. Hyde: “I‟M DYING!!” You‟re not dying. Hyde: “I TOLD YOU SO!! I‟M DY—OOOOOOWW!!” Just spin and catch, already. Quit drawing it out.
  80. 80. Hyde: “Oh! Look at that, it‟s a baby! Heh, I wasn‟t dying, I was just pregnant all along! …Wait, when did I get pregnant?” Take a good look at that baby, and then repeat your question.
  81. 81. Hyde: “Hold on here, let me just walk all the way across the house for a second…”
  82. 82. Hyde: “Here, Dad. Hold this.” Sun: “Ooh, look at the iddle babykins! Like, what‟s his name, man?” Hyde: “Hold on.”
  83. 83. And here‟s number two! That‟s right, Generation Six starts off with a bang with twin aliens! Sun: “I just totally realized… the sun is, like, super hot. Hyde, can you, like, take my grandson back…?” After careful consideration, I have decided that Generation Six shall be named after volcanoes—and I am defining “volcano” very loosely. Volcanic islands count in my book. The boy‟s name is Solander, and the girl held by Hyde is called Ellesmere.
  84. 84. Hyde: “There you go, little guy.”
  85. 85. Hyde: “So… now what?” Now you take care of twin babies as a single father. Hyde: “Cool. So do I still have to get married? Well… I guess not. But, you know, if you meet a really nice girl— Hyde: “Meh. Sure, sure.”
  86. 86. Sun: “Hello there, little man. You and I are going to be, like, best buds, I think.” Jade: “Do you know where Hyde is?”
  87. 87. Hyde: “Come on, aliens, take me back. You know you want to…”
  88. 88. Maugrim: {So these are the cubs? Hmm… Maugrim is a little disappointed. They‟re kind of soft and squishy. Maugrim was hoping for playmates. Oh, well. Maugrim supposes he‟ll guard Master‟s cubs anyway.}
  89. 89. Alright, that was the fastest baby stage ever! Hooray for the first birthday of Generation Six! Let‟s see what those little alien faces look like! Hmm… come to think of it, I‟m starting to wonder what we‟re going to do about Hyde‟s couple‟s portrait that‟s supposed to go on the wall behind Jade‟s head…”
  90. 90. Here‟s baby Sol. That is one cute little kid.
  91. 91. And now for Ella‟s turn… if we can wake her up, that is. Look at that, she‟s sleeping in Grandpa‟s arms!
  92. 92. And here she is after her birthday sparkle explosion.
  93. 93. Once the confetti had cleared and trips to the mirror had been made, the twins looked like this. Aren‟t they the cutest little things!? I can‟t get over them! That also happens to be all we have time for today! An adorable twin-toddlers picture is a good way to close out a chapter, right? Until next time, happy simming!