Where Angels Fear to Tread: Episode 5


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Forgotten Memories should sometimes remain forgotten...

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Where Angels Fear to Tread: Episode 5

  1. 1. I shouldn’t continue to lie to my sister, I should tell her the truth…I remember. I remember everything that happened during those three days I was gone…but the truth, it would break her heart if she knew…can I continue the charade or should I just bear all?
  2. 2. Lilith: DANAVA!! What is the problem? Why can’t you just do it already??!! I should have you spayed you worthless dog!! Danava: Chill out Lil, I’ll still follow through on the plan. Just not yet…I promise. Lilith: And how pray tell, will you be doing that?
  3. 3. Danava: The first part of the plan went well, we chased them out of Pleasantview to this god forsaken spit of land didn’t we? My pack did as you instructed us to. We killed off the husband, set fire to their tower and then hunted down and killed the aunt and uncle and that squalling brat they had with them. Tsume was particularly glad he got to eat the baby. Lilith: Yes, that you did manage to do right, but what about part two?
  4. 4. Danava: Ah that, well that was the easy part…he practically begged me. Lilith: Oh do tell…
  5. 5. Danava: You know how easily mortals give into their desires, it was fun to toy with him. He was already dripping with jealousy for his older brother, something about always being overshadowed by him or some such crap, I wasn’t really listening. He begged me to bite him so he could finally have something that was his alone, something that made him stand out…pride is the greatest of all sins you know. Lilith: Well duh…that’s why we love politicians.
  6. 6. Danava: I explained to the gullible brat that biting him now would do no good, he wouldn’t age if I bit him as a teen. We need him to grow up first, that was what our prince wanted with him. So I gave him the idea to take on Intelligence so he would be in a position of influential power…and he ate it up. Lilith: That is true, he can tell the masses that our disguised demon agents are friendlies and should be welcomed into their hovels.
  7. 7. Danava: Exactly, that is what our prince wanted. He wants to subvert the meddling Featherheads by infiltrating the mortals’ hovels and bodies. While they need permission to use a human, we don’t. And in this world, anything that makes the humans stronger is what they crave…they are so easily manipulated. Lilith: You don’t have to tell me that. I know.
  8. 8. Danava: After that it was easy, I just had to act all buddy-buddy with him until he was ready to accept the bite. And I’m pretty sure he was attracted to me as well, you know teenage humans and their hormones… Lilith: Yeah…
  9. 9. Lilith: So you got him to stick around for three days to earn his trust? Danava: Yep. See I told you I had the right idea. But eventually he had to go, that sister of his wouldn’t give up looking for him if he didn’t. Lilith: Does he still remember? Danava: Yes, he remembers everything. I just told him to lie if anyone asked where he was…we don’t need the attention of those humans…you know the ones?
  10. 10. Lilith: Yes…them…they had the gall to stand up to your pack didn’t they? Danava: Unfortunately, they proved to be somewhat better than I had thought. They slaughtered my pack but I managed to escape, I think they had inside help. Lilith: From who? Danava: Vance…
  11. 11. Lilith: VANCE!!?? DAMN HIM!! Danava: That’s what I said, I saw his signature kill style all over my pack mates after they left. Lilith: Why didn’t I kill that bastard when I had the chance??!! Danava: Our prince forbade it…he said that Vance’s punishment will come in due time for his betrayal.
  12. 12. Lilith: Oh I can’t wait for that day to come…I so want a piece of that blue skinned freak myself… Danava: Don’t we all?
  13. 13. Lucifer: Don’t worry Lilith my dear, I promised you first crack once we get our hands on Vance. Lilith: Of that I have no doubt my prince. Lucifer: But he’s smart…although I am smarter. I’ll let him think he’s safe for now…but no one escapes the Prince of Darkness’s wrath forever.
  14. 14. Iblis: It’s too bad, Vance was a hell of a fighter. He taught me everything I know. Lilith: So you keep telling us, we all know you two were best buds…it was sickening actually. Iblis: You’re just jealous because everyone thinks you’re a bitch. Lilith: I am a bitch, and proud of it.
  15. 15. Danava: He was cute too. Lilith: Oh gross not you too!! Danava: Just saying…a lot of female demons wanted him.
  16. 16. Iblis: Aww, and here I thought I was your one and only Dani… Danava: In your dreams freak. Iblis: Every night baby, every night. Danava: Don’t even…
  17. 17. Danava: Because this is the face that nightmares are made of, BLEH!! ******
  18. 18. Elsewhere… Kaze: Where are you going baby? Ani-Mei: I miss them Kaze…I want—I want to tell them we’re alive. Eve must be worried sick about us, our poor granddaughter. Kaze: You know we can’t…not anymore…she has to stand alone with her brothers…you know this.
  19. 19. Ani-Mei: Well Michael doesn’t have children!! He doesn’t know what it’s like!! Kaze: I know, but rules are rules. Eve has to carry on, our loss has given her new strength. She will use it well, and she has her brothers to support her. Ani-Mei: Why can’t we bring back our son? We have the power to do it…we’re angels again.
  20. 20. Kaze: Honey, you know Castiel wouldn’t want that. He died defending his home and with his wife…he’s happy where he is. Don’t take him out of there… Ani-Mei: How can you say that??! He’s YOUR SON!! Kaze: I know but I am a Death Angel, at least I was able to collect their souls along with Kuolema. We escorted them to Heaven personally, that’s our job as Death Angels. Besides, you can go up there and see him anytime you want, you’re an Archangel.
  21. 21. Ani-Mei: *sigh* You’re right, Castiel wouldn’t want to be torn away from his bliss up there. It’s just hard…you know? Kaze: I know, I don’t blame you. I love our boy too. Ani-Mei: Let’s go back inside, it’s cold out here. Kaze: But pretty…I like the snow.
  22. 22. Michael: Come on Raphael that is the second time you have hit the wrong note. I already told you, I had to. Raphael: You did, but you didn’t have to enjoy it… Michael: Rules are rules, you know this.
  23. 23. Raphael: You sent her away, back to the throne room…why did you have to send the Seraphs back? Michael: Knowing them, they will find a way back down here…and so will Pony. She is tenacious that one. Raphael: And you wonder why I love her so much…
  24. 24. Michael: Indeed…as long as it does not interfere with your job…again. Raphael: I knew it!! You blame me for the demons!! Michael: It was your responsibility to protect the mission, and you let them kill Castiel. Thankfully Eve managed to escape with her brothers in time…the mission was spared.
  25. 25. Gabriel: Honestly, you two. Let it go. We are not supposed to harbour grudges, it is the path to evil. Michael: Well spoken Gabriel. Raphael: Sure, take his side. Gabriel: I am on no one’s side, we all are on the same one.
  26. 26. Ani-Mei: I happen to agree with my brother. I don’t blame Raphael for my son, I never have. Raphael: Thank you. Ani-Mei: The mission is safe and Eve is doing a wonderful job of carrying on. The fact that the demons were feeling so brazen as to attack them like that, that is what we should be watching out for…
  27. 27. Kaze: Yes, that was bold of them…I want to investigate that myself. Michael: Good idea, and I have been hearing rumours about a small group of humans who have gone up against the demons, look into them as well. Kaze: Yeah. I will. ******
  28. 28. Kuolema: Why do we have to study? What use is it to us? “Orders.” Kuolema: I know but still…
  29. 29. Shinia: Now, now do you really want to disobey your Kaze-senpai Lema? Kuolema: No… Shinia: Then quit complaining and read. Kuolema: *sigh* Fine.
  30. 30. Morte: Admit it, you are glad Kaze is back too Shinia. Shinia: Of course I am, he’s a great leader. Morte: Not what I meant and you know it. Shinia: But he’s married… Morte: I’m not. Shinia: Yeah but you’re like my brother…
  31. 31. Morte: Ouch. Shinia: It’s true, you are. But Kaze…*dreamy sigh* he’s sexy… Kuolema: Shinia!! He’s married!! Shinia: So? Kuolema: I don’t think that’s appropriate, and neither would Kaze-senpai. ******
  32. 32. Down on the home front… Eve: Good boy, now shake…shake. Just like this see? Sake: *clueless look* Eve: Shake…you need to learn this for a promotion Sake. Come on now. Cain: Hey sis!! Get dressed there’s some new people next door to us, I want to look into them.
  33. 33. Eve: Who are you guys? “We’re the A.H.R., Angel’s Haven Resistance. We were about to ask you the same question.” Eve: I’m Eve Angel, we came here to escape the demons who killed my family. “So you’re the ones who are in charge of the Divine Mission…we had heard about you.”
  34. 34. “I am Fujiwara Kisuke, I’m in charge of the Resistance.” Eve: So you’re Japanese then? Kisuke: Yes, we have been fighting the same demons here that you’ve been running from. They’re everywhere, and they have decimated nearly all of my forces.
  35. 35. Eve: How many of you are left? Kisuke: Four. But there are others on the way, I believe you may know them as Mimi’s Army. They worked under your mother. Eve: I have heard of them, but I’ve never met them. Are they here? Kisuke: They’re coming in as reinforcements.
  36. 36. Kisuke: This is Dr. Yuka Kusinagi, she’s been with us since the beginning. Eve: You’re a doctor? Yuka: Yes, the only one for kilometers though. Eve: So how do get supplies then? Yuka: We are supposed to receive them once a month from outside but the demons have been making it difficult to get the supply trucks through though.
  37. 37. Kisuke: Anya Volynski is our weapons master, she really knows how to make what little weapons we have last. She’s even made new ones out of parts. Eve: I see, so you’ve been at this for a while then? Kisuke: Ever since it began, I’ve lost track of how many years it’s been now.
  38. 38. Eve: You said there were four of you, who’s the last? Kisuke: Skeet Carter, he’s our OPS man. He runs the radio and mans the communications. Once the lines clear, he’ll stop griping about them. Eve: Yeah…I don’t expect that to happen any time soon. Kisuke: He’ll deal with it, once a week is all he really gets to use them. Eve: I’d like to meet him.
  39. 39. Skeet: So you’re the famous Eve Angel huh? Thought you were going to work on the communications? Eve: Yes, well things changed. Priorities changed, I think that brining food back is more practical for now don’t you? Skeet: Communications should be paramount, we need some serious demon killing back up in here…can’t do that if there’s no communications can I? Eve: And if you stave to death what use are communications then huh? Skeet: Touché.
  40. 40. Cain: So you’re the weapons master huh? How’s that working out? Anya: ‘Is vorking fine. Ve do vhat ve can against the demons. Cain: There aren’t any army bases around? My mom was a general you know. Anya: Don’t you think ve looked? Is none, no bases… Cain: When I restore the SCIA I’ll look into that for you.
  41. 41. Having met the new people next door, Cain was satisfied they weren’t demons and advised Eve that it was time to head back home, it was getting dark out. Once they got home, Tazama had decided it was time to take the next step and ask Eve to marry him, she accepted. Generation three was one step closer to coming in. ******
  42. 42. It wasn’t long after the announcement of Eve’s engagement that the reinforcements for the Resistance had arrived. Mimi’s Army had made it to Angel’s Haven safely. Kisuke: I’m glad you made it. Are you in charge? “Yes, I am Shiloh McAllen, these are my men. Kisuke: I see. I’m Fujiwara Kisuke, leader of the A.H.R. I heard about your success recently.
  43. 43. Shiloh: It cost me some good men…so I wouldn’t say it was that much of a success. Those wolf demons…they were able to ambush us. I was not pleased. Kisuke: But you saved the Angel kids, that has to be worth something right? Shiloh: They were the General’s kids, she wouldn’t have forgiven us if we let the demons kill them.
  44. 44. Anya: You are the veapons master ya? Terri: Yep, and we brought lots of goodies for y’all. Anya: Daht is good, ve need them. Terri: Ms. Shiloh is a great leader, that gal’s got fight in her. Anya: Good, ve need it here.
  45. 45. Skeet: You brought those awesome army satellite dishes right? The ones with atmospheric disturbance dispersers? God I hope so… Eric: Do I look like a computer dork? I don’t think so, you need to talk to Vance about that, I’m the medic. Skeet: Vance? You mean…
  46. 46. Eric: The blue-skinned demon with the green hair, yes. That’s Vance, he’s a defector from the other side. Skeet: But he’s a demon…we KILL demons!! Eric: This one saved our lives, he wiped out most of those wolf demons in one kamikaze assault run…he’s nuts but an awesome fighter. And he runs our communications using that demon technology of his.
  47. 47. Skeet: How can you trust and LIVE with a demon under the same roof? Eric: Don’t be stupid kid!! We don’t fully trust him but we know he can be a valued asset to the team. Skeet: Keep your enemies close huh? Eric: Damn right kid, close enough to meet the business end of a sniper rifle if he even looks like he’s thinking of serving us up as demon chow.
  48. 48. Skeet: And just one more thing, what’s with the cat? Eric: Kobe is as mean as a rattlesnake and will claw your face off if you look at her wrong, plus she keeps the demon placated. Cats were revered as guardians of the underworld in Egyptian times you know. They have more power in that regard than you would think…and it works on demons too. ******
  49. 49. Next time on Where Angels Fear to Tread: So not so much about the family this chapter, it was more of a background and an intro to the new supporting characters for the Angels. Because you know I simply don’t have enough to write about already…and I like the challenge of added families and houses. You probably noticed that my Death Angels and Demons are different, well I lost all my CC in the M&G Massacre and that included the hair and skin tone I had for Shinia. Also lost Morte’s hair, the new one will take some getting used to. I even lost Danava’s cute wolf ears, I forget what page they were on at the Rose Sims site. And as for the seraphs, they will return once I go hunt down Pony and Mia’s simselves again. I have another to add as well so once I find them there will be five seraphs instead of four this time. And yes, Michael is still an asshole. 