Where Angels Fear to Tread: Episode 4


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Rebirth and resurrection...

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Where Angels Fear to Tread: Episode 4

  1. 1. “I have to keep going, keep walking, I can’t stop…I’m all on my own now…they are out there, I can hear them closing in on me. I have to protect them, they are all the family I have left…because we’re all alone…”
  2. 2. Been a long road to follow… Been there and gone tomorrow… Without saying good bye to yesterday…
  3. 3. Are the memories I hold still valid? Or have the tears deluded them? Maybe this time tomorrow…
  4. 4. The rain will cease to follow… And the mist will fade into one more day… Something somewhere out there keeps calling…
  5. 5. Am I going home? Will I hear someone singing solace to the silent moon? Zero gravity, what’s it like?
  6. 6. Am I alone?
  7. 7. Is there somebody beyond these heavy, aching feet? Still the road the keeps telling me to go on… Something is pulling me… I feel the gravity of it all. Song: Gravity Artist: Maaya Sakamoto Album: Wolf’s Rain soundtrack
  8. 8. Adam: Hey, Evie…you in there? Eve: Huh? Adam: You home? Eve: Oh, yeah…I guess.
  9. 9. Cain: We made it Evie, we’re alive. Eve: But everyone else isn’t…or they’re missing. Cain: What dad started…what you have to continue, it’s all going to be worth it okay? And we’ll help you, we’re not going anywhere. Eve: I know…
  10. 10. Eve: I almost lost you too baby brother…when we were going through Pleasantview, you disappeared for three days. Where were you? Adam: Evie…he’s already told us. He doesn’t remember. Eve: He has to remember something!! Cain: I don’t okay? I already told you that!!
  11. 11. Adam: You know she was only worried about you, even when she was freezing out there calling your name for hours before I made her stop yelling. Eve: I am the oldest and daddy did make me his heir before…before… Cain: Yes I know I’m sorry. But I honestly can’t remember where I was. Adam: It’s okay little bro…it may come back to you some day. Cain: Yeah…
  12. 12. Adam: Well Evie is at work, and we lost my other car in the river trying to get through Veronaville…I was lucky to find another Junker here. Cain: Why do you bother to restore these things anyway? Adam: It’s just a precaution, I mean we have car pools and all that but I want my own car just in case.
  13. 13. Cain: I was surprised you even asked me to help you. I know you and dad…well this was your thing together. Adam: It was and I’ll always treasure that first car dad and I worked on together, but you’re my little brother and I felt like it should be something that brothers can do together, you know? Cain: Do you think Evie is alright?
  14. 14. Adam: Yeah, she’s tough. She dragged us across the country and kept us all alive. She even gave us her rations…remember? That’s why she decided to try to find a way to make the food last. She took the Culinary path so we could have food again. Cain: I am so sick of cereal, burgers and hot dogs. I would love to never eat another one as long as I live…blech.
  15. 15. Cain: I think I’ll restore the SCIA, you know like mom did for the army? We need more than one group out here watching our backs you know? Adam: I’ll still keep looking for Architecture, it’s all I’ve wanted to do since I was a teen. It’ll be nice to have some stronger doors and things to use rather than those flimsy, cheap wooden planks they try to pass off as doors. Cain: It’s pretty doubtful that the doors now will keep the demons out…or whatever else there is out there.
  16. 16. Adam: That’s for sure. What colour do you think I should use this time? Cain: I don't know, I always liked the black. I would have loved to drive your other car at least once. Adam: I liked the black too, makes it easier to hide at night. Cain: Maybe we should make this tower not green then? It kinda stands out. Adam: Evie wanted to use the pale green, she likes this colour. And she’s the heiress so…
  17. 17. The next day Architecture still wasn’t in the paper so Adam decided to finish his car while Evie and Cain were at work. Adam: Black is still cooler…
  18. 18. Adam: Now why couldn’t I have swiped a mask for this too? That wind is blowing the paint back at my face, and it doesn’t taste that good… *cough*
  19. 19. Adam: At least it’s cold out, if it weren’t the heat would probably make this a lot worse.
  20. 20. When Eve got back that evening she made some time to write up a novel, or a memoire. It was something Castiel didn’t have the chance to do and after everything that happened, Eve wanted a record kept of the mission so that future descendants would know who began the journey and what happened to them…and to her.
  21. 21. Chapter 1: Xavier Xavier was the one who brought logic and reason back to the world, and he was going to be my husband. Daddy brought him into the family when I was 15 and we got to know each other pretty well during the short time we were together. And for me who wanted a life of Romance, settling down with one man for the rest of my life was scary, at first. But once everything went wrong, he stuck by me and my brothers until we reached Desiderata Valley, where we were cornered by a horde of demons acting under orders and they forced us to back track the way we came…
  22. 22. The demons were sent to stop us from getting away and Xavier used himself as bait to draw them off me and my brothers so we could escape. I begged him to come with us but he refused, he said I was the important one and I had to survive…even if he didn’t. It was the second time in my life that I ever cried, when he took off in a car we had managed to hotwire so they wouldn’t be following Adam’s car anymore it was the last time I saw him. I can only assume he’s dead, and I never got to tell him…on the night we consummated the marriage I had gotten pregnant…
  23. 23. I found out later that the leader of the demon horde was someone named Lilith and that she was looking for us. Xavier only managed to divert their attention for a while but they soon caught up. I’m not sure exactly what it was, but I think the combinations of stress, malnutrition, the cold, and all the running away caused me to lose the baby that Xavier and I made on our wedding night. All I remember was a horrible pain, and then blood so much blood. My poor brothers, Adam and Cain were still teens and didn’t know what to do when they saw me bleeding…they were so scared.
  24. 24. We barely made it to the hospital just outside Pleasantview, once we got there it was the work of one Intern named Don Lothario who managed to save my life. He somehow found enough blood to give me a transfusion with, I would have liked to thank him personally after I had recovered but that was the time when Cain went missing. Adam just turned 18 and it was almost too much for him to handle all at once. I was terrified, so I spent hours outside the hospital calling out his name in the darkness. Adam had to literally drag me kicking and screaming back inside, he told me that I had just recovered and he was going to be damned if he would let me endanger myself again so soon…
  25. 25. Eve paused as she finished that paragraph, the memories of that day were still raw in her mind. Thoughts of what the baby could have been if it had been born kept her up at night. When her brothers were snoring silently in the room she would lay in bed and cry for her lost child and lover…even now she still thought about the baby.
  26. 26. Chapter 2: Caryl and Kojiro My aunt and uncle were among those who were targeted by the demons, we had to leave so quickly that I don’t know much about what happened to them, or if they were even alive still.
  27. 27. I was the only one who really spent any time with her, my brothers were too young to remember Aunt Caryl. I would have liked to tell them about her, but I think I’m starting to forget her. Daddy knew her better but he never talked much about their childhood together and now…I’ll never know.
  28. 28. I never got to see my baby cousin Satoshi either, it’s sad that he won’t get the chance to grow up. Maybe that’s a good thing, he won’t have to see the world as it is now.
  29. 29. All I really do know is that Aunt Caryl and daddy liked to dance…would Satoshi have grown up with a love of music and dance too if he had been allowed to? I’ve never heard music myself so I wonder what it’s like, what it sounds like…
  30. 30. Cain: Evie, what are you doing? Eve: Writing, I think that I should start record of how we ended up here. Cain: What have you written so far? Eve: I was just explaining what happened to everyone… Cain: You know what happened to dad’s parents? Eve: Not entirely…
  31. 31. Chapter 3: Ani-Mei and Kaze One of my biggest regrets was not getting to know my grandparents better, and that Adam and Cain never knew them at all. I think I saw my grandmother once when I was very young, I must have been like one or two years old but I do remember a brown haired woman looking down at me, smiling.
  32. 32. I suppose if things had gone right daddy would have invited my grandparents over more often, but no one could have known that we would have so little time together. Daddy said once that they lived in the tower next door to us, the mocha coloured one. But I never went over there…I wish now that I had. I don’t know where they are, or if they made it out of Pleasantview alive…
  33. 33. Adam looks like grandma, he has her hair colour and eyes. I guess if I wanted to know what she looked like all I’d have to do is look at Adam and imagine he was a girl…
  34. 34. And grandpa, I wish I knew what he looked like…all I know is that daddy had his hair colour and nose…or so he told me one day.
  35. 35. Cain: Evie, you look tired. Why not go to bed? We all have to work tomorrow remember? Eve: Yeah, maybe you’re right…I am tired… Cain: See? I know what I’m talking about.
  36. 36. The next morning… Adam: EVIE!! What are you doing? I asked you to play with me because I need the logic for work!! I didn’t ask you to cheat!! Eve: Lighten up little bro, it’s harmless. Adam: Why do you do that? Eve: What can I say? It’s in my genes.
  37. 37. Adam: That’s a poor excuse and you know it. Eve: Is not. It’s perfectly legit. Adam: Isn’t that your carpool outside? Eve: Maybe… Adam: I think I’ll play with Cain from now on.
  38. 38. When she came home after 7, it was still chilly out and the snow was light on the ground. She had been promoted to Prep Cook just before she left, only four more promotions to go and there would be food back in the world. She could almost taste those meals…she worked with them all day but rarely had a chance to sample them.
  39. 39. The news was good for Cain too, he was told that starting tomorrow he would be a new Field Agent, like his sister that meant he had four more promotions to go before it became safe again to invite survivors inside…
  40. 40. Later that night when Cain was recycling the old newspapers, he heard a soft mewing sound coming from underneath Adam’s car. A brown cat was huddling under it to escape the cold, as Cain came around to the front the cat came out. Cain: Hey, kitty…what are you doing here?
  41. 41. Cain: If you stay out here, you’ll catch your death of cold… Mew… Cain: Well we need another animal around the house, it’s been lonely since Moonshine died. How about you come inside?
  42. 42. Cain: That’s what I thought. Evie will love you and so will Adam…Sake. Yeah, that sounds like a good name for you. Purrrr… Cain: Evie will soon bring food preservatives back and we can feed you all the cat crunchies you want.
  43. 43. Sake will lift Pet Service so I can keep control of my elders…if I had copied the pictures in time you would have seen Castiel and Mimete as elders and it would break my heart to not be able to control them anymore after they did so much…
  44. 44. D’aww…so cute. He twitches in his sleep just like a real cat does, have you ever watched an animal sleep in here before?
  45. 45. Cain: There’s no spider on the wall Evie…I doubt they would survive the cold. Eve: Oh but I swear it was there…I hate spiders…can you just look again? Cain: You’re such a girl… Eve: Well spotted.
  46. 46. Cain: I brought a cat inside, I found him under Adam’s car freezing. Eve: Yeah? Cool. I’ll be at the top soon so we won’t have to ration things anymore. Cain: I called him Sake. Eve: Do you even know what Sake is? Cain: No, do you? Eve: Nope. Never heard of it.
  47. 47. The next day everyone was back at work except Eve. Adam came home with a promotion to Architect’s Apprentice, also level six. Adam: Hey these things are cool!! What they are, I have no idea but they’re pretty. Butterflies in winter…okay then.
  48. 48. Eve: EEK!! SPIDER!! “Where?” Eve: I saw it, I swear…hate those things. “Are you sure it wasn’t a trick of the light Evie?” Eve: Maybe…
  49. 49. Eve: Well maybe it was the light but thanks for looking anyway. “Anytime.” Eve: Taz, ever since you came by that second day here I haven’t stopped thinking about you… Tazama: Me neither. I am still in awe of what you’re doing here, the Apocalypse and all.
  50. 50. Meet Tazama Walter, the generation 2 spouse. He got a good outfit, I like this outfit from FT. Eve only has one bolt with him but she refused to roll any other Fall In Love with wants for anyone but him. So be it then. Taz came in with a level 6 MVP job in Athletics and will continue in that path. He’s a Popularity/Family type with a LTW of being a Hall of Famer. I think he’s an Aquarius, I forget…
  51. 51. Eve: I’m glad you want to help me, please move in with us. Taz: I will, I really want to make a difference here. Seeing so many people weak and frail from the radiation bothers me. Eve: I hear you, it’s hard watching kids barely make it walking around.
  52. 52. Eve: I’m going to finish this, and now…to write the hardest chapter of my novel…
  53. 53. Chapter 4: Castiel and Mimete My parents, the ones who took on the important mission to restore the world to what it once was, the ones who raised us and loved us, and who taught us everything we know. My parents were the last ones to leave the other tower, they wanted to save it and the memories it held for them…
  54. 54. It may seem stupid to someone to risk your life for something as trivial as a sink, but to my parents that sink was were all three of us had out first baths. They told us how we loved playing and splashing in the water, and how our squeals of delight filled the tower with joy. To them that sink was a precious part of our lives…
  55. 55. Or even the crib that all three of us slept in. It was special to mom, she could look at it on those nights when the cold seemed to creep in and sink into your bones and remember the warmth she felt when we would sleep soundly in it. Carefree days and innocence, that’s what that old crib meant to mom…
  56. 56. Oh man, I remember our old fridge. That thing was loud sometimes and it rattled but swinging on that door…good times. I needed something to take my mind off the boredom of never going to school…it’s probably scrap metal somewhere now.
  57. 57. Their bed, it was where Adam and Cain did some brotherly bonding one day just after Cain turned 7. It wasn’t the most comfortable thing in the world for me to sleep on but…it’s funny how the simplest of things can leave the most lasting impressions on your mind. I try not to think that that bed was where we were all conceived however, that’s just gross…
  58. 58. We never found their bodies. All I could do was watch as it burned to the ground. The demons…they set fire to it after dad used that weird spell of his on us to teleport us out of the tower…he and mom—they stayed behind. Dying together in a home they built together and had fond memories of… I wish I could have been closer, to beg the Grim Reaper to spare my parents…but the one who came for them was not a cloaked figure, it was actually a pair of black-winged angels…they looked so sad when they came.
  59. 59. They took the graves with them…I didn’t even get to say good bye to my parents… ******
  60. 60. This is the new location of the Apocalypse: Angel’s Haven. It’s the Pleasantview template only cleared and with a dirt terrain instead of lush as per Apocalypse rules. I have started to rebuild everyone, I’ve remade my Archangels and Death Angels again and put them in the same house. I still have to recreate my demons and the Seraphs, except that for some reason Gabie, your simself doesn’t want to install, the damn thing tells me it’s missing EP data again…so I’m not sure if I can replace her, sorry Gabie. I think my game is still in physical therapy from its near death experience.
  61. 61. Next time on Where Angels Fear to Tread: