Where Angels Fear to Tread: Episode 6


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Generation 3 takes the stage and lifts are achieved!

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Where Angels Fear to Tread: Episode 6

  1. 1. I know that I have to get a move on with the mission, but some part of me still fears bringing children into the world…but I think I’ll be alright, I have my brothers and Taz.
  2. 2. Blessed be!! Eve comes home with good news, and a Culinary lift!! They can have food more than once a day and store leftovers, and use an actual stove!! As well as use Grilled Cheese perks, both primary and secondary… “Once a Culinary master emerges from the household, new ways are invented to preserve food. They learn better ways to cook the artificial food and how to rewire household appliances so they can be used again. They also open supply chains to coffee growers.”
  3. 3. Later on the next night… Cain came back with a promotion and therefore another lift, Intelligence has been lifted!! They can now redeem Popularity perks (yay from Adam and Taz!!) and go on vacations…once Adventure, Politics, and Athletics are lifted of course so they have somewhere to go…*cough* “Out of the shadows shines a light. While they work in secretive and mysterious ways, the recently re-instated SCIA brings back trust into everyday living. With thoroughly checked out agents filling the ranks, operatives are sent out to clearly distinguish friend from foe. Information travels quickly and soon everyone knows who is trustworthy and who isn’t.”
  4. 4. And the next day… Adam lifts Architecture so I can rework and use better build mode things. Hallelujah!! I have been waiting for this for like, ever. “Once a great Architect arises in the family, blueprints are drawn up to create safer homes for the survivors. With the construction company the Architect created, sights are set on rebuilding the community areas damaged by the catastrophe.”
  5. 5. Ah, bless you Taz!! Four in a row!! Taz lifts Athletics!! They can go to Three Lakes at least for a vacation…yay, more snow. >_< Unlimited Inventory too!! Perfect for a renovation that restricts selling stuff. “Once a sim joins the Hall of Fame from the Mutant Football League arena, new training techniques are invented to overcome muscle degeneration set in by the disaster. All Athletic restrictions are lifted.”
  6. 6. Taz: We did it, all four of us. You think we could get married now Evie? Eve: I—I suppose…I mean it would be nice, I think. Taz: Still worried about the Aspiration Crazies? I think you’ll be alright. Eve: Maybe you’re right…
  7. 7. Taz: I love you Evie…don’t be scared. Eve: I know, and I love you too… it’s just bad memories of the last time I did this. Taz: I’m not him, I’m not going to die on you. I swear. At least not until we’re both old and grey. Eve: You’re right…I didn’t mean to ruin the moment. Taz: You didn’t, don’t worry.
  8. 8. Taz: Now, how about that wedding night fun? Eve: You read my mind. Taz: Good to know. Yay!! Generation three!!
  9. 9. Taz: We are best friends and soul mates after all. Eve: Yes, we are. Red rings…yeah. She survived the -5000 drop because of Perma-Plat bliss…*whew* Good girl Evie.
  10. 10. Eve: Wanna help me get those points back? Taz: Do I ever!! Eve: Good to know!! Ah, the sweet sound of a lullaby…how I love it so…
  11. 11. House shots!! Yes, I love those spiral stairs!! I got a little more space at least. All still nicely crammed into the 8x8 prison. And with babies coming looks like another full house or at least seven and I’m still sticking to my three kid rule per generation and now that Culinary is lifted no more whining about hunger!! Hoping for a Medical spouse next generation though. Cribs are in waiting on the roof though, but I can move them now, awesome! Yay Taz!! *crosses fingers that Taz knows one in the field* But I can ask now, so also a yay to Cain for Intelligence!!
  12. 12. However…good news does have a way of making it to the wrong ears…and Cain had a visitor one night. Danava: Cain, long time no see. Cain: Danava. What brings you here? Danava: You didn’t forget our deal did you? Cain: No…but why now?
  13. 13. Even as highly trained as Cain was, Danava’s demonic speed was still too much for him, and she bit him…hard. Danava: Why not now? You’ve become the leader of the SCIA, thanks to our deal. It’s time to pay up. Cain: Urkk!!!
  14. 14. Cain: Damnit Danava!! What ever happened to on three!!? Great now I have to quit. Daytime hours are horrible for a vamp!! Danava: Just remember boy, you owe us. Cain: I thought I just repaid you? You wanted me to top Intelligence and I did. Danava: Yes, but here’s the thing I’ve given you eternal youth…that’s a whole other deal. Cain: Bloody demon bitch!! You can’t go changing the rules mid game!! Danava: Demon bitch remember? When do we ever play fair?
  15. 15. Cain: Evie won’t like this…why did I have to be so stupid? Of course a demon would double cross you…idiot!! If anyone at the office saw me like this… And he can’t even cure himself, Business and Education (can’t make potions, no witch/warlock around to learn how to make it anymore) both restrict it. But…he may be useful for child raising this way, and he’s a hot vamp too…damnit. So conflicting…
  16. 16. Speaking of child raising…and no Eve didn’t miss a day as Celebrity Chef. She can walk to work with 10 Body since Mimi lifted Military and because Adam takes their only car…the timing was off and she had to go to work during pregnancy. Eve: Taz? TAZ!!! Taz: *snore* And just because I asked for it…There’s TWO new babies in the family…
  17. 17. Meet first born, Margaret and her twin brother Joseph… However…
  18. 18. Eve: Cain, hold him please… Cain: Evie, what?? Why? Eve: Because I’m not done. And their triplet, Isaiah. Just because my game loves to mess with me… >_< Oh well at least she’s done birthing kidlets for the generation.
  19. 19. Eve: A three-for-one deal…huh. What do you know? No Aspiration Crazies… Taz: I am thrilled, I’ve always wanted kids. Eve: Well I’m glad because three is all you’re getting baby. Taz: I’m fine with that. His Want panel says otherwise : Have 10 Kids…AHAHAHA!! No…never. I may live to regret that Family Secondary Aspiration I gave him.
  20. 20. This is Isaiah (I think)…and he’s the Generation 3 heir. Only because I have ideas for him. I think an alternating generation gender heirs is a good thing to start; male Founder, female Gen. 2 heir, male Gen. 3 heir…and Isaiah looks like Castiel the most don’t you think?
  21. 21. Taz: Drink up now, umm…Margaret? Isaiah? Joseph? I really should learn who is who…
  22. 22. Adam: My dad did this for us when we were small little one, I think the tradition should be passed on. Though I wish I could have my own kids…*sigh*
  23. 23. Adam: So cute!! If I only knew which one of the three this is…
  24. 24. Baby days are short indeed…and soon it was time for toddler hell. Also Sake is still around, though I think he’s glitched. He’s been stuck on Level 3 Pet Service for days now, even though he goes to work all greened up and knows everything required for the final promotion, it just doesn’t move…so I call glitch on that and declare Pet Service lifted despite it.
  25. 25. At least I know this is Margaret, Eve had the same hair since there’s no toddler mesh for her hair. But that is Taz’s nose, I recognize the Pao Mellon shape. Margaret Angel Virgo 10/4/9/4/8
  26. 26. And this is Isaiah. He also has the Pao Mellon face, though it looks nicer with Eve’s cheeks. Also he’s the most Outgoing and Serious of the three… Isaiah Angel, Gen. 3 Heir Aries 5/8/6/4/3
  27. 27. And finally, in the pink tux and sporting the Lex Luthor look is Joseph. At least I can tell the boys apart now. Castiel’s shy playfulness lives on in Joseph.  Joseph Angel Sagittarius 7/1/10/7/3
  28. 28. And with no toys on the second floor, Sake is the toddler magnet. I call this moment Face Off; Isaiah vs. Sake. Isaiah: Kitteh!! Sake: Is it too late to run?
  29. 29. Sake: Blast!! Foiled!! Who knew the immature bipedal humanoid could move so fast… Isaiah: Kitteh soff!! MWAH!!
  30. 30. Sake: Vision getting dimmer…life flashing before eyes…breath fading…*mew*…Mama? Is that you? Isaiah: Mah kitteh!!
  31. 31. I regret I have no pictures of toddler skilling or cute interactions of the triplets, so instead I give you a filler shot of Angel’s Haven as it stands now. Closest to the water tower is Angel Base the main household, next door is the A.H.R. Headquarters, and at the end is Black Tower, home to Mimi’s Army. And my cool looking Apocalyptic buildings, degraded and rusted. Behind the water tower are the Wind Turbines, the source of the new found electricity for Angel’s Haven. What? They aren’t going to use nuclear plants again after this…why not use wind power? Winter is known for having icy, blustering winds anyway right?
  32. 32. Slightly out of order, since Black Tower is missing, this shows the Archangel’s floating mansion in the bottom of the picture. And for some reason I have two pig balloons floating over Angel’s Haven. I only have one water tower though…so don’t know why I have two pigs. One is over the water and the other is in front of the big rock near the wind turbines if you can see them.
  33. 33. Sake: Oh no, I sense a disturbance in the Force…they can chase me upstairs now…rats. I could go for some rat hunting right about now…hmm, good idea. Isaiah: Kitteh…
  34. 34. Synchronized grow up sequence go!! Isaiah has Adam’s hair, that should help me tell them apart right? And Margaret in the banana pajamas has the black hair buns that Eve had, and Joseph has hair!!
  35. 35. Even got them to clap at the same time too. And now Cain and Adam show up to see them. I wanted to make them wait until Cain was awake so he could see them grow up too.
  36. 36. I only use the locker dresser to change them into their everyday clothes, not to plan them…and look Margaret got Eve’s monkey shirt in child size, like mother like daughter I suppose. She has Taz’s nose too I think.
  37. 37. Joseph: Chess? How do you even play this? Margaret: Ask mommy…she would know.
  38. 38. Isaiah: Like these pawns; we are all part of a higher game, moved about by gods upon high for reasons we know not what…’tis a shame. Joseph: Umm? What? Margaret: I don’t know…
  39. 39. Isaiah: Words flowing in time, in rhyme. The language of the soul is what I extol. Joseph: He’s crazy…what’s extol mean? Margaret: You’re both crazy!! Why am I the only normal one?
  40. 40. And now that you’ve met the kids, I can show you the third and fourth floors. The third floor sleeps all seven of them and they all fit. Also has a 2x3 bathroom up here, a fence and locked gate keeps the kids out of Cain’s coffin so my hot vampire spare doesn’t fry in the sun. And on the roof are the cribs, the old table, chairs were replaced for part of the Crime payment, various toddler things, and the bookcase. I’ve left the career rewards unredeemed so I can save space. The chocolate thing alone is huge and the Punching Bag and Drafting Table both need four spaces that I don’t have to spare. The Intelligence thing is only one tile but I have no end table to put it on.
  41. 41. Next time on Where Angels Fear to Tread: Generation three takes the stage and I decide if I can actually write some sort of poetic lines for Isaiah to say, since I was told by Keika that Isaiah was a saint who liked poetry and as such the Book of Isaiah is hard to understand with the metaphoric poetic speech that’s in it. Margaret was also the name of a saint, but I don’t know her story, and Joseph you should know who he is by now. I was going to use the names Mary, Joseph and Abraham for this generation but I changed my mind.