Social Meida For Project Success - PMI Australia Conference 2013 Presentation


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With social media continuing to gain traction in the world of business it is an easy bet to say it’s here to stay for a while. The ability of a project manager to successfully deliver a project is directly proportional to their ability to effectively communicate with stakeholders. Social media presents an opportunity for improving that communication.
Social media has already become integrated with Project Management and is more widely adopted by project managers than some may think. This presentation highlights WHY project managers need to take social tools seriously and HOW they can successfully leverage these applications in their organisations.

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  • I like to have fun, who else likes to have fun? So is it OK if we some fun together over the next 45 minutes?
  • - PMBOK 4th Edition, page 243 (Chapter 10, Project Communications Management)
  • You are now looking at your next project manager or team member.
  • Knowledge used to be precious, and kept by the sole knowledge expert that everyone would go to.
  • Knowledge experts share freely. Viewed as knowledgeable by the amount of knowledge you share, the quality of information, and how freely it is available.
  • The Challenge: over 70 sites throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Breakdown in communication between those sites.The Solution: Chatter, which is Salesforce's internal social networking tool. They have over 600 of their 3,500 employees currently using the service, and hope to extend this to 1,000 by June.The Result: improved productivity through faster file sharing, collaborative problem solving and knowledge sharing.
  • Social Meida For Project Success - PMI Australia Conference 2013 Presentation

    1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA FORPROJECT SUCCESSAnfernee Chansamooth, Kaboom Hub
    2. 2. I am NOT your regularpresenter… I’m NOT your regular speaker!
    3. 3. Is it OK if wehave some
    4. 4. Pop Quiz!How much time does the typical project managerspend communicating both formally andinformally?a) 40-60%b) 50-70%c) 60-80%d) 75-90%Answer: 75-90%!!!
    5. 5. "Project managersspend the majorityof their timecommunicating…"- PMBOK 4th Edition, page 243
    6. 6. The Knowledge Shift...Sole KnowledgeExpertBefore: Knowledge as
    7. 7. After: Sharing of knowledge is
    8. 8. CorporationsReadPersonalSitesBritannicaPublishingAdvertisingContentMgmtHTMLCommunitiesRead & WritePersonal BlogsWikipediaParticipationViral MarketingWikisXML
    9. 9. Enterprise 2.0 Tools
    10. 10. Recap… Web 2.0 Applications that facilitate information sharing or have auser centric focus i.e. User-generated content. Social Media / Social Software The use of web-based and mobile technologies to turncommunication into an interactive dialogue Social Networking Building and reflecting of social networks or relationsamongst people Enterprise 2.0 The use of social software within the company, betweenthe company and their partners or customersSource: Yianni Achele, Jacobs Information Management
    11. 11. Stand Up &Share…What’s one thing thatyou’ve found valuableor useful in the last 20minutes?
    12. 12. E-MAIL SUCKS!!!
    13. 13. Got Fail?
    14. 14. 3 Reasons Why Orgs Fail atSocialHey Talk to MeBuddy!
    15. 15. 20
    16. 16. 21
    17. 17. The ChallengesChallenge Possible Solution“Getting people to use them soregularly it becomes second-nature,just the instinctive way wecommunicate. “Create a set of rituals and emphasize(repeatedly) the importance of thesetools.Integrate into standard businessprocess (just like email)Security/privacy concerns Find the appropriate tool that fits yourcompany privacy & security policiesUsers wasting time on these toolsbeing socialSet clear guidelines on acceptableuseNot as personalised as we would likeit to beFind the appropriate tool that fits yourrequirements and/or allowscustomisation
    18. 18. Write it down…What’s one challengethat you’re currentlyfacing with socialmedia in yourcompany?
    19. 19. Case Study: Pact GroupTheChallengeThe Solution The ResultOver 70 sitesthroughoutAustralia & NewZealand =communicationbreakdown!• Faster filesharing• Collaborativeproblem solving• Knowledgesharing=Improvedproductivity!Source:
    20. 20. Case Study: Earth HourTheChallengeThe Solution The ResultFacilitating globalimplementation of EarthHour in 152 countries8 staff, answeringquestions for 500+volunteersCapture event whenpower is off for 60 mins!For more than 50% ofparticipants English isnot primary language• Tool available in 23languages• Self-populatingdatabase• Knowledge & filesharing• Mobile accessduring 60-mindowntime=Significant timesavingsPowerful
    21. 21. How Can It Work For You?Have a clear vision –what’s your WHY?Have a game planDon’t forget to BESOCIAL!
    22. 22. Write it down…What’s one actionthat you can taketomorrow towardsbeing more successfulwith social media inyour projects?
    23. 23. Case Study: Flash MobTheChallengeThe Solution The Result6 weeks from idea toexecutionCreate choreographyCoordinate regularweekly training andrehearsalsAcquire volunteers andresourcesNo $$Portable sound system• 35 dancers• Original choreo• Music remixedspecifically for theevent• Makeshift soundsystem you wouldn’tbelieve=Incredible experiencethat brought joy tomany people andchanged lives
    24. 24. Flashmob – Facebook PrivateGroup
    25. 25. Thank You + Questions?Connect with me Chansamooth@kaboomAU