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eSocialFoundation - Social Media Training for SME's


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This presentation explains how eSocialMedia in London delivers training to SME's that allows them to have online business conversations.

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eSocialFoundation - Social Media Training for SME's

  1. 1. eSocialFoundation
  2. 2. About eSocialMedia is a ground-breaking social media consultancy in London.We have helped some of the biggest global companies achieve real business value from having online conversations.
  3. 3. eSocialFoundation eSocialFoundation is a workshop based program for that gives you the skills and tools to sourcetalent and clients online and have relevant online B2B conversations with them.
  4. 4. Questions About Social MediaWill this give me:• Quality Candidates?• Better Clients?• Operational Efficiency?• Brand Awareness?• Lead Generation?• Sector Knowledge?• A Differentiator?
  5. 5. The answer to all of these is YES
  6. 6. Why Social Media?• Business decision makers are time poor with over 50 hours of backlogged work on their desk.• Cold calls are ignored by 73% of decision makers and emails are becoming less and less effective.• Interrupting online conversations and asking ‘Do you want a job/deal?’ or ‘Do you have a job/deal?’ is already a fatigued approach online.
  7. 7. Context is King“90% of buying decisions are based on Internet research” - Gartner “Two out of three decision makersplace more trust in their own research than in information provided by a salesperson” - Market Transformations
  8. 8. Social Media: Is it worth it?• Social media allows you to provide the research information these decision makers are looking for and draw them into an online conversation.• This ‘content’ will also build your credibility, visibility, brand and reputation.• eSocialFoundation provides you with the tools to do ‘Content Driven Marketing’ and have social interaction online and offline.
  9. 9. eSocialFoundation• eSocialFoundation takes you step by step through a proven methodology for creating professional, high-value conversations online based on online content that is relevant to your target client or candidate• In five clearly defined steps, it leaves you with all the plans, tools and techniques you need to build engagement with your audience• It is delivered over 4 – 6 weeks.
  10. 10. The Process… This methodology is in five parts:Plan Infrastructure Listen Target Engage
  11. 11. Plan• We help you set realistic, quantifiable objectives• These are validated against your available resources• The programme is planned according to your time availability
  12. 12. Infrastructure An optimised Social Media Infrastructure• A social website based on a blogging platform• A ‘content hub’ for your audience• Brings together the content from all the social channels• A content warehouse of answers to questions your audience is asking• Highly optimised so your audience finds it
  13. 13. All your content in one place for your audience
  14. 14. Listen• As a first step, you must MONITOR what is happening in the social media space.• We help you build a customised ‘social media monitoring dashboard’ which allows you to understand what people are saying about: • You and your clients • Your products or services • Your competition• Monitoring will also help you find conversations which you may want to join or client questions you will want to answer
  15. 15. An example monitoring dashboardOther tabsdisplay relevantvideos, conversations and Googlecompetitor newsmentions summary RSS News feeds Conversations on forums Conversations on blogs
  16. 16. Target• The key to social media conversation is CONTENT• Based on what you have learned from the monitoring, we help you define a CONTENT STRATEGY to build a ‘warehouse’ of answers for questions your target audience are asking• Then we help you turn this into a CONTENT SCHEDULE so you can produce a variety of blogs, videos, etc over the coming months• And we show you how to define your TAGGING plan so that this content can be found and spread throughout the social space.
  17. 17. Engage• Starting Online Conversations• Online Conversational Etiquette• How to seed conversations in various conversational spaces• How to re-use other interesting content• Best Practice Guides for Blogging, Tweeting, etc• Using the tools from the infrastructure, combined with ongoing monitoring, to engage with your audience
  18. 18. SupportSupport conference calls or webinars are provided after:1 Week1 Month2 MonthsWe also provide you with full telephone support for the 2 monthsfollowing the training
  19. 19. eSocialFoundationSo you are left with the tools, techniques and skills for your ongoing social media interaction.