Infusionsoft Socially Enabled Internal Communication Proposal


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We're growing and needed a more effective and scalable way to communicate internally. This presentation outlines our process and the rationale behind how and why we decided to go with a socially enabled system for communication and collaboration

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Infusionsoft Socially Enabled Internal Communication Proposal

  1. 1. Socially Enabled Content,Collaboration & Communication Report Q1 Activities Outline Q2 Next Steps March 2012
  2. 2. Our Opportunity“The world of work is changing and old organizational modelsare under increasing pressure from a more connected,collaborative, participatory and engaged way of doingbusiness. Social Business. - Dachis Group“It‟s time to cross the chasm between how consumersexperience technology and how people get their work done.The innovation and power of the social web will foreverchange the enterprise.”
  3. 3. A Culture Strengthening Play“The „social workplace‟ constitutes the nextgeneration of organizational change,combining social technical tools, culture andphysical design to enhance communicationsand create a structure that is flexible,collaborative and connected to theorganization’s mission, values and goals.”
  4. 4. Consumerization of ITDisruption – shifting power to the end user“iPhone users felt much more productive intheir personal lives than they did in theirprofessional lives. They were more up-to-dateon what was happening each day with theirfriends and family than they were with theirteam members three cubicles away” - Consumption Economics
  5. 5. Our Purpose• To create a social enterprise network that extends the passion and values of our employees to help small businesses succeed. – Personal connections – Content creation – Collaboration – Communication
  6. 6. The Team• Brian Jambor (Sales) – Project Lead• Brett Gilliland (BtL) – Project Lead• Angela Servino (Marketing)• Clint Gardiner (PM)• Derek Solomon (AM)• Doug Hall (Dev)• Joe Manna (Comm)• Nicole Shoots (Comm)• Kristine Stuart (Finance)• Leslie Wilkins (Support/CS)• TJ Lorenzen (Training/CS)• Hal Halladay (Corp Dev) – Exec Sponsor & Evangelist
  7. 7. Current Situation• Strategic issue for 20+ consecutive quarters - “How do we maintain culture given our growth?”• No company-wide place for content, collaboration and communication• „Allinfusion‟…need we say more?• Workplace trends moving toward new ethos of hyper-connected, “always on” workforce• Social networks are fundamental to how people communicate with each other
  8. 8. What‟s Working• Great collaboration within a given team or department• People want to be connected, collaborate and communicate• Current work space and workforce size accommodate physical collaboration
  9. 9. What‟s Not Working• People getting lost in a sea of new faces• Duplication of work, processes, data• “My puppy needs a home!” to „allinfusion‟• Cross-department communication• Access to general information – Events, company calendar items, information about releases, target users, messaging, etc.• People feeling disconnected• Workspace is changing and workforce growing
  10. 10. We‟ve done our homework in Q1• Best Practices research• IPOV to TPOV process to identify target user benefits• Creative offsite to crystalize communication around the target user benefits and how well describe this to others• Solution demos and custom-solution research
  11. 11. Research & Best Practices• McMurry: Channel 8 (Top 10 - Best Small Workplace in America 5 years in a row)• Deloitte: D Street• IBM: Beehive
  12. 12. Deloitte: D StreetAdoption: “At a company where• 2007: initial the average age of rollout to 1500 employees is 28, “we knew we had challenges• 25% adoption to win the talent war.” first 60 days - Patricia Romeo• 2008: 46,000 users
  13. 13. IBM: BeehiveAdoption: “Poor user adoption is rarely• 39,000 users because users didn‟t know how in 9 months but rather didn‟t see why...The connections lead to collaboration,• Primarily which leads to innovation.” through viral - Jeff Schick, VP Social Software sharing
  14. 14. IPOV to TPOV Process• Clint Gardiner designed and led our IPOV to TPOV process• Target user research conducted in each department to formulate IPOVs• 2 effective meetings under Clint‟s leadership to produce our TPOV
  15. 15. TPOV – Target User BenefitsContext for our target user interviews:– “What benefits would you be seeking to create and share content, collaborate and communicate with others in the company?”9 Target User Benefits (“I want” format):1. I want to be able to easily get to know and connect with other Infusionsoft employees: – name, what they look like, their personal interests and hobbies – what department they‟re in – how to get a hold of them, where they sit – what skills/talents they have, educational background, etc…
  16. 16. 9 User Benefits (cont.)2. I want an all-in-one solution that allows me to easily find answers to questions as well as gives me the ability to collaborate and innovate in real-time with an individual or group of people.3. I want to be able to easily see what individuals or departments in the company are working on and have the option to offer feedback and/or get involved.4. I want to be able to disseminate information to either everybody or just to specific groups of people.5. I want flexibility over how, what and when I consume information.
  17. 17. 9 User Benefits (cont.)6. I want it to be easy to solicit and receive feedback.7. I want to know when certain events or initiatives are happening throughout the company, so I can be involved and so I‟m informed when a customer asks.8. I want to be rewarded for keeping content current, relevant and accurate.9. I want to be able to easily indicate when and how something can be shared outside of the company or across departments.
  18. 18. Creative Offsite• Cereal box exercise – 2 hours offsite – Ray and Brandon facilitated the creativity• Teams came up with ways to share the “cereal‟s” value proposition with consumers – Naming ideas, graphics, key words – Ingredients – Back of the box activities
  19. 19. Solution Research
  20. 20. FinalistsDemo‟ed…• Socialtext• Jive SoftwareCurrently Exploring…• Moxiesoft• ThoughtFarmer• Custom-built, Drupal-based option (KWALL)
  21. 21. Q2 Next StepsTOP #4 – Invest in the core to ensure Built to Last growthSMARTs specific to this project:• Finalize selection of tool/platform• Develop, configure and test for „Phase 1‟• Implement and engage people to adopt
  22. 22. Q2 Success Measures1. Tool/platform selected2. Phase 1 Launched in May3. Usage by end of June – At least 80% of employees have created a comprehensive profileQ3 Evidence of Success – allinfusion emails should go away (finíto!)
  23. 23. Coordination & Communication• Kimberlee will be the moderator/trainer and give updates in MMM (at least monthly)• Plan to coordinate closely with Marc and Kathy• We‟ll use our project team to launch a viral deployment strategy• NO communication on this will happen via email
  24. 24. Risks• Finding space to test, iterate, organically evolve• Seen as an attempt to resurrect the intranet• Communicating alignment between solution and user benefits statements• Technical challenges• Low usage and engagement• Plan B…go back to „allinfusion‟
  25. 25. Opportunities• Knowledge/expertise/data/process is shared, collaboration occurs, and company is unified and aligned• Content creation and sharing makes everyone smarter and aligned• Increased collaboration leads to more innovation…better customer experience• Internal success leads to discussions about extending social platform to customers and partners
  26. 26. What We Need to Succeed• Leadership awareness and engagement (lead by example in tool adoption and use)• IT support/cooperation & shared vision on the technical aspects of the implementation• Creative team help on the look and feel• Continued involvement from our project team – critical role in viral deploymentNOTE: Budget already slated in 2012 operating plan
  27. 27. Open Questions• Who owns and manages this?• What are the security/privacy issues?• How do we phase implementation?• What is the projected budget?• Will there be an impact on productivity?• Will training be required? Provided?• Will baggage from past prevent adoption?• Will it be viewed as performance vs power?
  28. 28. The Vision• All employees feel connected and empowered to share and learn – rich user profiles & status updates – communities of interest – searching/tagging capabilities – blogs, forums, bookmarks, file sharing, wikis• Tap into the cognitive surpluses in company• Infusionsoft doesn‟t feel like a „big, dumb software company‟…culture preserved• Easy access to info needed to serve customers