The Crowdsourced Communicator: Never Think for Yourself Again


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The Crowdsourced Communicator: Never Think for Yourself Again

  1. 1. The Crowdsourced Communicator: Never Think for Yourself Again Andrew Krzmarzick GovLoop, Community Manager
  2. 2. I Conferences
  3. 3. I Swag
  4. 4. I Pens
  5. 5. I Swag Re-Gifting
  6. 6. I Kids Who Swag
  7. 7. I Networking
  8. 8. Not the Best Way to Network
  9. 9. Don’t Do It!
  10. 10. The Real Networking
  11. 11. I Strategic Positioning Knowledge
  12. 12. Typical Face in the Crowd Audiences My Knowledge
  13. 13. Me Listening to Own Speech Yeah – Me, Too
  14. 14. Where do you go after the thrill is gone?
  15. 15. Social networks = Perpetual Conferences
  16. 16. Social Networks Connect the Dots Event Event Event Event Event Event Event Event Event Event Event Event
  17. 17.
  18. 18.
  19. 19. 1. Create a page. 2. Recruit members. 3. Get your vanity URL. 4. Mentor one another. 5. Recruit the next generation.
  20. 20. “I was on a national research / story-telling tour called Millennials Changing America… My housing fell through in Cleveland and I was stranded. I asked "Who do we know in Cleveland, Ohio" via Twitter and within 8 minutes I had a place to stay... It was awesome. We stayed at some supporter's mansiony house.” – Alex
  21. 21. 1. Go to 2. Search to find peers. 3. Follow them. 4. They’ll follow you. 5. Bring value to get value.
  22. 22. “I started the Chief Learning Officers Network in late November 2008. I had no real knowledge of Web 2.0 capacity. I had been a member of LinkedIn for a few months, joining because friends bugged me to be a part of it. After a while as a member, I began to join some groups basically to see what would happen. I didn't see a group for CLOs so I started the network…because nothing was in existence in LinkedIn and thought our community needed something – a place, a forum, something to communicate around ideas.”
  23. 23. “The group has become known as a place for leaders in learning to share ideas / thoughts / connect … We know that CLO's who would have never met have connected on issues of commonality; some folks have begun working together / collaborating… On a personal level, I've been invited to a CLO's only retreat and have been asked to be a presenter - without the network the folks in charge of the retreat would have never found me.”
  24. 24. No Group for You? • Nat’l Assoc of Gov’t Communicators • U.S. Gov’t Relations and Public Affairs • Network PR Professionals • Public Relations and Comm Pros • Brand & Communications Management
  25. 25. What is ? The perpetual conference where government connects and collaborates. MISSION: “Connect Government to Improve Government” 30,000 Members …and growing rapidly
  26. 26. I
  27. 27. How-To: Become a Government Rockstar 1. Go to “It’s been very helpful!” 2. Join (free and 50 seconds). Elaine Blackman, 3. Find /form groups. Writer/Editor, 4. Find /connect w/ colleagues. HHS ACF 5. Get / give insight.
  28. 28. How-To: Become a Crowdsourced Communicator 1. Pick one network (2 tops). 2. Give before (and more than) you get. 3. Invite others.
  29. 29. Do U Conferences?
  30. 30. Just Say YES!
  31. 31. Thank U Andrew Krzmarzick Community Manager @KrazyKriz 202-352-1806