How Government Employees Use Social Networks for Productivity


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Based on surveys conducted in July and August 2012, GovLoop learned about the professional networking and collaboration activities of public sector professionals on social networks like LinkedIn and GovLoop. To learn more, please visit

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How Government Employees Use Social Networks for Productivity

  1. 1. A recent MarketConnections Report*revealed thatgovernment use of almostdoubled in the lastyear (from 18% to 35%). 18% 35% 2010 2011 *Click here to see the report
  2. 2. EDGE NETThe number of OWL W KN ORGovLoop K 60kmembers hastripled from ne cial tw2009 to 2012. ork so 20K 2009 2012
  3. 3. While we know thatgovernment employees areusing and ,we wanted to learn more abouthow they are using them.
  4. 4. We conducted surveys in Julyand August 2012 to learn moreabout the value of ’and to governmentemployees.
  5. 5. 242 529respondents respondents 15 17 questions questions
  6. 6. 1.  Networking: how the sites are used to connect with colleagues2.  Accessing: frequency of use3.  Collaborating: group participation and frequency of posting
  7. 7. 4.  Seeking: the usefulness of and for finding and landing jobs.5.  Improving: how and solve career problems.
  8. 8. Top 5 Current Uses of :• Connect with known colleagues (74%)• Find new professional connections (62%)• Read job-related content (46%)• Use profile as an online resume (36%)• Learn about areas of expertise (35%)
  9. 9. Top 5 Current Uses of :• Read, post, or comment on blogs (55%)• Learn how-to advice and tactics (48%)• Get the latest government news (49%)• Find case studies and examples(37%)• Connect with colleagues (30%)
  10. 10. What members are saying:“I find that GovLoop has been “I read the newsletterinvaluable, and find myself every day, and most daysopening a half-dozen or more at least read one of thelinks per week from your daily featured articles, becausee-mails to gain insight into I like to continue learning,what others are seeing.” even on topics not directly related to me.” “I truly respect and enjoy the information and networking that your team provides.”
  11. 11. How often do you visit ? Other (6%) Daily (33%) Monthly (7%) Weekly (54%)
  12. 12. How often do you visit ? Daily (28%)Other (16%)Monthly (12%) Weekly (44%)
  13. 13. Did you notice that 80% Only onceof while in a respondents (16.1%) Daily-­several times a day (7.3%) area visiting social networks%)a day Monthly Once month (3.3%) Daily-­ once (20.8 like Monthlyseveral times a month (8.4%) and at least weekly? Weekly-­ once per week (15.1%) Weekly-­several times a week (29.1 %)
  14. 14. How frequently do you visit groups? Daily (10%) Less than Monthly (33%) Weekly (35%) Monthly (22%)
  15. 15. Top 4 Reasons to Post in Groups: 1.  Gauge the buzz around an issue (45.9%) 2.  Ask job-related questions (36.4%) 3.  Post/promote content or events (35.5%) 4.  Establish self as a thought leader (22.7%)
  16. 16. blogs Recently, Facebook stripped our administratorand forums are rights from the City of Ankenys Facebook page. With it, our custom URL was also removed. Wethe top way for can no longer access our Insights page and we cannot post as the City of Ankeny on other Facebookgovernment pages.leaders to get Facebook says that we cannot identify ourselves as the City of Ankeny because it isreal-time answers their policy that users may not manage pages about towns, cities or states. Use of "City of" in our name isand solve too generic.challenges. Has anyone else run into this problem with Facebook? 37 comments è Facebook responds
  17. 17. has shared insight fromgovernment leaders and industryprofessionals to produce 21Guides on: •  Digital Government •  Government Communications •  Social Media for the Public Sector •  Project Management and Leadership •  Advanced Degrees
  18. 18. 11 federal, Roundtable state and local panel with 4 135 online interviewees federal and survey private sectorrespondents leaders
  19. 19. Do you look for jobs?50% have searched for a job on , but only 2.5% were successful.52% of respondents said they would NOT hire someone based on LinkedIn interactions.
  20. 20. When asked for their favorite feature on , 1 in 4 said “Career Resources”
  21. 21. Jobs. .com integrates:• LinkedIn, Glassdoor and “Best Places to Work” data• Mashup with Google Maps to show job locations• A weekly newsletter with exceptional, hand-picked federal jobs
  22. 22. People want to combine communityand job search activities.
  23. 23. 4 Ways Respondents Said _ Improves Job Performance1.  Learn about issues and new information2.  Ask questions of other experts3.  Make connections to government peers4.  Screen job candidates before hiring
  24. 24. ’s online community, skill-building events,and resources help people do their jobs better “GovLoop is awesome – I use stuff from it every day and just love all“I find so much of the great resources!”your informationgreat not only inwork – but in myvolunteer I attended last weeks “Govloop is one of the GovLoop event and wouldendeavors – I lookforward to your e- first things I check out love to remain connected.mails each.” every day. I have I got some great ideas on encouraging my agency to gotten great leads and embrace social media and direction on a number analytic tools. of projects from reading the site.”
  25. 25. hosts in-person and online eventsto expand our members’ knowledge.In 2012: 10,000 participants attendedGovLoop’s online learning events.
  26. 26. •  is used more to stay connectedwith colleagues than to search for jobs.•  and improve jobperformance by facilitating question andanswer among government employees.•  is where government employeescollaboratively learn from each other and staycurrent on government-related information.
  27. 27. We are the knowledge network forgovernment connecting more than60,000 public sector professionals fromfederal, state and local government, industry,academia and non-profit organizations.We help government employeesdo their jobs better!
  28. 28. •  Still have questions or concerns? We love hearing from people interested in GovLoop and encourage you to get in touch with us, in person or online.•  For more information about this survey, please contact Andrew Krzmarzick, Director of Community Engagement at