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On September 29, I was given the opportunity to speak to current students about networking in the 21st century. Being able to connect the online and offline to make real life connections with people allow for great things to happen.

"The opportunities that you have in front of you are endless…seize the opportunity by just having a conversation with someone."

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  • I know you’ve all seen this movie, if not, you should…it’s one of the all time greats (IMHO)This certainly applies to why your hear today.
  • What I’m going to talk about isn’t really anything new or earth shattering.This is what has worked for me and given me opportunities to share.Today we’ll go through…
  • Born and raised in Michigan…have grown to love this state, the seasons, and “up north”Went to Brother Rice High School back in the late 80’s when it was cool to have a “soccer haircut” aka “mullett”Attended Michigan State University in the 90’s when grunge and flannel were the way of life and got my degree in EngineeringFinally, earned my MBA in marketing from OU when the mascot was a “Grizzly” instead of a “Pioneer”
  • Professionally, began my career at GM, where I spent almost 13 years, most of it working for Buick and GMC.I’m now at MRM Detroit – Digital Marketing Agency supporting GM, won GM supplier of the year 2 years in a row- By the way, I work on the Buick and GMC business…I just can’t get away!
  • My family…my wife of 13 years, JulianneGina – 9Joshua – 7Jessica – 6Luke – 3At the end of the day, I work to live NOT live to work.
  • Again…why are we here? Networking!!!!!But before we get into it, let’s take a step back and look at how things used to be.
  • How did we find jobs before?Help Wanted signs…Classifieds…Mass mailing of resumes hoping someone would look at them…
  • You felt this sense of “PLEASE LOOK AT ME!!!!” and didn’t really have a lot of success…Remember Stuart Smalley from Saturday Night Live? “I’m good enough. I’m smart enough. And doggone it…people like me!!!!!”
  • So now I ask you, “what is networking?”I define it as…Let’s talk about this for a little bit…how do you define networking?
  • So why do we or rather…why SHOULD WE network?
  • In each case, it’s more than 50%...the more people that are looking the less likely your odds are unless…you know someone!
  • Here is another statistic to show how networking is important…Recruiters surveyed ranked “REFERRALS” as the best source for quality candidates…IT’S WHO KNOWS YOU!!!!
  • In today’s world, there are 2 places you should focus on building your networks…The first is online…even if you just focus on “the big 3”, these tools have shown success and are tools you need
  • Next, build your networks OFFLINE…For most majors, there are professional industry groups out there where you can connect with like minded people.Don’t forget a great resource for you as OU students…you alumni association!
  • Networking is about people…where do you find your contacts?
  • Begin to leveragethe online tools out there for you to use…after all networking is “social”!!!!!!Offline, look to industry events and groups…Join / attend events.It is a great way to bring to life any contact that you’ve met onlineThat should be the goal…bring the two worlds together and meet “in real life”
  • So we’ve talked about the “what” and the “why” of networking and touched on the “how” but let’s dig a little deeper into the “process”
  • I’ve found there is a process to networking…not this process (bad memory for Lions fans).
  • This process…as with most things, it requires a little effort and some common sense.
  • Can’t stress enough, this is a process and takes time and won’t happen overnightAfter all, you’re dealing with people and building relationships…put the time in.
  • Not everyone you come across will be able to help youLook for opportunities to connect to people who can help youDon’t turn people away though, you might be able to help them!
  • For this, take the mindset of “I know who I want to meet”These are some steps you can take to prepare for that meeting…
  • It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t give you some LinkedIn advice…John Hill is here after all!For starters…who has a LinkedIn profile?Is it complete?If not, finish it…potential employers can find you by searching for specific skills and abilities!
  • But take with a grain of salt…you likely wouldn’t put a negative recommendation of you on your page
  • Endorsements are fairly new but goes back to assessing yourself…what are some of the skills and abilities have you demonstrated to people in the past?Look at John Hill…I’m surprised he doesn’t have expertise in MSU on there! He bleeds green & white even from California!
  • This might not be for everyone, but I strongly suggest you do it.I like looking at candidates beyond just the work and education
  • This one should be a no brainer…Once you go online, you put yourself out there publicly. Beyond what you have on your profiles, the types of things (tweets, status updates, etc.) can be seen by everyone.
  • We’ve talked the “what”, “why” and “how” of networking…Let’s talk about the “who”
  • This how networking can help you find a job…I was “networking” with MRM’s sister agency, Weber Shandwick…just investigating some possible opportunitiesIn my discussions, they mentioned they were looking for someone to oversee their Community Managers (social media accounts)I recommended Bryan…About a month later, he was hired…
  • This is how networking can offer you some fantastic opportunities to work with people and Charlie is speaking so have to talk about him!I met Charlie through TwitterEventually met in person where I heard Charlie speak about Foursquare and geo-locationKnew we had marketing / branding in commonDiscovered we both have a love of the state of Michigan (especially up north)Passionate about our families and our kids and being fathersLove the LionsGiven the opportunity to serve with him on the Board of TEDx Detroit
  • This is how networking can create lasting friendships professionally AND personally!Give Gini’s Bio: CEO of Arment Dietrich, Author of Spin Sucks, co-author of “Marketing In The Round”Again…met through Twitter after my 10 year anniversary trip to ChicagoCommon interest: Social Media, PR, MarketingI went to Grand Rapids to hear her speak at a conferenceBecame very good friendsHave gone to visit in Chicago the last 2 years for Lions / Bears (unfortunately 0-2!!!!!) – Reference “the process” slide
  • I was at this game with Gini…it was awful!
  • Networking can be more than about people too…Who you know can bring about new business…Early in the summer of 2011, we were approached by our sister agency, Weber Shandwick to help with a new business proposal for the state of MichiganWe had a relationship with folks at Weber and they knew about our capabilitiesFast forward to October 2011, we were awarded the SEO business for Pure Michigan working very closely with Weber and McCann EricksonBecause of relationship with McCann, they had a travel client, Colonial Williamsburg, who was also looking for SEO help in OctoberFast forward to December, we were awarded the business for 2012 and just renewed for 2013
  • Networking brings people togetherMakes your world smallerAllows you to make connections with people in different parts of the country and the world
  • This stuff works to benefit you but the real “power” in it is if you can use your networks to help others…Meet my next real life cast study…
  • Nikki LittleMet Nikki online and eventually connected in real life…(I tell you, THIS STUFF WORKS!!!!!)Nikki got involved in Help a PR Pro Out (HAPPO)…this is a PERFECT example of doing good with the network you’ve builtI asked her few questions so you could see for yourself…
  • My first question was just about networking and what lessons she’s learned…I’ll let you read for yourself…Look at what I highlighted:Build relationships (offline and online)Meeting people in personArrange one on one get togethersBe helpful and care about others
  • She’s using her online influence and networks to help others through HAPPO and connecting people with employers…This is how it should work. Period.
  • Oakland University Student to Professional 2012

    2. 2. WHAT ARE WE TALKING ABOUT TODAY?• What is networking?• Why is it important?• How do you start?• “The Process”• Staying Professional• Using your “super powers” for good
    3. 3. About.me/patrickreyesTwitter: @patrickreyeshttp://www.slideshare.ne t/patrickreyes
    5. 5. A LITTLE ABOUT ME…
    7. 7. WHY ARE YOU HERE?
    10. 10. SO WHAT IS NETWORKING?“Friends” in many places• Different companies• Different industries• Different groups / organizations• It’s not just about finding jobs either…How do you define“networking?”
    11. 11. WHY NETWORK?• Jobs• References• Referrals• Information• Education• Mentors
    12. 12. WHY IS NETWORKING IMPORTANT?• 61% of all employed Americans are open to a new job or actively looking for a new one• 70% of all jobs are found through networking (personal/professional contacts and research) Source: U.S. Dept. of Labor Statistics
    13. 13. WHY IS NETWORKING IMPORTANT? Source: http://thedegree360.onlinedegrees.com/visuals/social-recruiting.html
    14. 14. WHERE TO BUILD NETWORKS41 percent of the class of 2011 used social media in their job search1 in 6 job seekers found their last job through an online social network SOURCE: http://blog.jobvite.com/wp- content/uploads/2012/01/Jobvite-Social-Job-Seeker-
    16. 16. OK PATRICK I GET IT. NOW WHAT? How do I get started?
    17. 17. FIND AND BUILD YOUR CONTACTS• Major / Field of Study – Peers• What other things am I involved in? • Volunteering • Outside interests• Oakland University Alumni Association• Go online!
    19. 19. NOT THIS “PROCESS”
    21. 21. BE PATIENT
    22. 22. BE SELECTIVE
    23. 23. BE PREPAREDAssess yourself• Skills• AbilitiesResearch any potential contacts• LinkedIN• Who knows them? -> NETWORKING!!!!!! Source: http://smu.edu/career/pdf/Networking%204%20pager.pdf
    24. 24. BE PREPAREDHave a plan• What information do you want to get?• Prepare a list of questionsMeet with a counselor• Get advice• Practice Source: http://smu.edu/career/pdf/Networking%204%20pager.pdf
    25. 25. HELPFUL HINTS FOR LINKED INGet recommended• Gives prospective employers / recruiters insight into you as an employee
    26. 26. HELPFUL HINTS FOR LINKED INLeverage “Endorsements”
    27. 27. HELPFUL HINTS FOR LINKED INAdd volunteer activity
    28. 28. BE PROFESSIONALNetworking is the beginning of the process• Don’t ask for the job right away!Check your online profiles• Check your privacy settings • If you don’t want your pictures public, adjust your profile• Once you’re connected, think before you post! • “Eat it before you tweet it!”
    29. 29. NO…NOT THEM
    31. 31. REMEMBER THIS?
    32. 32. YOU NOW HAVE SUPER POWERS…It’s time to put your network into action to help others! Nikki Little is a public relations professional and the social media manager at Identity, an integrated public relations firm driving strategic communications programs for a diverse portfolio of clients across the United States. www.nikkilittle.com Twitter: @nikki_little
    33. 33. WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED AS YOU HAVE BUILT YOURNETWORK (BOTH PROFESSIONAL AND PERSONAL)? Ive learned how important it is to make an effort to build relationships (both online and offline) and that providing interesting, relevant and valuable information is the smartest way to organically grow a network. I love social media, but Im still a huge proponent of getting away from the screen and meeting people in person. Attend as many events as you can, and make an effort to arrange one-on-one get togethers with people you want to get to know. Whenever people ask me how you go about building a network, I always tell them to aim to be that person who provides really interesting and valuable content to their communities. Be helpful, and care about others. Its that simple.
    34. 34. HOW DID YOU LEARN ABOUT HAPPO? I learned about Help a PR Pro Out (HAPPO) on Twitter. Once I reviewedthe website, I noticed there were no champs in Michigan. When I reached out to the co-founders and offered to help, they gladly invited me to be the HAPPO Michigan champ.
    35. 35. WHY DID YOU GET INVOLVED IN HAPPO? When I first started out in the PR industry, I had some amazing mentors who helped me develop my career. I think its so important to help younger professionals, and I vowed to become one of those professionals who always does what I can to help others succeed in their careers. When I learned aboutHAPPO, I knew it was a perfect fit for me and would help me to achieve that goal. Ive been involved for about two years now, and it has been an awesome experience. Ive helped connect job seekers with employers, held an in-personHAPPO get together, led a HAPPO Twitter chat and launched the HAPPO Michigan Report (biweekly e-newsletter) that includes job openings, events, relevant articles/blog posts and a featured job seeker or rockstar. The HAPPO Michigan Report has amassed 180 subscribers in Michigan in just over six months.
    36. 36. LET’S REVIEW…1. Networking is important! The statistics prove it.2. Be patient…it takes time!3. Bring your online connections to life by meeting in person!4. Build your personal brand to be a person people reach out to because you can and will help others.5. Always look to learn and improve yourself…you never know too much.
    37. 37. The opportunities that you have in front of you are endless…eize the opportunity by just having a conversation with someon