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In 2013 and beyond, mobile devices are increasingly becoming the vehicle of choice to order food online for takeout or delivery. Whether it's to simply check a restaurant's phone number, its locations, and hours of operation, to reviewing menus and ordering and paying for that order in one transaction, consumers want the flexibility of using a mobile device.

Yet, while almost 50% of all restaurant searches are done via a mobile device, only 7% of restuarants have a responsively designed website to provide an optimal experience no matter which screen a consumer is accessing their business.

ATS Mobile senior marketing executive Brad Bierman reviews the importance of a responsively designed website coordinated with a robust mobile marketing campaign; including SMS text, customized QR codes, website design, and geo-targeting/fencing features of mobile advertising that will satisfy the mobile appetite of hungry consumers.

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  • Restaurants To Go: Mealtime Goes Mobile

    1. 1. “(Pizza) Restaurants To Go” Meals Go Mobile-Ordering/Paying/Rewarding Brad Bierman ats Mobile Nov. 26, 2013
    2. 2. Headquartered in King of Prussia, Pa. International offices in: • • • • Canada United Kingdom Ireland Czech Republic International offices in: • Canada • United Kingdom • Ireland • Czech Republic
    3. 3. Over 24 years … Integrated companies helping clients understand how MOBILE can change the way they do BUSINESS!
    4. 4. We provide the ECO SYSTEM of MOBILE all under one roof! • Innovative Text Message Marketing Platforms • Customized mobile consumer engagement solutions • Mobile Microsite production - responsive design + development • Turn-key mobile promotion execution & management. • Mobile app development • Mobile Ad targeting consulting, placement, and activation
    5. 5. What we will review today … • SMS Text Message Marketing • • • It’s the pillar that holds up the mobile marketing building Text for offers, view menu, order online, receive future offers Custom QR Codes • Mobile Websites/Apps • • • Is your website responsively designed? Can customers order online? Apps = Loyalty • Promoting the Business / Mobile Advertising • • Geo Targeting / Geo Fencing Turning traditional awareness into mobile audience engagement!
    6. 6. The Pillar That Holds Up The Mobile Marketing Building Mobile Websites Apps The Nielsen Co. Text KandJ to 84444 QR Codes Text Message Marketing Text Message Marketing Text Message Marketing Mobile Video/Advertising
    7. 7. Text Message Marketing
    8. 8. ATS will manage & coordinate all components of your SMS text message marketing campaign turn-key, with built-in functionalities for sweepstakes & instant win game promotions. GREAT for mobile consumer engagement and data capture, and cultivating a list of OPT in mobile consumers! Our platform allows for automated drawings and instant winners! And manages and secures your database!
    9. 9. Text Message Marketing FREE PIZZA IN November! Text KandJ to 84444 *Free Pizza Details *View Our Menu *Order Online *Receive Future $ Offers (Standard text and messaging rates may apply.)
    10. 10. Custom QR Code •Custom QR codes receive a 2.3x greater scan rate than traditional B&W codes •Fun, easy pathway to your mobile website •Supplements text messaging for adding database to CRM
    11. 11. Responsively Designed Websites 61% of customers who visit a mobile unfriendly site are likely to go to a competitor's site. Source: IAB 4Q 2012 Non-Optimized Experience Mobile Optimized Experience
    12. 12. Sample a website
    13. 13. TXT to Win! • Offer consumers instant gratification and TIMELY redemption! • • Turns traditional awareness into consumer interaction with your restaurant brand This is an entry to Opt in consumers for future broadcast text messages!
    14. 14. TreasureText A brand-building mobile scavenger hunt event platform with a big prize for the winner! Treasure Textsm is an interactive scavenger hunt or trivia game where consumers participate by answering text message hints on their mobile phone. Technology SMS Text Message Technology Exclusive Treasure Text software Landing Page Registration Set Up Participant Selection Process Participant Database Event Recap Web Page
    15. 15. Customized administrator platforms and tools. With ability to integrate with existing or newly developed CRM’s! Key added value points: + Immediate lead Follow up + Real time monitoring of response + Secure and instantaneous reporting
    16. 16. Mobile App development • Our integrated company – Advanced Mobile, LLC designs and develops custom mobile applications for businesses and brands creating compelling enterprise solutions and platforms. We leverage our technology allowing customers to cost effectively and rapidly go to market with unique solutions. Applications robustly function on a full range of mobile operating systems including, iOS and Android. • Our solutions are carrier agnostic resulting in the greatest audience reach. We also develop for the iPad and Android based Tablets. We have delivered turnkey mobile services since 2004 and are proud of a customer list that boasts national and global organizations across a wide range of industries. For the majority of these commitments we have deployed custom solutions and software which seamlessly handled multiple, complex and real‐time data feeds. We have developed mobile solutions for CBS College for CBS College Sports, Turner Sports, AT&T, IBM, US Lacrosse, USA Hockey, the USGA, The Golf Channel, American Express, NBC Sports Group.
    17. 17. The Opportunity
    18. 18. Mobile Inventory Mobile Web & Application Inventory 18,000 13 Billion Number of mobile applications available The monthly impressions accessible via our exchange 160 Million The number of unique users whom we can reach every month
    19. 19. Scalable Cross-Platform Reach Access 13 billion monthly impressions and 160 million monthly unique across Mobile Web and Application inventory iPad iPhone Android Windows Phone 7 768 million monthly imps 12 million monthly UV 4.85 billion monthly imps 61 million monthly UV 7.38 billion monthly imps 87 million monthly UV 2 million monthly imps 100k monthly UV
    20. 20. Mobile Display Targeting Options Web-Based In-App • Will run on a web page just like an online campaign, restricted to mobile device • Runs only within apps downloaded to smart phones • Dual HTML5/Flash publishing, or GIF/JPG recommended • Same creative file type restrictions • Platform targetable, or agnostic • Platform targetable, or agnostic • Less rich media options • More rich media options, availability well-documented • CAN run on feature phones (non smart phones) as well as tablets and smart phones • Will not run on feature phones, will run on smart phones and tablets
    21. 21. Sophisticated Targeting We have a massive pool of aggregate mobile data available and sophisticated targeting tools to help your ads get noticed. • Context: Reach your target audience by tapping into our vertical categories • Geography: Target by DMA, region, city or zip code • Behavioral: Leverage our audience profiles based on user behaviors and actions • Demographic: Target your exact audience by age, gender, income, occupation, lifestyle and more • Retargeting: Increases user engagement by identifying and retargeting both active prospects and current customers • Device: Unique characteristics such as connection, carrier, OS platform/version.
    22. 22. Geo Targeting / Fencing Location-Based Targeted Mobile Ads
    23. 23. Four ways to geo-fence: 1. (THE BEST BY FAR): Using the GPS data of the device – i.e. Latitude/ longitude coordinates (commonly referred to “lat/long”). In this instance the user has opted in to share their location with an app or website). 5-10% of the time we get the GPS lat/long. See opt-in example below: 2. Network Shared Data: This is derived from the cell tower using “triangulation.” This is also quite accurate. 3. User Supplied Data: e.g. when a user provides his zip code when registering for a site or service. 4. IP address: This can vary from very accurate to way-off. An example of an accurate IP address would be a local wifi network, such as a Starbucks Coffee shop or lounge). However, when the IP lookup uses the Mobile Carrier’s IP address, then we get inaccurate locations.
    24. 24. Thank you for attending! Please contact with any questions. Brad Bierman 610.994.1853