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Poet Mobile Presentation 6 21 St

  1. 1. mobile for restaurants Mobile means instant coupons and promotions. Increase customer frequency by offering deals such as a “Tonight Only – Kids Eat Free” offer. mobile for everyone Mobile Marketing is a totally new and cost effective way to promote and grow your business. It’s personal marketing on a whole new level. Contact a PoetMobile sales representative today to find out what Mobile Marketing can do for you.
  2. 2. mobile for retailers Mobile means giving your customers the VIP treatment. Use creative marketing for store offers and promotions and watch as your customer base grows! mobile for real estate Mobile means instant information to potential buyers. Send home info, photos , an d realtor con tact information directly to buyers cell phones. Just think, no more wasted paper or empty flyer boxes!
  3. 3. “It’s absolutely pinpoint advertising. I don’t know of a more direct way, unless I’m speaking right in their ear and whispering.” - Brian Rosen Chief Executive Sam’s Wine and Spirits, Chicago Wong, Walin. “Sell, sell, cell: Mobile phones now outlet for pitching products” Las Vegas Review-Journal 20 Apr. 2008: E1, E5
  4. 4. Leave a Smaller Foot Print on the World
  5. 5. "! SMS [Short Message Service] More than 136 million Americans use text messaging on a regular basis. Adding a multi-faceted and extremely flexible new advertising medium to your arsenal largely increases brand recall. �! Connect on a more “personal” level �! Text any “KEYWORD” to your own “SHORT CODE” �! Push back your WAP information �! Consumers “opt-in”. NO SPAM! �! Build customer database �! Collect valuable demographic information �! Generate new Revenue Streams �! Build Brand Awareness �! Text Messages Types: !! Updates !! Voting !! Polling !! Invitations !! Giveaways !! Call to Action
  6. 6. "! WAP [Wireless Application Protocol] A WAP mobile site is a fully functional and branded web site built exclusively for a mobile device. Why do you need a WAP site? People are no longer on their computers 100% of the time. With 4 BILLION mobile phone users, having a WAP site will strengthen the relationship consumers have with your brand. �! Timely updates and instant access to information no matter where your customers are �! Best User Experience �! Handset detection �! Dynamic content formatting �! URL redirects �! Remembers user information �! Strong functionality with streamlined graphics �! Great organization and prioritization of features �! Treats mobile users just like Internet users, keeping experiences consistent �! Simple and clear navigation, fast to load �! Build brand awareness �! Build new revenue streams with monthly subscription member area �! Valuable site Analytics
  7. 7. "! Application Development PoetMobile can develop a custom application to meet your marketing needs. Our programmers and developers will work with you to develop applications that help you meet your goals. �! Phone applications �! iPhone (Apple) �! Android (Google) �! Java (Windows) �! Gaming applications for mobile phones �! WEB application development and design �! Database Development �! Utility applications (some examples) �! distance ran �! calorie intake �! running schedule �! Mobile users can access your application without internet access. �! Mobile applications are very social. �! 24/7 availability
  8. 8. "! Online Marketing Campaign PoetMobile will custom design and market a web site and online campaign to best brand your company. If you already have a web site or a web team, we will work with your team or marketing agency to incorporate a seamless mobile campaign and optimize the revenue of your current site. �! Update your current site �! SEO - Search engine optimization !! Be seen above the clutter online �! Tracking, testing and gauging what your customers want �! Add short code and WAP information �! Prepare joint online and mobile campaigns �! Add an opt-in area for email and mobile marketing !! Will capture user information for storage and reuse �! Monthly Updates �! Newsletter and email marketing �! Hosting for any size, anywhere
  9. 9. have you seen advertizing in any of the following places (% of all mobile users) Limbo, Inc. "Mobile Advertising Report First Quarter 2008.“ Mobile Marketing Association, First Quarter 2008 <http://www.mmaglobal.com/>
  10. 10. recall in brand advertised Limbo, Inc. "Mobile Advertising Report First Quarter 2008.“ Mobile Marketing Association, First Quarter 2008 <http://www.mmaglobal.com/>
  11. 11. mobile service usage Q4 2007, (millions of US consumers) Limbo, Inc. "Mobile Advertising Report First Quarter 2008.“ Mobile Marketing Association, First Quarter 2008 <http://www.mmaglobal.com/>
  12. 12. everett rogers diffusion of innovations theory re we a the ntly in curre dopters a early age st
  13. 13. distribution of sms users by age Limbo, Inc. "Mobile Advertising Report First Quarter 2008.“ Mobile Marketing Association, First Quarter 2008 <http://www.mmaglobal.com/>
  14. 14. distribution of wap users by age Limbo, Inc. "Mobile Advertising Report First Quarter 2008.“ Mobile Marketing Association, First Quarter 2008 <http://www.mmaglobal.com/>
  15. 15. PoetMobile works with you PoetMobile is here to make sure you are prepared, and down right excited!
  16. 16. Mobile Marketing is a Green technology. By utilizing the full power of poet you can decrease printing and other marketing costs while increasing ROI PoetMobile cares about the environment and is doing it’s part to help change the way consumers receive information.
  17. 17. Mobile Campaign Solutions Promotional Message: Drive your customers Goals: #! Promote launch of new event or promotion #! Drive customers to your WAP site #! Scheduled reminders Action: #! Customer opts-in to receive a mobile message from you or a reminder of up coming events
  18. 18. Mobile Campaign Solutions Coupon: track customer usage Goals: #! Create brand loyalty with instant coupons #! Drive consumers to purchase Action: #! Customer opts-in via Short Code, WAP site, E-Mail or Web site to receive a coupon from you
  19. 19. Mobile Campaign Solutions Gift Card: New Green mobile twist to a proven idea Goals: #! Make your gift cards digital and mobile #! SMS solution Action: #! Customer purchases digital gift card and specifies what phone to send it to for delivery. Recipient receives digital gift card on phone.
  20. 20. Mobile Campaign Solutions Media Tracker: Follow the effectiveness of your media buys Goals: #! To track the effectiveness of other media in your campaigns. #! To increase awareness of your new mobile campaign #! Build a database of mobile customers Action: #! Customer opts-in to receive a mobile message from you or reminder of an up coming event
  21. 21. Mobile Campaign Solutions Capture Customer Data: Acquire new customers and build your database anytime, anywhere Goals: #! Drive up advertising response rates #! Make response more convenient for customers Action: #! Customer visited the WAP site, WEB site or other signup vehicle to opt-in to the program
  22. 22. Mobile Campaign Solutions Text To Win: Grow your opt-in database fast! Goals: #! To promote your brand with a mobile chance to win sweepstakes #! Build your opt-in database Action: #! Customer opts-in for a chance to win and can receive mobile information from you via SMS, WAP, and Web reminders
  23. 23. Mobile Campaign Solutions Voting: Engage your customers on a personal level by letting them help make decisions Goals: #! Create interest and participation by allowing clients to choose their favorite thing that you do #! Build your opt-in customer database Action: #! Customer opts-in and votes on their favorite commercial
  24. 24. Mobile Campaign Solutions Alerts: Send valuable information to your clients Goals: #! Send real-time updates to your customers #! Drive brand loyalty Action: #! You send out alerts to its customers from the opt-in database
  25. 25. Mobile Campaign Solutions Hotel Locator: Great for driving store traffic Goals: #! Drive people to your business #! Extend services to customers Action: #! Customer texts their zip code to receive the closest locations and events to that zip code
  26. 26. Mobile Campaign Solutions Surveys: Learn more about your base to drive targeted marketing Goals: #! Promote your brand #! Discover valuable information about your customers Action: #! Customer opts-in to take surveys via their mobile phone
  27. 27. Reporting Summary report: Your campaigns overall progress and most recent activity #! Delivered Messages: the number of messages your campaign sends to users #! Click-throughs: the number of users who click on the embedded WAP link taking them to your WAP site. #! List-growth: the percentage that your list grows from report to report #! Opt-ins: the number of users requesting your information #! Opt-outs: the number of users requesting out of the program #! Regional, State and Local Data: report on data collected from these locations from report to report
  28. 28. Reporting Analysis: Your campaigns overall progress and most recent activity #! Cumulative Program Report: tracks the growth of your opt-in throughout the duration of the campaign #! Opt-ins: number of users signing up in graphical form #! Opt-outs: number of users requesting out of the program #! WAP Click-throughs: the number of click troughs' to your WAP site #! Text-through conversions: when a user sends a second keyword to your short code requesting more information #! Traffic by carrier: totals and percentages of messages sent to the carriers #! WAP traffic by Device: the most used devices to access your WAP site
  29. 29. The information in this presentation (and the documents attached to it, if any) is confidential, and may be legally privileged. It is intended solely for the addressee. Access to this proposal by anyone else is unauthorized. If you are not the intended recipient, any disclosure, copying, distribution or any action taken, or omitted to be taken, in reliance on it is strictly prohibited and maybe unlawful. If you have received this proposal in error, please: notify AdWest Media immediately, delete the original file and all electronic copies of this file (and the documents attached to it, if any) from your computer system, and destroy any hard copies you may have. Thank you.