Using Mobile Video & Rich Media to Promote Your Business (Encore)


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In addition to our media buying, ATS Mobile is a full-service production house for video & rich media. Let us help you develop & execute your idea. Don't get left behind as your competitors engage on the mobile platform. Let industry expert Jim Marnie show you the cutting edge of web marketing and how you can start implementing it TODAY.

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  • Using Mobile Video & Rich Media to Promote Your Business (Encore)

    2. 2. ATS MOBILE • Full Service Mobile Agency • International Marketing Leader since 1989 • Mobile Focus in 2002
    3. 3. Uberflip 2013 Social Media examiner 2012
    4. 4. Digital video has grown 30% year over year, with a 50% increase since Q1 2011. 188.7 million people in the US watched 46 billion online content videos in September 2013.  The number of video ad views totaled 22.9 billion.  Comscore 2013 Adobe 2013
    5. 5. Mobile video will represent 66% of global mobile data traffic by 2017, up from 51% last year. Uberflip 2013
    6. 6. Tablet owners spend 63% of their time watching videos exceeding 10 minutes. Adobe 2013 Business Insider 2013
    7. 7. Mobile video views are up 300% In 2012, with tablets driving the charge. 25 million smartphone users stream 4 hours of mobile video per month. 75% of smartphone users watch videos on their phones, 26% of whom use video at least once a day. TechCrunch 2013 Ipsos 2013
    8. 8. 7/19/13
    9. 9. 7/19/13
    10. 10. 7/19/13
    11. 11. 7/19/13
    12. 12. 7/19/13
    13. 13. 7/19/13
    14. 14. 7/19/13
    15. 15. 7/19/13
    16. 16. Viewers of TV-related media - who are more likely to complete a video are best for call-to-action advertising. Adobe 2013
    17. 17. WHY VIDEO? Videos are received and absorbed by viewers in a much different way than copy.
    18. 18. More immediate emotional response. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many is a video worth? People retain 58% more with both visual and auditory stimulation. Forrester Research
    19. 19. Personal Connections Videos portray a brand’s human side. 80% of Internet users recall watching a video ad on a website they visited in the past 30 days; 46% took some action after viewing the ad. Visitors who view product videos are  85% more likely to buy  than visitors who do not. Internet Retailer 2013 OPA 2013
    20. 20. Video can provide better search engine results. If there are 9 text results in a Google search results and 1 video – which would YOU click first, no matter what its position in the results? Videos are 53 times more likely than text pages to show up on the first page of search results. Gigamon
    21. 21. 7/19/13
    22. 22. Viral reach of video outpaces other content by 77%. Adobe 2013
    23. 23. Mobile video will account for $576 million in ad spending in the U.S. this year – translating to 13% of the digital ad market.  eMarketer 2013
    24. 24. Ads placed at the end of a video have a better click through rate, while ads placed at the beginning of a video result in significantly more impressions. More ads are completed if they appear within the video. Regardless of position, ad completion is higher in videos longer than 2 minutes. Adobe 2013
    25. 25. 7/19/13
    26. 26. 7/19/13
    27. 27. The Opportunity KPCB 2013
    28. 28. Mobile Inventory Mobile Web & Application Inventory 13 Billion 18,000 The monthly impressions accessible via our exchange Number of mobile applications available 160 Million The number of unique users whom we can reach every month
    29. 29. Scalable Cross-Platform Reach Access 13 billion monthly impressions and 160 million monthly uniques across Mobile Web and Application inventory. iPad 768 million monthly imps 12 million monthly UV iPhone 4.85 billion monthly imps 61 million monthly UV Android 7.38 billion monthly imps 87 million monthly UV Windows Phone 2 million monthly imps 100k monthly UV
    30. 30. Mobile Display Targeting Options
    31. 31. Sophisticated Targeting Type of Mobile Ad Buy — CPM (Cost Per Thousand); CPC (Cost Per Click) Publishers — We can target by publisher groupings or specific publishers Specific Days and Hours  — Reach your customer when they are most likely to buy.  Generate business on typically slow days. Geo-targeting — Geo-targeting is a broad reference to pinpointing an audience based on their location.  This can be used to target only mobile consumers in a specific state or territory or it can be as granular as a specific street. Where to Show Ads — Apps or Mobile Websites Geo-fencing — Geo-fencing is the more specific application of geo-targeting where a virtual barrier is created around a specifically defined area.  This might be a one mile radius from your place of business, a college campus, or even the food court at the mall. Devices — Want tablets only or a combination of tablets and smartphones?  Want to just buy iPhones and not Android? Language Target — Worldwide coverage available Carriers — Perhaps your product works best for prepaid mobile customers? Wifi — or not wifi Banners or Videos Lat/Long — GPS relies on a mobile device to pick up signals that allow smartphone users to access information from their specific area such as movie listings and maps.  This is commonly referred to in the mobile world as “Lat/Long” and identifies a consumer’s current latitude and longitude based on GPS. Wi-Fi ISP — Another targeting method that enables our advertising networks to estimate a user’s location based on the usually indoor wireless network that they are connected to. Cell Tower Triangulation — Cell Tower Triangulation allows mobile ad networks to identify users that are currently within the range of a particular cell tower. Registration Data — Registration Data can be used to target a mobile phone owner’s residence regardless of where that consumer may be at the particular time.
    32. 32. In-Banner Video The In-Banner Video unit is a click to play banner which can be served within the dimensions of any standard iPad unit.
    33. 33. Click-To-Full-Screen Video Users are served a standard banner and upon click of the designated call to action, a full screen video is launched. Supported on all platforms.
    34. 34. Full-Screen-Interstitial Video The Full-Screen-Interstitial Video unit is displayed during a pause in the user cycle and can be either user initiated or autoplay. Supported by iPhone and Android platforms. User launched App App is Loading User is served a full screen video ad User returns to app
    35. 35. Rich Media Units Interactive Rich Media Ads Sample Features: •Coupon •Photo Upload •Calendar Reminder •360 View •SMS / Email a Friend •Data Capture •ACCESS GPS -> Access GPS
    36. 36. Full-Screen-Interstitial Units The Full-Screen-Interstitial unit can render as standard image or HTML5 interactive ad. We have worked with each app to make sure that the unit appears during a pause in the user cycle, ensuring the best user experience. Supported by iPhone and Android platforms.
    37. 37. “The change we see is not optional. The change we see is not fiction. The change we see will disrupt, destroy, regrow and redraw business, borders and barriers. It can’t be ignored. It can’t be put off. It can’t be buried.” -Rob Woodbridge on Mobile
    38. 38. Thank You For Joining Us!