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Blogging for a cause

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  • Wah, you went through the entire presentation!

    Heh, go ahead and 'steal'... (That reminded me to set the CC license.)

    This is the first time I did the three takeaways actually. Felt a need to refocus the messages at the end this time round.

    Siva and I discussed after the presentation. Can improve by showing an example/screenshot of each point I was trying to make. That will take quite a bit of work but I can do this over time. Also have to learn to reuse stuff. I keep on recreating whole new presentation decks based on the audience.

    PowerPoint? Perhaps you should try Keynote... =P
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  • useful useful will steal some :P
    i love the idea of 3 takeaways
    sigh im still really bad at making powerpoint presentations
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Sprout! Blogging 101

  1. 1. Blogging 101 Blogging for a cause A Sprou t! Wor k sh op
  2. 2. A short intro Kenneth Pinto in an arts & so cia l sc ien ce s graduate , trai ne d in th e media, wor ki ng tage wal ks an educ at ion al te ch no log y de pa rt men t, w ho gu ide s he ri hy? an d st rugg les w ith th e eter na l ques tio n: w
  3. 3. How about you?
  4. 4. Do you blog?
  5. 5. What do you use to blog? Blogger LiveJournal WordPress Multiply Something else
  6. 6. Who has used...? Facebook Flickr Twitter YouTube Firefox
  7. 7. Reconceptualizing blogs S ec ti on 1
  8. 8. What is a blog?
  9. 9. Medium not genre Dr da n a h b oyd , S oc ia l Media Res ea rch er
  10. 10. Diary Personal publishing
  11. 11. Why blog? S ec ti on 2
  12. 12. Simple to administer
  13. 13. Google Juice
  14. 14. You have something important to share
  15. 15. Personal archive, public resource
  16. 16. Considerations S ec ti on 3
  17. 17. Occasional post on personal blog or Topical blog
  18. 18. Which blog engine?
  19. 19. Blogger or WordPress (both have great Google Juice)
  20. 20. Which blog engine? Blogger WordPress Easiest Static Pages Most popular Categories & tags Most flexible
  21. 21. Choosing a layout or theme
  22. 22. Simple is best Good or Bad?
  23. 23. Can be fancy but... It’s all about readability Fonts Font size Colour combinations Each post must have its own page
  24. 24. Important bits and pieces S ec ti on 4
  25. 25. Important parts Title Permalink Date Archives - Categories/Tags/Keywords Archives - Date Search field Blogroll RSS Feed
  26. 26. Writing a post S ec ti on 5
  27. 27. Who is the audience?
  28. 28. Dedicated posts on personal blogs
  29. 29. Broad or narrow scope?
  30. 30. Man bites dog: the importance of a good title
  31. 31. Grab attention! Catchy Meaningful Evaluate these: My trip to Sungei Buloh Surprising Sungei Buloh Guess what I saw at Sungei Buloh The crocodile looked me in the eye
  32. 32. Fleshing out the post: 5 Ws 1 H
  33. 33. 1000 words
  34. 34. Photos and videos S ec ti on 6
  35. 35. Take your own Colleen aka Damselfly will cover photography later
  36. 36. Or use other people’s photos and videos
  37. 37. Did he just say, “Use other people’s photos and videos?”
  38. 38. Creative Commons http://creativecommons.org/
  39. 39. http://www.flickr.com/photos/budak/
  40. 40. http://www.flickr.com/search/advanced/
  41. 41. Contribute your photos and videos for others’ use too!
  42. 42. Not just about producing content S ec ti on 7
  43. 43. Reading others’ blogs
  44. 44. Commenting on others’ blogs (provide encouragement and give information)
  45. 45. Highlighting and linking to others’ content
  46. 46. Credibility & Community S ec ti on 8
  47. 47. Networking: both realspace and online
  48. 48. Provide accurate and timely information
  49. 49. Look out for events and invite others for walks
  50. 50. Other bloggers will highlight you if you are credible
  51. 51. Social Media Ecosystem S ec ti on 9
  52. 52. Facebook, Twitter, Posterous
  53. 53. Blog Sustainability S ec ti on 10
  54. 54. How frequent should I post?
  55. 55. Blogging takes effort - pace yourself
  56. 56. Lazy? Save drafts for later
  57. 57. Blog fatigue - hiatus doesn’t mean stop everything
  58. 58. Three takeaways S ec ti on 11
  59. 59. No blog is an island
  60. 60. Google is your friend
  61. 61. Maintain a presence