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Bloggers' Etiquette 101


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Presentation made by Janette Toral at the Cebu Blog Camp last May 28, 2011 at Sacred Heart Center Cebu City. Notes for this presentation can be read at

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Bloggers' Etiquette 101

  1. 1. Bloggers’  E+que.e  101   Jane.e  Toral  h.p://  
  2. 2. Check  if  you  have  conflict  of   interest  
  3. 3. RSVP  only  for  yourself  
  4. 4. Research  /  Prepare  for  the  event  
  5. 5. Document  Photos,  video,  and  notes.  
  6. 6. Pitch   Who  are  you?   What  do  you  do?  What  is  your  blog  about?  
  7. 7. Calling  card  
  8. 8. Respect  the  event   AOre   Listen   Eat   On  Time  
  9. 9. Give-­‐aways   Don’t  brag.   Don’t  hoard.  
  10. 10. Post-­‐network  Add  new  friends  in  FB  /   Leave  comment  in  blogs   Send  organizer  a  message  
  11. 11. Get  over  the  VIP  aOtude  “Invite  me  if  blogger  x  is  not  there”  GeOng  PR  /  organizers  involved  in   blogging  poli+cs.  
  12. 12. Be  careful  what  you  say  against   another  blogger  /  organizer   Be  assured  they  will  know  about  it   sooner  or  later.  
  13. 13. h"p://  
  14. 14. See  you  online  h.p://  h.p://   h.p://