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Why we chose our Vox Pop Questions


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Published in: Technology
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Why we chose our Vox Pop Questions

  1. 1. Why we chose our Vox Pop Questions. BY BEN GEORGE
  2. 2. What mobile phone do you own?  We chose this question as it is very relevant and would link in well to the questions which have been asked in the survey and the results which are shown in the documentary.  The question is extremely easy to answer and so we put it as our first vox pop question in order to settle the interviewee in rather than hit them with a question that requires a long response.
  3. 3. What is your most used feature on your phone when in college?  I have included this question into the vox pops as it will help us with one of the expert interviews where we ask how mobile phones are effecting students in college.  Also, the question only requires another short answer meaning it is quick and easy to answer and can be asked to a larger number of people.
  4. 4. Could you live without your phone?  This is the pivotal question for the whole documentary as it is the title.  This question can have either short or longer answers. These answers will all be put at the end of the documentary and will be incorporated into the expert answers from Mike and Jay.