How effective is the combination of your main


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How effective is the combination of your main

  1. 1. Question 2- Laura Boucher
  2. 2. Whilst creating our documentary we were aware that we also had two ancillary tasks to consider in which were a radio trailer and a tv listings magazine. In order to get a professional outcome there were many elements that we had to consider during our production. Overall our target audience was mainly students age raging between 16-19 therefore we particularly chose this target audience as they would be of a similar age range as us therefore we feel we’d have a deeper understanding of what they’d find interesting in a documentary. Moreover teenagers are statistically more so involved in cyber bullying therefore we had to ensure not only our documentary but that our radio trailer and magazine would appeal to them. Although we had chosen this target audience we wanted to ensure that we weren’t excluding other audience as we felt that our documentary could potentially appeal to parents with children using social newtworking devices or potentially teachers who have witnessed the damage the rise in social networking has caused. Therefore we had to take this into consideration and ensure that we had the opinion of a wider range of people in our documentary not purely student based. I think this could be a way in which our main product and ancillary tasks are affective. This is because they all link together in ensuring that the product appeals to others as well as purely the target audience. This could be because maybe elder generations are more inclined to listen to the radio and therefore hear the radio trailer whereas magazines are often more so brought by the younger generation therefore allows for a range of people to hear/see about the advertisement for our documentary.
  3. 3.  A connection between the main product and ancillary tasks is highlighted through the tv listings magazine article. This is because our magazine has two main images both in which are in our documentary this therefore ensures there is an element of continuity. There is an image of the reconstruction in which we potentially feel is the biggest attraction to our documentary. Within the images the same girl from the reconstruction is used in which again is continuity and clearly advertises the fact that purpose of the magazine is to advertise the documentary.
  4. 4.  The magazine article has two direct pull quote in which are used in the documentary. One of the quotes is from the reconstruction which as previously stated is thought to be the main attraction, the same quote is used in the radio trailer. The pull quotes help to give the reader an insight of what the documentary is actually about- this helps to encourage the reader to watch the documentary to see what else happens. On our magazine we have a line in which purely advertises the documentary. It shows the date, title and time. It helps to support the main product as it is more likely that people will actually watch the documentary if they know exactly when and where it can be found.
  5. 5.  Our magazine colour scheme was quite simple. It was mostly black and white and quite dark colours. We chose to follow this colour scheme in order to support the reconstruction which is quite dark. We chose to do it quite dark in order to portray the way in which people feel when they are cyber bullied therefore black and dark colours show connotations of sadness. As well as ensuring our magazine fit with the documentary and radio trailer we also had to ensure it worked with our chosen magazine. We wanted to ensure our magazine was professional therefore we based it around a typical rasdio times magazine in which appeals to a wide range of people in which was our aim. I think that our article appeals to our target audience yet also more people outside due to the magazines sheer popularity, including a twitter page in which appeals to the younger generation ensuring that our target audience will be reached.
  6. 6.  The radio trailer directly relates to the documentary with direct quotes from Erin Gallagher ‘I'm Erin Gallagher I’m 17 years old and I was cyber bullied. Furthermore the audio snippets are of an asset in directly advertising the documentary. They allow for little tasters in which provide the interesting opinions in which we gathered from interviews and vox pops. The little tasters appeal to the audience as they are left on a cliff-hanger and leave the audience wanting to know more about the topic. This therefore allows for the radio trailer and the documentary to combine together. An element of continuity is shown by the fact the backing track from the documentary is also played throughout the radio trailer, this directly advertises the documentary. It shows that a particular style is shown in both the documentary and radio trailer.
  7. 7.  Our magazine was for radio times in which is Britains best selling quality magazine. Therefore due to the popularity of the magazine this allows for a wider target audience. We decided to use radio 1 for our radio trailer we did this because it has a wide target audience from 15 upwards. The listener population is currently at 52, 352,000 people therefore would ensure our magazine was very well advertised. It could be suggested that the radio trailer is better for advertising due to the fact is it short and sharp and therefore more interesting as it is able to provide a preview. However overall I think the combination of the main product and the two ancillary tasks was successful.