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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Answers we received: • ‘Phones and how they’re used’ • ‘Phones as they mentioned in their answers’ • ‘Phones’ This shows our theme was clear to the audience as they all understood what the documentary was about. This is a positive aspect as it is vital for the audience to clearly know what the documentary is about. What do you think the theme of the documentary is about?
  2. 2. Answers we received: •All questionnaire answers were marked ‘yes’. This shows that we used an appropriate title. This is positive as it codes and conventions of a documentary is that a title needs to be linked to the theme of the documentary. Does the title of the film relate to that theme?
  3. 3. Answers we received: •‘Yes’ •‘Yes’ •‘Not sure’ Overall, this shows our documentary was clear and understandable but perhaps we could do with working on this aspect as some were unsure of the understanding. This is positive but it shows that we can work on trying to make our future documentary clearer and understandable perhaps by including the initial question in the interviewees answers. Was the documentary easy to follow and understand?
  4. 4. Answers we received: •‘Yes’ •‘Yes’ •‘No’ Overall, our music generally fit the theme of the background but perhaps we could find a more relatable sound track. This is a positive as we can work on this for our documentary in the future. Does the music used in the background fit the documentary?
  5. 5. Answers we received: •‘N/A’ •‘N/A’ •‘Music about phones’ If you answered no, what examples do you think could be used? This result shows that we can find songs that directly relate to the theme of the documentary, perhaps with words in the song that relate e.g. a song about mobile phones because the interview includes this theme.
  6. 6. Answers we received: •‘Yes’ •‘Yes’ •‘Not sure’ Do you think the mise en scene used was appropriate for the theme? Overall, we received positive feedback on this question but perhaps we could work on fitting the mise en scene such as code of attire, location and lighting so it links more to the theme. This means we can work on this as a result of the feedback we received.
  7. 7. Answers we received: •‘N/A’ •‘N/A’ •‘Everyone was wearing different things’ If not, why? This result means that we can focus on making the code of attire and other aspects of mise en scene correct and relatable to the theme .
  8. 8. Answers we received: • ‘I think they all fit in well.’ • ‘Yes as it shows what people use phones for.’ • ‘Yes but there wasn’t enough.’ Do you think the archive material was appropriate for the theme? This shows that our archive material was appropriate but we could include more, this will help us to determine what and how much archive material we should use in a future documentary.
  9. 9. Answers we received: ‘Yes’ ‘Yes’ ‘Not sure’ Do you think there could be more information on the topic included in the documentary? This shows that we could have included more information or perhaps more information that directly linked to the questions being asked and the theme of the documentary. This can help us when creating a future documentary so we know to include more sufficient information.
  10. 10. Answers we received: ‘I think a few more questions could have been asked’ ‘Archives’ ‘N/A’ If yes, what type of information could be included or changed in the video? This shows we have a lot that we could include in future documentaries so the information is clear and understandable and reaches the codes and conventions of a documentary.