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Superintendent's Bulletin January 7, 2011

  1. 1. Wellesley Public Schools Superintendent’s 40 Kingsbury Street Bulletin Wellesley, Massachusetts 02481 Bella T. Wong Bulletin #16 Superintendent of Schools January 7, 2011 The Superintendent’s Bulletin is posted weekly on Fridays on our website. It provides timely, relevant information about meetings, professional development opportunities, curriculum and program development, grant awards, and School Committee news. The bulletin is also the official vehicle for job postings. Please read the bulletin regularly and use it to inform colleagues of meetings and other school news. Dear Colleagues, School Committee completed its preliminary review of the proposed budget earlier this week. Based on this review and following the public hearing held on January 5, the School Committee voted the following reductions:  Elementary Art reduced from 50 to 45 minute blocks (.9 FTE)  Eliminate funding of new library books from the budget  Reduce high school fitness and health requirement from 5 to 4 semesters (.8 FTE)  Eliminate the dedicated bus for private schools Resulting in an aggregate reduction of $188,145. The School Committee did not vote to add any advancements to the recommended budget and has yet to vote an FY12 budget. The Committee has further requested that I create three alternate gap lists to consider that will total the following aggregate amounts: $ 1,916,442 $ 1,205,493 $ 772,346 These are sizable amounts and School Administration is working through the difficult process of meeting this request. I expect to present this information to staff at a meeting to be held in Room 204 of the Middle School on January 13 prior to my presentation to School Committee on the evening of January 18. Any interested staff is welcome to attend. I will also make this information available through the Bulletin of January 21. School Committee expects to vote a FY12 budget on January 18. I understand the substance of this information is troubling to receive at best. This will prove to be a challenging budget year, as hard as any year prior if not more, but there are several months before a final budget will be resolved. The administrative team and I will be working hard with the School Committee and with the support of the larger community for the best outcome. It is my hope to keep you informed throughout. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have additional questions.
  2. 2. Calendar Tuesday 01/11 School Committee Meeting – 7:30 pm Town Hall Monday 01/17 Martin Luther King Day – No School Tuesday 01/18 School Committee Meeting – 7:30 pm Town Hall Wednesday 01/19 Teachers for Safe Schools Mtg – 3:30 pm WMS Rm 245 Thursday 01/20 Affordable Housing Units Info Session – 7:30 pm Town Hall Monday 01/31 Deadline to Submit HRA (Healthcare Reimbursement Account) Receipts for 2009 Teachers for Safe Schools Teachers for Safe Schools will meet at the Middle School in Room 245, from 3:30 – 4:30 p.m. on the following Wednesdays: January 19, February 16, March 16, April 27, and May 18, 2011. The mission of Teachers for Safe Schools is to consciously create, support and encourage a safe professional and emotional school climate that allows for staff of all sexual orientations to be acknowledged and respected. Graduate Course Reimbursement Course reimbursement funding of $22,500 is available to distribute in FY12 among qualified teachers for graduate course work which is done as part of a master’s degree program to fulfill a teacher’s obligations for the Massachusetts Educators Professional License and for course work required to achieve the next stage of licensure culminating in a professional license. To apply for this course reimbrusement, please send, by June 1, 2011, your name, evidence of your enrollment in an applicable master/doctoral degree program, name and description of the course, evidence of course cost, proof of payment, and transcript to Valerie Spruill, Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent, You will be notified of the amount awarded to you by July 1, 2011. Apply Now to Enroll Children of Non-Resident WTA Members in Wellesley Schools. Children of teachers or nurses residing outside Wellesley shall be entitled to attend Wellesley Public Schools without charge for tuition on a space available basis. (Article 12, WTA Unit A Contract). If you are interested in this benefit in the 2011-12 school year, please contact Include your child/ren’s name, birth date, and current grade level. Affordable Housing Three affordable housing units are being offered by the Wellesley Housing Development Corporation on a lottery basis for eligible applicants. Two are condominium units and one is a single-family house; all in Wellesley; all three-bedroom. WELLESLEY EMPLOYEES who meet other eligibility requirements will be given PREFERENCE for one of the condominiums
  3. 3. and the single-family house. The Wellesley preference also applies to a current resident and to a parent or guardian of a child in the Wellesley schools. This is primarily for FIRST TIME HOME BUYERS. Applications are available at the Town Clerk's Office or the Planning Board, or from the lottery agent (Sudbury Housing Trust) at There will be an information session on THURSDAY, JANUARY 20, 2011 at 7:30 pm in the GREAT HALL. 2010‐2011 Professional Development Opportunities    Professional Development opportunities for 2010- 2011 are posted at Course descriptions and registration instructions are included. This link can also be found on the WPS website under 2010-2011 Professional Development Offerings. Teacher and Administrative Licensure Programs Information Sessions Teacher Program: For secondary (5-12) subject area teachers with a Preliminary license who wish to gain an Initial license (not for Special Education teachers) Administrative Program: For teachers at all levels who wish to gain a license as superintendent/ assistant superintendent, Special Education administrator, principal/ assistant principal or supervisor/director Date: January 13, 2011 (check website for snow cancellation) Time: 4:00 - 5:00 pm For additional information, go to the following websites: Administrative Licensure: Teacher Licensure: News from the Collaborative for Educational Services . . . . The Collaborative for Educational Services (formerly known as the Hampshire Educational Collaborative) will be hosting a discussion and information session for individuals interested in becoming licensed as educational leaders on Wednesday, January 12, 2011 from 4:00-5:00 PM at the Cary Memorial Library in Lexington. The Collaborative offers programs leading to the Initial License as Superintendent/Assistant Superintendent, Principal/Assistant Principal, and Supervisor/Director. The programs can be completed in 12-18 months and are offered in a hybrid online format with experienced practitioners as instructors. The tuition is affordable and graduate options are available as well. For further information, please contact Penny Rhodes at
  4. 4. CPI Refresher Training Prerequisite: Full CPI Training during the 2009-2010 School Year. The cornerstone of CPI since 1980, this program is considered the worldwide standard for crisis prevention and intervention training. With a core philosophy of providing for the care, welfare, safety, and security of everyone involved in a crisis situation, the program’s proven strategies give human service providers and educators the skills to safely and effectively respond to anxious, hostile, or violent behavior while balancing the responsibilities of care. Spring Offering: March 15, 2011 Time: 3:00–6:00 pm Instructor: Adam Diliberto PDPs: 3 Information regarding location will be posted on Wiki. To register, go to to the online registration form. This is listed as a new course under “School Safety.” BABY NEWS !! . . . . . CONGRATULATIONS to: Christina Gerst on the adoption of her son, Hugo, who was born on December 27, 2010, at 8 lbs, 9 oz. and Trisha Hart on the birth of her baby, Regan, on December 30, 2010, at 7 lbs., 8 oz.. Wellesley Education Foundation Fall 2010 Awards The Wellesley Education Foundation (WEF) is pleased to award $63,600 in Fall 2010 grants to benefit the Wellesley Public Schools. Grants will fund new programs and class offerings as well as expand and enhance Wellesley Public School’s core curriculum. In the Sciences, grant awards will challenge our students by providing advanced equipment for the High School Physics, Chemistry and Earth Science laboratories. In Visual and Performing Arts, WEF will fund new instruments and technology to sustain the excellence of these award winning programs. In the Social Sciences, a WEF award was approved for documentary film training and online research databases to enrich our current 10th grade social studies program. WEF’s stated mission is to enrich, enhance and maintain excellence in the Wellesley Public Schools, and grant awards are the primary vehicle for fulfilling this important mission. The spring grant cycle begins in early March, to learn more about WEF please visit our website at
  5. 5. District-wide Elementary Award Middle School Awards Art Appreciation Goes Digital “Reading Rocks” Grade 6 Literacy Program WEF will help to expand and improve the delivery of This grant will provide funding for the launch of a the parent-led Art Appreciation Program, by funding Grade 6 Literacy Day in Spring 2011. In an effort to the purchase of seven iPads, one for each elementary promote literacy and encourage independent reading, school. The iPads will store digital portfolios for Art students will choose a book and sign up for a book Appreciation presentations. All images can be group. Across the entire 6th grade class, teachers will projected onto SMART boards or screens in the lead small group discussions. At the end, the books classrooms, offering a much larger view of the artwork will then be donated to a pre-selected school to for the entire class. The technology will also facilitate encourage another “Reading Rocks” program, the use of newer, more varied portfolios to represent emphasizing the importance of responsibility to the diverse cultures and artists. entire world community. Elementary School Awards Technology and Engineering Equipment WEF is funding the purchase of a newer, more iPod Touches: A Tool Toward Literacy efficient, and safer woodworking machine which will This grant will enhance the balanced literary program allow greater numbers of students to produce more at Upham School and improve access to books for complex and challenging projects. This larger scale struggling readers with the addition of five iPod Touch stationary mortiser, which is a combination of a drill devices for the school library. The hand held devices and a chisel, is considerably safer than the current support audio books, eBooks and podcasts and will bench top model. play an important role in motivating students to become part of a community of readers. Flipping for Video Technology Turn Up the Hearing This grant will provide additional access to the newest and easiest to use video technology for school wide WEF will fund the purchase of a sound field projects. WEF will add twelve new Flip Video cameras amplification system with cordless microphones for for use by all students in the Middle School. The one Bates classroom. The system improves auditory heavily used, in-demand cameras will be shared clarity and encourages student participation during across all classes and subjects for recording student discussions. The technology benefits all students, presentations and speeches, newscasts and literacy especially hearing impaired and English Language workshops. Learners (ELL). Brainology: Cultivating a Growth Mindset Mounted Projection System WEF will fund an innovative new on-line program to In continued support of a system-wide initiative to offer instruction about the basic functions of the brain. provide technological parity among schools, a WEF The Brainology program is especially attractive grant will fund the permanent installation of one ceiling because it helps students think about their intelligence mounted projector with sound system in a Fiske as something they can develop through study rather Kindergarten classroom. This will replace the existing than something that is fixed. WEF will purchase projector on a cart in the classroom and will allow the individual licenses for this interactive, web based teacher to more efficiently utilize the projection system curriculum. The program will be used in one of the 6th as an important tool for the efficient delivery of high Grade Houses. quality educational instruction.
  6. 6. Smart Response PE Interactive Response System for use with dynamic tracks. Also, a heat engine/gas WEF will fund added numbers of interactive handheld law apparatus, a pressure sensor, and a temperature devices, which allow teachers to get immediate sensor will be added for the thermodynamics labs. feedback during classroom assessments. The devices This lab equipment will be an integral part of the core also promote opportunities for teachers to challenge curriculum used by all Physics students, benefiting students, primarily in math classrooms. WEF’s grant more than 200 students. will add thirty-two Smart Responders to be used with the SMART Boards at the Middle School. These Adobe Creative Suite 5 devices allow students to enter text, numbers and Funding from WEF will allow high school students to multiple choice questions from their seats. Answers use the newest industry standard software to deliver are anonymously projected immediately onto the innovative ideas in print and web design. WEF will SMART Board. fund the purchase of a new site license for the Adobe Creative Suite 5 software. Programs include SMART Document Camera Photoshop, InDesign, Flash and Dreamweaver. While WEF will fund the purchase of a SMART document primarily used within the Art Department, Adobe will camera for the WMS auditorium to be used in Chorus be used by many other students and departments, and other classes. With teaching space a precious including the newspaper and the yearbook. commodity in the Middle School, the addition of a SMART camera for the auditorium transforms it into a Printer Upgrade for Photography viable teaching space now and in the future. WEF will fund the purchase of a newer, high precision printer for use by all Photography students and for SMART Board: Interactive Lessons for English school wide programs. The grant will fund the Language Learners purchase of an Epson Stylus 3880 inkjet printer. This grant will bring the latest interactive technology, a Access to this printer will enhance the new class SMART Board, to aid our English Language Learners offering, Photography Intensive, an honors level class. (ELL). Students in the ELL class best learn with The printer will also be used for school exhibits and interactive activities that include visual and audio submissions to art competitions. support that can be provided by a SMART Board. The technology will be used daily and included in all lessons. Lights, Camera: A Call to Action This exciting new grant enhances the new 10th Grade Audiobooks for the Classroom Social Studies core project—Lights, Camera: Take This grant will provide audiobooks for struggling Action—piloted in 2009-2010. WEF will fund the readers. It will allow students to access material and purchase of online CQ Researcher and CQ Global participate in instruction alongside their peers. Researcher to provide access to higher quality resources for students to use for researching their selected history topic. WEF will also fund the hiring of an experienced film instructor to work with students High School Awards and teachers to launch the project inception and provide on-going documentary film instruction. As a Physics Sensors and Equipment third enrichment component, WEF will provide funds WEF funds will expand the opportunities for all for the purchase of six video cameras and Physics students to observe firsthand the principles of accessories to be used for this program and mechanics and thermodynamics in lab experiments. throughout the High School as needed. WEF will purchase a series of sensors, including motion and force sensors, a smart pulley and a cable
  7. 7. WHS Band Tuba previous grant requests for this equipment, larger sets WEF funds will improve the depth of the Music of equipment are needed to meet higher enrollment Department’s program by purchasing one tuba for the and the expanded use of these labs to all Chemistry high school band. Currently there are multiple classes. The equipment will also support a new class students studying tuba and only one tuba at the high offering, Environmental Chemistry. school. The new tuba will also be used to accompany Projectors for Science Classrooms existing student music ensembles. Use of a mounted overhead projection system allows teachers to bring the world into their classrooms by Sunspotters for Earth Science accessing internet sites and displaying instructional WEF’s grant will provide students in 9th Grade Earth material such as class notes and student work. The Science more opportunities to engage first hand in image displayed by a projection system is larger and data gathering techniques. WEF will provide funding more clearly viewed by all students. WEF is mounting for the purchase of four Sunspotter telescopes, which two overhead projectors for the Science Department will allow students to go outside on sunny days to do which will result in all Science classrooms having a hands-on measurements. The Sunspotters will be mounted projector system. Over the past few years, used in curriculum units on climate change, the WEF has purchased mounted projector systems for atmosphere, and scientific methods. They will also be the WHS Classical and Modern Language, English, available for student independent research projects Social Studies, Science, and Visual Arts departments. (IRPs). Once the new High School is in use, these projectors can be used at other locations. Vernier Sensor Series Equipment WEF will continue to support the expansion of Chemistry lab experiments with Vernier sensors by purchasing additional probes and sensors. Adding to   Coaching Positions  Spring Season 2011 Head Coach - Boys Outdoor Track Assistant Coach - Varsity Boys and Girls Tennis Junior Varsity – Baseball Coach Fall Season 2011 Head Coach – Varsity Boys Soccer Head Coach – Varsity Field Hockey Contact Athletic Director    
  8. 8. POSITIONS AVAILABLE  2010‐2011 OPENINGS  Immediate Opening: WPS Assistant Business Administrator Under the supervision of the School Business Administrator, the Assistant Business Administrator is responsible for assisting in the development and administration of the budget, providing support on building and capital projects, preparing monthly financial reports, maintaining accurate and audit-able financial records for all grants, managing procurement of district supplies, materials and services, and providing general support to the Business Administrator in all operational areas. Minimum Qualifications  Bachelor's Degree, in Business Administration, Finance, Accounting or other finance-related field from an accredited educational institution.  Financial and budgeting skills and experience.  Understanding of financial and business operations within a school district including, but not limited to, School Finances, Purchasing, Payroll, Accounting, Food Service, Grant Management, Facilities, and Transportation.  Excellent communication skills  Demonstrated ability to structure large amounts of information in a written document that is clear and easy to understand  Extensive knowledge of spreadsheets, database and accounting software applications.  Ability to analyze situations accurately and adopt an effective course of action. MUNIS software and school finance experience preferred. Salary commensurate with experience. Submit cover letter, resume, and three letters of reference to Salvatore Petralia, Assistant Superintendent, Wellesley Public Schools, 40 Kingsbury Street, Wellesley, MA 02481 by Friday, January 21, 2011. LONG TERM SUBSTITUTES NEEDED:  Long-Term Substitute Grade 8 History Teacher needed starting March 4, 2011 until end of school year. Curriculum includes the Civil War and Reconstruction and experience with the “Facing History and Ourselves” curriculum is beneficial.  Long Term Substitute Preschool Special Educator needed to teach a substantially separate preschool class beginning May 2, 2011 until the end of the school year and a six-week summer program, experience working with children with moderate to significant special needs using the principals of ABA required. Master’s degree and licenses in both early childhood and special education required. BCBA preferred. (Salary from May 2 to June 2011 $170.10/day). (Salary for the six-week summer program to be determined).  Long Term Substitute Preschool Special Educator needed mid-March to early June 2011 to teach two integrated preschool classes and to function as a member of an assessment team. Must have experience assessing and teaching young children with special needs, Master’s degree and licenses in both early childhood and special education required. 8
  9. 9.  Long-Term Substitute Special Educator needed to teach in moderate special needs classroom beginning February 28 2011 until May 27, 2011. Certification required Grades K-3, in an elementary setting. Salary for Long Term Substitute Teachers is $170.10/day. Send letter of interest, resume, college transcripts, copy of license, and three letters of reference to Salvatore Petralia, Assistant Superintendent, Wellesley Public Schools, 40 Kingsbury Street, Wellesley, MA 02481 or via email to TRANSPORTATION Special Needs Van Monitor needed for approximately 20-22 hours per week. This is a split shift a.m.-p.m. Must have current CPR and First Aid certification. Salary range $12.17-$13.80 per hr. Must be able to start A.S.A.P. Candidates who wish to be considered for this position should send letter of interest and resume to Salvatore Petralia, Assistant Superintendent, Wellesley Public Schools, 40 Kingsbury Street, Wellesley, MA 02481 or e-mail Wellesley Public Schools Actively Seeks to Increase the Diversity of its Workforce 9