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Wiki Syllabus


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Published in: Technology
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Wiki Syllabus

  1. 1. Teaching with Technology SeriesWikis in the ClassroomMay 11, 2011Sondra Hamilton, WMS Instructional Technology SpecialistSyllabus 1. Introduction to Wikis 2. Wikis in the Classroom 3. Creating Wikis 4. Embellishing Wiki 5. Collaborating with WikisHomework assignment: Due May 25, 2011 1. Create a Wikispaces Wiki 2. Make at least one change to the look or feel of the Wiki 3. Add at least one photo or graphic 4. Add at least one example of embedded content 5. Add a comment to the discussion tab of one page of the class Wiki, Wikis in the Classroom 6. Link to the Wiki from your page on Wikis in the ClassroomOptional project assignment: Due June 1, 2011. 1. Create a curriculum based project in which you demonstrate your ability to use a Wiki to create a collaborative activity for students. 2. Design a Wiki, add student users, and set permissions. 3. Include a page in the Wiki which contains a description of the project 4. Link to the Wiki from your page on Wikis in the ClassroomIn order to receive 1 in-service credit you must attend three, three-hour workshops for atotal of 9 hours of technology professional development and complete the optional projectassignment. Participants receive 1 PDP for each hour of attendance at a workshop. Inorder for PDPs to be recognized by the state, a teacher must have 10 PDPs on the sametopic. This means that for recertification, to submit your PDPs for technology you musthave at least 10. PDPs from these workshops can be combined with p from othertechnology courses you have taken to meet the 10 hour requirement.