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Helping Japan


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Published in: Education
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Helping Japan

  1. 1. Helping Japan Treat people the way YOU want to be treated. By Shauna Jing
  2. 2. So, here’s the story..... (I’m sure you all have heard of it since it’s been on the news everywhere since last Friday, March 11, 2011.)
  3. 3. Sendai, the most destroyed place during the earthquake, used to be a great place for living. 9.0 Magnitude Earthquake Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants
  4. 4. Right until..... A disastrous huge earthquake of 9.0 and then a tsunami took over the beautiful city, after that, nuclear power plants exploded. The once beautiful city was left in shreds
  5. 5. People who had a decent living suddenly lost everything and were left starving, cold, and sad.
  6. 6. It’s not just Sendai, earthquakes, tsunamis and aftershocks have spread throughout most of the country, such as Tokyo, Hokkaido and many others.
  7. 7. I have personally experienced this earthquake and 10+ aftershocks in Tokyo and I know that exact feeling of panic, worry, and helplessness. Fortunately I did not get hurt but many other people were much more unlucky then I was.
  8. 8. One woman named Toyoko Ito survived the deadly disaster. So here’s the story. “ The water gushed in when I opened the door. I was washed away. I hung onto a floating tree and was carried away. I struggled hard not to go under but I did. Then, a tatami mat came floating my way and I jumped onto it and stayed there. I was washed away and was circling around houses. My daughter was also swept away. I still don’t know where she is...” Survivor Story “ We get one bowl of soup or one piece of bread to share among three people,” said Ayumi Yamazaki, who is living in the evacuation center with her sister, niece, mother and one-and-a-half year-old daughter. Her house was destroyed in the tsunami. She just managed to escape, first to a nearby hill, but when the churning mass of debris brought in by the tsunami caught fire, she was forced further up the mountain.
  9. 9. What can we do to help??? There are lots of ways we can help. For instance: • We can donate our new/used belongings • We can donate money to help rebuild the things that have been lost • We can even go there and lend a hand! (That takes a lot of bravery and courage)
  10. 10. We have a hopeful target of $2,000 for the Hardy community. Please help us donate to the people who suffer. Who knows? When we have tough times, they might help us!
  11. 11. The school I went to while in Japan, K. International School Tokyo (KIST), is also doing a fundraiser. It would be great if we could collaborate with them to send our donations directly to people in Japan who were severly injured or need the money to survive. - KIST delivered first batch of donations to the Junior Chamber International Tokyo’s dispatch warehouse (located in Shinsuna, Koto-ku) on Sunday, March 20th at 3pm. - KIST’s next planned support involves sending 20 staff members by school bus on Friday, March 25th to Takajou City in Miyagi Prefecture to prepare about 1,000 hotmeals for earthquake victims who are currently at the Takajou Elementary School and Jounan Elementary School evacuation sites.
  12. 12. We would really appreciate it if you could just spare some coins and a kind heart to help donate to people who are suffering from this huge natural disaster.
  13. 13. Thank You